What The Plandemic Can Do For Our Evolution


By James Fitzgerald

I was never labelled as a conspiracy theorist because my position as a newspaper editor gave me license to call out the consensus reality — and my stock market advice always made people money, which gave my other musings credence. That said, I am no longer a conspiracy theorist because the people in the stores with plastic bags over their heads and the ones jogging in the countryside wearing formaldehyde and Teflon-infused surgical masks have superseded me in the crackpot stakes.

This plandemic saved my life. I had been commuting 60 miles a day; getting up at 4am and returning home at 10pm. When you’ve sat on a cramped and stuffy coach for three hours in heavy traffic for the second time that day, after a long spell in an office, you start to entertain notions of spontaneous Ascension or becoming a dry-stone waller. After the first lockdown, the office told everyone to stay home and my daughter was home too, so it was the best of both worlds — just as I was about to crack. The plandemic was easy street in comparison with navigating far-off cities on three hours’ sleep a night.

It also means no longer being penalized as an “original thinker”, as the fake media reality, and its values, crumble before our eyes. “Natural selection”, as proposed by Charles Darwin (a Freemason) was a psyop based on the basal brain’s focus on survival of the fittest. But that is not to say that universal laws of evolution are not at play here and now.

Having worked in the private sector alongside the brightest and most noble members of the establishment, my exposure to the public sector has been very limited. It wasn’t until I had cause to be involved with the “child protection services” and “family courts” that I became aware of a sub-species of goons that defy belief. It is those people, or at least some of them, and the gangsters and financial crooks who the Covid schematic would probably be mostly aimed at, rather than some ethnic or ability-based notion from conventional eugenics, as espoused by Margaret Sanger or Adolf Hitler. Universal law seems to be at work here; whereby those people who feel drawn to the experimental RNA jabs are selecting themselves for extinction. In that sense, the elegant premise as envisaged by the progenitors of this scheme is that the most ignorant people will automatically be culled by their own hands. No need for a conventional war this time. From that perspective, those people would only hinder progress and the evolution of society anyway. The corrupt and greedy have a mindset that is reminiscent of Babylonian excesses, and many of them all at once will no doubt be returning there for remedial classes.

Not long before this virus scheme kicked off, I had a powerful dream where I was standing in a valley of neatly rowed tulips. Beyond was a cityscape, and a jumbo jet emerged from the jagged horizon. It climbed steeply, and suddenly turned and fell to the ground. I ran over to check for survivors, but found only bodies strewn about the broken fuselage. What was horrifying was the realization from seeing the entrails that they had all become zombies; somehow their internal physical mess was a reflection of their characters and intentions while alive. I quickly retreated to the colorful geometric landscape. The pointed and mechanical jumbo seemed to represent a technological means of escape for these people, which turned out to be their doom. It didn’t kill them initially, but only once they were onboard and strapped in — not unlike the jab scenario.

On the bright side, everything now seems possible, including the choice to live or die. The intelligence and camaraderie exhibited among the anon or patriot community is reassuring, as they dissect narratives and share information among each other. At a personal level, I am learning to fly jets (rather than be a passenger) and will also take courses in piloting motor boats and yachts. Family members have recently betrayed me, and I am so glad to see them go. I feel like an uncaged bird — and being behind the wheel of Piper turboprop last week only reinforced the feeling. During these times, where superficial values have fallen away, Mother Nature has once again opened her arms. Each day is different and precious, as the rush and turmoil of the city commute has evaporated.

While cruising the highways and calling in to quaint towns and historic sites with my daughter at the weekend, it felt like seeing the world anew, and being appreciative of every facet and moment. It was also akin to going for a drive after being at a funeral, where the life lost is mourned, but also contextualized and better understood. The real funerals are going to happen — to some of the people who took the shots — and this strange period of cataclysmic precognition is both tragic and euphoric.

The French drug centre this week called for the discontinuation of all four Covid jabs, as none are safe or effective, and fatalities and adverse affects continue to grow, but still the contented repartee in the street and in stores from neighbors and friends continues: “Did you get the shot yet? I’m on my second.”

We graduate from high school, but also from life. Not everyone is ready to meet their maker or passed the curriculum they set for themselves in this lifetime. I believe that we all have exit points — but for those who stay the course, there are archetypal steps pre-configured for our personal development.

