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Who is Dr. Chris Exley? A conscious researcher in the aluminum age? A courageous doctor pushing the envelop of investigation? Or just a professional letting pure science lead his work?

Over the past few years something seismic has rooted within the public discussion. Inconvenient scientific truths and public vaccine policy have long been bedfellows sharing space yet rarely spotlighted by the greater society at large. However, across the world in Portugal recently a powerful ripple was created in mainstream science and medicine that appears to contain unstoppable momentum.

While established medicine has wasted valuable time in its stagnancy claiming vaccine science was settled, researchers like Dr. Christopher Exley, research juggernaut Dr. Yehunda Shoenfeld and others recently presented their findings at this year’s Fifth International Symposium on Vaccines in Portugal. The symposium has been consistently leading the pack with paradigm-shattering discoveries and groundbreaking study presentations. With environmental factors leading the way in an epidemic rise in autoimmune disorders over the years, questions are continually being asked by brave researchers regarding aluminum’s role. Dr. Shoenfeld, who has published over 1600 journal papers, sits on the editorial board of 43 journals and is one of the most highly cited scientists in the world, had this to say recently in Portugal regarding past vaccine-aluminum safety research done by US health oversight bodies such as the CDC and FDA:

I don’t think it was done in the proper way…Most of the studies that were carried out on [concluding] no side effect of the vaccine”, if you will go to the end of the scientific paper you will see that the authors had a conflict of interest in this issue and therefore they should not be trusted completely.   

Historic shifts in consciousness experienced with the fall of Big Tobacco, the discovery of Flint Michigan’s lead contamination and the reality of a runaway American opioid epidemic had the power to instantly focus public perception, spur true grassroots activism and force rapid policy changes. It appears that humanity is on the verge of another shift in perception, backed by science, around our health and a toxic metal that has been allowed to permeate our environment and medical community.

No aluminum, no Alzheimer’s -Dr Chris Exley

Aluminum’s interaction with the human body has been highlighted for its role in brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, thanks partly to the seminal work done by Dr. Exley and his team. The routes of exposure studied were typically ingestion or skin contact (such as in aluminum-based underarm deodorants) but injected aluminum has been sparsely examined by the mainstream scientific community since its inclusion as a vaccine adjuvant in many shots on the current CDC schedule. Aluminum is very cheap and effective at stimulating the immune system during vaccination therefore pharmaceutical companies have relied heavily upon the metal in vaccine production.

Vaccines contain aluminum nanoparticle adjuvants that have been assumed to be safe from the findings of limited, mathematical-based scientific research focusing on ingested, not injected aluminum. Unfortunately, global health bodies have placed the safety of their vaccination programs upon such limited and incorrectly focused studies while ignoring injected aluminum’s cumulative, ill-health impacts on their populations.   

Over the recent years, a growing library of highly credible researchers from around the world, working independently of each other, are consistently finding injected aluminum to be a big problem. Regrettably, mainstream media has been silent about the continued, bombshell scientific findings while governing health bodies and the medical community bitterly refuse to accept any new science into their outdated vaccine paradigms. How devastating are the scientific findings regarding injected aluminum?   

Dr. Exley, whose 35 year career focus has been to understand aluminum in living things, was recently interviewed by Del Bigtree for a segment on The Highwire and had this to say:

Our research puts us in a position whereby we implicate the aluminum in a vaccine in one of the serious adverse events which we know happens sometimes following vaccination.

In all of Dr. Exley and his team’s previous work with Alzheimer’s and other disorders, the aluminum was discovered as extracellular deposits. However, with his recent work investigating what he called “a scary amount of aluminum” content in the brains of five autistic donors, Dr. Exley comments:

90 percent of the aluminum we were finding by fluorescence microscopy was inside cells not on the outside.…it was inside cells known as the glia. These are the house keeping cells of the brain. These are the cells that ensure that the brain works properly. In an infant, they ensure that the brain develops properly.

Exley sums up his findings in this way:

In individuals ranging from 15 to 50 years of age, again, we measured some of the highest values of brain aluminum ever measured by our group, or indeed by any other group…   

Dr. Exley’s study titled Aluminum in Brain Tissue in Autism has been downloaded over 250,000 times in less than six months which puts it in a category of popularity rarely experienced by published research.

Speaking on the state of research and present-day science Dr. Exely stated: “What’s happened now is that our governments have decided to rely upon industry to fund pharmaceutical safety science.” However, a fundamental problem is inherent in the current safety science paradigm. As Dr. Exley explains about the dominant pharmaceutical company safety science research, “They are not science, they are business.

Is there a possible solution? Dr. Exley offered his opinion on how to untangle big business interests from proper vaccine safety science:

What we should be doing is…all vaccine safety trials should be conducted by an independent organization, totally independent of industry, funded by industry.

When it comes to vaccines, the words safe and effective have become a baseless emotional reaction from a medical community that should be asking deeper questions. With grassroots momentum taking foothold in countries like Italy, Poland, Ireland and even the US, everyday people appear to be taking over the vaccine narrative and demanding medical choice and scientific transparency. 

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