Young Oregon Girl with Cancer Medically Kidnapped from Mother and Sexually Abused in Foster Care

Kylee with her mom Christine. Image from Facebook.

by Allie Parker
Health Impact News

In February 2018, Kylee Dixon, then 11 years old, was rushed to the hospital in excruciating abdominal pain. Tests later confirmed she had a tumor in her liver known as Undifferentiated Embryonal Sarcoma.

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DHS showed up in the family’s life a month after Christine discharged Kylee from the hospital. 

After 6 months of chemotherapy with no improvement in Kylee’s health, and the tumor in Kylee’s liver remaining the same size, the mother and daughter had enough.

Chemotherapy is known to be toxic to the body. The Veracity Foundation created a page dedicated to making awareness about the real effects on the body due to chemotherapy. They also provide black label warnings included with the drugs, one in particular that was given to Kylee, along with quote after quote from physicians and oncologists all saying the same thing, chemo kills.

According to the Veracity Foundation site, Christine was never counseled by physicians about the side effects of the chemotherapy treatment Kylee had been receiving. 

Veracity Foundation claims the drug Kylee had been receiving, Ifosfamide, is only 2.1% effective toward a five-year survival rate.

The Veracity website claims Christine read the black label warning after she left the hospital, which is when Christine decided to discharge Kylee from the hospital and start a natural approach.

Christine had been researching alternative treatments for over 6 months, while Kylee was still in the hospital getting chemotherapy treatment, and started Kylee on several natural treatments as soon as they left the hospital.  

Christine was also seeing a Naturopathic Doctor who, according to Christine, was impressed with the treatments Christine had been giving Kylee. 

Two months after leaving the hospital, Christine took Kylee in for another scan. According to information provided by Christine on the Kylee’s Fight Facebook page, the tumor in Kylee’s liver had decreased in size from 32mm x 34mm to 22 mm x 25mm.

Christine claims, even with medical evidence showing improvement with the treatments she was giving Kylee, DHS moved forward with their neglect allegations against her which would remove Kylee from her mother’s care, thus discontinuing the treatment regimen responsible for shrinking Kylee’s tumor, and readmitting the young girl back into the oncology unit to undergo further chemotherapy treatments.

Christine also claims the hospital was still moving forward with surgery that by this time was not only unnecessary, but also against both Kylee and Christine’s wishes.

This battle with DHS and the courts went on until June 2019, when we first reported about Christine and Kylee.  See:

Oregon Mother Jailed for Recommending Non-Chemo Cancer Therapies for Daughter

According to Christine, while she and Kylee were in Nevada to see another naturopathic doctor, Nevada police received a tip from the FBI and sheriff’s office the two were in a hotel.  

The search for the pair started when Clackamas County, where the two lived in Oregon, issued a missing/endangered juvenile poster asking for help in location the mother and daughter.

Christine was not arrested at this time, but Kylee was placed into “protective” custody by Nevada police and later transferred back to Oregon.  

Since June 13, 2019, Christine has not had custody of Kylee.  

Kylee was first placed into a juvenile detention facility where, according to Christine, Kylee was denied the naturopathic treatments and medications to control Kylee’s pain. This caused Kylee to suffer severe withdrawal.  

Christine also claims, while at this facility, Kylee was beaten by gang members, who were also being held in the facility, and Kylee’s life was threatened when the facility tried to give Kylee a medication she was severely allergic to. 

With the overwhelming financial burden Christine has faced since Kylee was diagnosed, and now with the impending court and legal fees, Christine, friends and family started the Facebook page,  Kylee’s Fight, dedicated to updating the public on the status of Kylee’s health and the case.

Current Update

In a recent video on the Facebook page, posted December 20, 2019, Christine recalls getting phone calls and text messages from concerned parents at Kylee’s school when they saw Kylee in the office, looking very distraught.  

The concerned parents told Christine that Kylee was accompanied by a truancy officer, law enforcement officer, a case worker, a nurse, a school nurse, the school counselor, and what Christine believes from the calls and texts, the principal of the school.

Christine was scheduled to have a 5:00 PM phone call with Kylee on this same day. 

That phone call never happened. Christine was frantically trying to call, text and email caseworkers with no response. 

She finally received a text message from a case worker stating the phone call was not going to happen and refused to offer any additional information, or an explanation as to why Christine could not speak with her daughter.

Kylee is Missing!

Kylee was allegedly removed from school. She did not have an attorney present when this “meeting” was taking place, and she did not have her mother present.  

Christine is seen in the video visibly upset asking,

“Who was at this meeting for Kylee?”

