​It has been two years since the documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe was released to massive controversy. The film, chronicling the whistleblowing admissions of US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) senior scientist Dr. William Thompson, was potent spotlighting research fraud at the CDC and an ever-increasing vaccine paradigm whose inherent risks were being ignored. Dr. Thompson’s whistleblowing admissions of CDC data manipulation during the agency’s seminal 2004 autism study went public in 2004. Dr. Thompson claims the data showed a statistically significant connection between the MMR vaccine and autism spectrum disorders.

Covering the story, it was clear from the beginning that much of the mainstream press refused to cover Vaxxed fairly or objectively. When actor and father of an autistic son Robert De Niro announced Vaxxed would premiere at his Tribeca film festival, the media attacked. Without the movie having been available for viewing, major media outlets began trashing it and warned against watching it. Thought to have caved under pressure from Tribeca sponsor the Sloan Foundation, with ties to Big Pharma, De Niro and Tribeca pulled the film but the buzz was already out.

Being the first film ever pulled from Tribeca, the controversy surrounding it now added First Amendment violations and unprecedented film censorship to the frenzy. New York’s Angelica theater down the street from Tribeca gladly snatched up the opportunity to premiere the film. After the Angelica premiere, it was off to the races as Vaxxed supercharged an already growing, multifaceted grassroots movement. The film’s popularity and staying power was further spurred by two unique approaches taken by the producers. Popular Q&A sessions after each film allowed the audience to interact with producers Del Bigtree, Andrew Wakefield and others from the film. Live-streamed to the Internet, the Q&As begin to make clear in realtime that autism was rising towards epidemic numbers in the US, vaccine injury was real and communities were demanding answers. Swaths of the audience members were often parents of vaccine-injured children as more parents came forward to tell their vaccine injury stories and finally be included into the discussion. A nationwide Vaxxed bus tour soon followed which chronicled, via video, the stories of parents, their vaccine-injured children and numerous medical professionals with the courage to speak out. The Vaxxed bus fulfilled the position of a long-absent media community refusing to cover the reality of vaccine injury, the attack on parental choice and deep issues within the current medical community.

What has happened during and since the Vaxxed release? Whether the film was able to accurately foretell the future or caused the rush of an already in-play agenda is unclear. Like dominos falling, vaccine mandates began springing up all over the world. In the US, California passed their SB277 forced vaccine law for school-children in the face or massive Sacramento protests. Since then, several other states have bills to force vaccines, eliminate exemptions and/or create vaccine registries for government to track your medical choices.

Italy rushed through an SB277-like vaccine decree to sustained, multi-city protests as did France. Ireland, Japan, Colombia and others began recommending the controversial human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine yet provided no recourse, politically, financially or medically, for the growing number of vaccine-injured girls the mandates created. Japan was the only country to withdraw its recommendation in the face of growing injuries and public pressure.

Vaxxed is still being shown through the world in multiple languages to this day. The smoke has cleared from the initial, explosive premiere happenings giving way to focused and distilled questions. Do vaccines cause autism? The short answer is that the medical community, as a whole, cannot say for certain they do not. While most doctors and researcher remain stagnant by a ‘settled science’ public relations slogan around any vaccine-autism link, others have worked tirelessly to propose sound, peer-reviewed research-backed, mechanisms suggesting jury is still out. Outside the US, a decade-long body of evidence has shown injected aluminum-adjuvants, contained in various vaccines, to be problematic and health deteriorating.

Meanwhile, increasing vaccine schedules are still missing results of thorough vaccinated versus non-vaccinated studies. As for Dr. Thompson, two glaring issues still remain today that should challenge even the most hardened pro-vax follower of the one-size-fits-all vaccine paradigm. Why has no one attempted to reanalyze the 2004 MMR-autism study using Dr. Thompson and his co-author’s original data? And secondly, why has no congressional oversight body opened an official investigation into alleged CDC agency data manipulation and allowed Dr. Thompson to testify publicly on recored? If Dr. Thompson is inaccurate, why hasn’t both the research community and government oversight both proven so without a doubt.

Vaxxed was birthed around the untold story of a lone CDC whistleblower virtually unknown to the public. Perhaps the film’s greater contribution was to make it okay for people from all walks of life to speak out about the realities of vaccine injury and a medical system asleep at the wheel. Where we go from here is unclear but the look behind the curtain Vaxxed provided for the public showed that many trusted institutions that make up our everyday life failed to act swiftly and with transparency and still are to this day.


Original source: http://www.jeffereyjaxen.com/blog/why-the-vaxxed-film-is-still-popular-two-years-later

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