What You Might Ask Do Meghan and Harry Have to Do With Crony Capitalism?

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Hint: Crony capitalism is about private interests and government figures helping each other to riches and fame and overall privilege, often with media complicity.


Notes from the Oprah interview:

M&H fled the UK because of unrelenting press, but then created the publicity event of the year for themselves.

They compared life inside their royal mansion (they referred to it as a “cottage,”) to a Covid lockdown. We wonder how that sounds to someone living in a tenement.

M&H only want money for “security” for their child but allegedly sought $6mm a year from Prince Charles for the “security.” Estimates put the Netflix and other deals far north of $100mm.

Cameras were only allowed on the coop on their property where chickens ranged after “rescue” from “industrial agriculture.” Industrial agriculture is indeed a crony capitalist enterprise and cruel to boot, but we don’t somehow think this will help free the chickens. The beach, only a short walk from their $14mm mansion, looked awfully nice.

Meghan said that there had been “several” racist remarks by other royals while Harry said “one” without naming names.

It is not clear why the Palace had to help with the emotional issues Meghan described. Harry was working with the top mental health organizations in the UK, any of which could have suggested therapists.

Another feature of crony capitalism is the cluelessness of elites currently running the system.


This is what Piers Morgan had to say.

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