Three days after this “meeting” took place, Christine was finally able to speak with her daughter.  

According to Christine, she was informed by the case worker she was not to ask Kylee about her whereabouts or about the “meeting.”  

Christine still had no idea where her daughter was.

Around this time Christine received an update from “Marty,” the caseworker, informing her Kylee had to be removed from the foster care home she had been staying at.  

No further explanation was given, and again, Christine had no idea where her daughter was placed. 

Kylee, as far as Christine and the family were concerned, was MISSING!

The Unthinkable…

In the video posted December 20th, Christine states she received a phone call from “someone else” saying they had an insider with information about her daughter.

At this time in the video, Christine’s friend Bri addresses the public.  

Bri has been by the family’s side and has been attending several hearings.

According to Bri, at the last few hearings, family members stepped up asking the court why Kylee couldn’t be placed with them. 

Bri says under Oregon DHS law, when a child is removed, they are to be placed with family or friends.  

“It says it right there,” states Bri.

The DHS procedural manual does say DHS is to conduct diligent efforts to find relatives for placement prior to children being place in foster care. Never does it mention a time frame the child has to have lived with the relative to be placed with them.

According to Bri, a hearing was called where one by one, family members were stepping up, saying Kylee should be placed with them, she should not be in foster care.

It was at this hearing when, according to Bri, the District Attorney, Christine Landers stepped up and said:

“For a child to be placed with family, they must live with that family member for a minimum of 2 years before being placed with them.”

Bri states the family members said this was great, because Kylee had lived with some of them for two years.

It was at this time, according to Bri, Christine Landers became upset and started asking the family members if Kylee went to school or participated in extracurricular activities. Bri recalls the family members answered,

“Of course she did, what child doesn’t?”

According to Bri, this is when District Attorney Christine Landers says,

“Well then she hasn’t been living with you for a consecutive two years.”

Every family member was denied, stated Bri.

Bri continues recalling over the course of these hearings, Kylee had voiced her opinion explaining living with this foster family was making her very uncomfortable and did not like living with them.

According to Bri, she received a report that she claims she has in her possession.  

Health Impact News has not been able to view and verify this report, but Bri states:

“Since placement with Kylee, her foster parents have been telling her she is not allowed to speak about her [being] molested by them.” 

Bri continues by stating,

“Not only has she been trying to speak up in court, but she has been denied by the judge, denied by Christine Landers, the District Attorney, to speak about this.”

“So, [Kylee] took it upon herself to tell her school nurse. Her school nurse is a mandatory reporter and had no other choice but to call DHS.”

According to Bri, this report states she has been molested since placement, but does not show where Kylee has been placed.

Bri states,

“Kylee is missing, and DHS is covering this up.”

She goes on by saying, according to the report, there are no repercussions for the foster parents who have been molesting Kylee.

According to Bri, the District Attorney, the Judge and DHS are all in this together and this has nothing to do with Kylee’s medical issues, but just about separating mother and daughter.  

“Where’s Kylee?” asks Bri, who continues, “We don’t know.”

Kylee found! Or is she….?

In the most recent video, posted December 23, 2019, on the Kylee’s Fight Facebook page, mom Christine updates everyone she was able to speak to Kylee over the phone, but again was advised she is not allowed to ask where her daughter is staying, or what happened that lead to the removal.

Christine still has no idea where her daughter is staying or who she is staying with.

According to the video, Christine received a call from a case worker, December 23rd, confirming the sexual abuse Kylee endured while in foster care.  

The case worker also confirmed Kylee had been moved due to the abuse, but would not give Christine any additional details.  

Christine recalls in the video, DHS came into their lives based only on an opinion from a doctor, and the case was never investigated by DHS.

Christine states,

“The more I kept proving my case, the harder they came down on me. Honesty has gotten me nothing but deeper in the hole with them.”

Christine promises she will:

“continue to stand on the truth and nothing but the truth, because that will always overcome the lies.”


“You can only hide under so many lies and corruption before something blows up in your face,” states Christine.

She believes the truth will happen with or without her story based on the recent national attention this issue is getting.  

A mother’s warning

Christine warns everyone watching the video, 

“Our kids are being harmed in these cases and it’s not okay”.

She pleads to these entities and legislatures by saying,

“Do the right thing!”

Her final warning, 

“They will continue to do this until we, as citizens, stand up and say Enough is Enough!”

About the Author

allie parkerAllie Parker is a Family Advocate and mother. She is a surviving victim of a false Child Abuse Pediatrician’s accusation.



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