Women Are Having Plastic Surgery To Fix “Resting Bitch Face”


Women Are Having Plastic Surgery To Fix “Resting Bitch Face”

More and more women are flocking to plastic surgery to correct a devastating condition known as “resting bitch face”, according the New York Post.

“Resting bitch face” is a condition wherein you look – well, bitchy – due to your normal, everyday facial expression. It’s also sometimes just referred to as simply “being from New York City”. 

Hope Davis, one woman who got surgery for the condition after her friends uploaded “a batch of unflattering photos to Facebook and Instagram”, said: 

“I was like, ‘Oh great, I look mad in the middle of the party’. I looked like a sourpuss.”

Davis didn’t comment on whether or not she actually was “mad in the middle of the party” – a road we hope she considered before having someone slice her face open. Perhaps she just wasn’t having a good day at the time.

But it’s too late to look back now. She, like many other women, turned right to a plastic surgeon. 

Dr. David Shafer, a double board-certified plastic surgeon and medical director of Shafer Plastic Surgery & Laser Center in Midtown, said he’s familiar with the request to deal with “RBF”, as he called it, and said its a common request that he gets several times each week.

Davis instructed Shafer that she didn’t want a ‘Joker’ smile, but rather a “pleasant resting look”. 

Doctors use techniques like injecting fillers into the face and Botox to achieve the look. The procedure takes about 10 to 20 minutes and can cost between $500 to $5,000. It generally lasts “up to two years”. 

Shafer said:

 “The worse the ‘bitch face,’ the more effective the Botox. If you always look dumpy, or unfriendly … people are going to react to you differently.”

Shafer said that requests to fix “RBF” have more than doubled over the last year. He claims it is due to a shift in focus to the lower face, “popularized by the Kardashians” and the prevalence of selfies, which force people to look downward at their phone, accentuating their resting bitch faces.

Davis said: “Nobody can quite put their finger on it, but they notice something’s different. People have definitely complimented me saying, ‘Oh you look so pretty and cute today.’ ”

Park Avenue plastic surgeon Dr. Melissa Doft said: “People gravitate to women who they perceive as happy.”

“It helps make patients look less sad,” she continued. 

But, as Davis will unfortunately find out, hacking your face apart isn’t necessary going to make you happy on the inside. 

She concluded:

 “I caught a glimpse of myself out of the corner of my eye, and it gave me a positive vibe because I looked happy. This whole time, [I was focused on] how I project to the world, but I wasn’t paying attention to how I project to myself.”

Maybe they’ll have plastic surgery for your soul at that point…

Tyler Durden
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