Wisconsin’s Foxconn Boondoggle Looks Worse Than Ever


There were many crony elements to this deal. How the land was obtained, how the Foxconn project was to be funded, why Milwaukee was chosen, all were key factors in this now sour deal.

(From Reason)

It was going to be “the eighth wonder of the world,” Trump said, proof that he was “reclaiming our country’s proud manufacturing legacy”—even if the project was dependent on $3 billion in subsidies from the state of Wisconsin, one of the largest corporate handouts in American history.

A little more than two years later, the factory that was supposed to produce LCD screens for TVs and smartphones doesn’t exist and “probably never will,” reports The Verge this week in : investigation into the downfall of Wisconsin’s propped-up Foxconn project.

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This article was originally posted here: https://www.ac2news.com/2020/10/wisconsins-foxconn-boondoggle-looks-worse-than-ever/.

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