Wealthy tenants are SQUATTING in multi-million dollar homes in the Hamptons and refusing to pay rent after NY issued a non-eviction order due to the coronavirus crisis


(From The Daily Mail)

Some wealthy tenants in the Hamptons are using New York state’s non-eviction order to squat in luxury while weathering out the coronavirus crisis, local landlords have claimed.

One homeowner, who chose to remain anonymous but identified as middle-class, said that short-term renters are overstaying at his property in Sag Harbor and refusing to pay rent.

Source: https://www.ac2news.com/2020/05/wealthy-tenants-are-squatting-in-multi-million-dollar-homes-in-the-hamptons-and-refusing-to-pay-rent-after-ny-issued-a-non-eviction-order-due-to-the-coronavirus-crisis/

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