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Baby Cyrus is still not home with his family. The Judge and CPS agents have informed the family that a hearing on April 8th is set. If that does not go well then the next hearing is in 6 month. If that does not go well then after 12 month in foster care Baby Cyrus will go up for adoption.

Marisa and Levi Anderson are amazing little parent and this is their worse nightmare, as it is for any loving parents. We must act further to get Baby Cyrus home! Those culpable in this case must not live in comfort until he is home.

Tomorrow, this Saturday, starting at 10 am, we are going to assemble at Judges Laurie Anne Fortier house. Please come and stay as long and you can. We want to line the sidewalk with people clear around the block.

Her address is 1014 Pueblo Street, Boise ID 83702

This Judge is a 49 year old lady who has never had children. The state has somehow given her plenary power to take children from parents when she has no children of her own and has no idea the difficulty it is to lovingly raise children. She has ripped hundreds of families apart.

This can not become the normal in this country. Our children must be protected from these people who dispose traditional Christian families and desire to tear us from our little children.

I am calling on you to put off what every you are planing to do tomorrow and come to Judges Laurie Anne Fortier house at 1014 Pueblo Street, Boise ID 83702, 10AM – This is peaceful way to show that we will not allow this to go on any longer!

Finally – We have created a whistle blower information page. . We believe there are many people inside the system that are more concerned about the safety of Baby Cyrus Anderson than those that have abducted him claim.

Currently, his parents, Levi and Marissa, are being denied their right to even know where he is, let alone have, hold, nurse, and love their child, as they always have.

CPS Agents, Police Officers, neighbors, if your heart is pricked by this event and you have any information about the location or well being of little baby Cyrus, please submit these details by going to

All data submitted is encrypted before transmission and stored in an encrypted format. You are not required to give any contact information unless you chose to. To submit information about Baby Cyrus go to that is

See you tomorrow!

For more details and updates about baby Cyrus go to:

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