One of the first stages of development involves a sense of despondency, depression and growing isolation; then feeling apart and confused by the non-sensical system and the way people seem to identify with it and find success within it. People become like characters from a soap opera; they talk in cliches and laugh at unfunny jokes. Then we move onto the search for answers and meaning below the superficial propaganda of the consensus reality. For me, as a twenty-something who was pushed into insomnia because of an existential angst over the vapid world, a sudden pause and rest came from taking up Transcendental Meditation. The bodily shutdown and sense of peace opened a chink in the embattled ego to allow in the phenomenon of synchronicity. For example, every time a jam jar lid dropped to the ground it would be conveniently upright. I started dropping them on purpose to try and get a negative result, but it was always positive. One day, while looking for a store that eluded me, I stopped and asked the universe to show me the way within two minutes. A few seconds later, two men passed me while deep in conversation. I only caught a few words — “Miller’s art store is next right, on Stockwell Street” — but they were the answer to my question. At that time I happened upon a TV producer looking for help with a documentary on complementary medicine, which involved interviewing crystal healers, homeopaths, naturopaths etc. This opened new vistas and contacts in the area of spirituality and the esoteric traditions. Of course, like any sphere in life, there was a sprinkling of pretenders and desperados along the way, not least among those people who identified as clairvoyant, and offered predictions about events and people I would encounter (they were almost always completely wrong).

These people provide breakthroughs in personal awareness, and act as teachers who offer both easy and hard lessons. As our belief systems develop we are better able to explain the world around us as a multidimensional creation of competing and interacting forces, rather than the linear Darwinism of our school curriculum. I began to study the cosmology and quantum sciences of Harold Aspden (Cubic Aether Theory), Aleskey Dmitriev (Vacuum Domains) and William Tift (Quantized Red Shift), which began to provide an elegant and unified basis for life not only here but throughout the universe. (As a journalist years later, I would be introduced to scientists and former astronauts on clandestine space programs who would confirm the basis of these advanced sciences).

At the next stage of our development, the basal facets of the mind/body complex become subsumed by the Christ consciousness — at which point a person may have mystical experiences and gain further glimpses into the great Truth of reality. The 3D Matrix starts to lose its hold on you, so that you don’t feel the drag of its aggressive and selfish dynamics, and eventually the flowing, synchronous 5D Matrix takes over. For some people, that evolution of consciousness has been put on hold as the Earth — perhaps evidenced by the Schumann Resonance scale — has gone through its own process. What we appear to be experiencing now is the junction in the collective mind that is forcing everyone to make a decision about what world to inhabit. The planet itself may be about to jettison the basal paradigm altogether, and those folks who wish to continue in those octaves will be physically leaving the planet to go somewhere else.

The Covid scamdemic and its accompanying RNA jab regime may well be a eugenicists wet dream, but the higher purpose may be that the laws of evolution are granting freewill exits based on who is, quite frankly, dumb enough to accept such pervasive and toxic cocktails into their bodies. People even get two chances — as the regime offers and recommends at least two injections.

Those people who stay the course may experience visceral effects, or phenomena, in their day to day life; animals can go into ecstatic frenzy around you; doors might open by themselves for you; you might see things in the sky (piercing the veil, as it were), and you will find yourself invariably at the right place at the right time, and saying the right things that benefit almost everyone you meet. The one thing that will break the spell is when, as it inevitably will do, a negative person attempts to unsettle you — be it in a road rage event or a goon who steals your wallet. If you react with anger and hate, the magic halo will recede. But that in itself is part of the training — to hold your developing stasis in place regardless of attacks or provocations.

The realization that the universe takes care of everything — and that the goons and con merchants will get their dues — is what sustains the more enlightened adept. So see it as another opportunity to acknowledge and release more baggage from your past or shadow self when aberrations pass your way. Just let it go.

When you start to glow, according to the lore on spiritual development, you get noticed by everyone, including the dark forces. Luckily, those beings are now on their uppers — but dangers still lurk. These archetypal processes have been hidden in plain sight from the masses — but, regardless, everything follows a tightly honed production line, whether it be cars, sausages, or people. Knowing the process beforehand makes it less scary when the conveyor belts start.

When these little cycles have repeated a few times you will have integrated a comprehensive and multifaceted consciousness that provides for a more permanent state of contentment and peace. You then know — rather than surmise — that you are part of a whole, and that the whole is intelligent and configured to assist you in all ways. All you have to do is stay tuned to its frequency, which is happiness.

Not everybody gets to, or is ready to, graduate in this lifetime — and so there will be an exodus of people at such transitional periods. Perhaps the jab uptake group is among those who planned to exit their meat suits at this time.

The Scottish poet Robert Burns said that “the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry”. It wasn’t mice but rats who orchestrated these Covid plans, but it will be men and women who will benefit in the grander scheme. For that you will need your mind, emotions and body in tact. Stay the course.

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