Your “2020 Dream Team”? Unscientific Poll

A lot of Trump-Pence fans weighed in on our latest unscientific poll at

The vast majority of respondents said that their 2020 “Dream Team” is Trump-Pence.

A significant number, however, didn’t care for any of the hypothetical choices, whether Democrat or Republican.

Twenty-three percent answered “None of the Above.”

The highest-ranking Democrat duo were the hypothetical team of Beta O’Rourke and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. (However, they garnered just one percent.)

#Trump-Pence (81%)

Any non-Trump team (2%)

Beto-AOC (1%)

Sanders-Klobuchar ( >1%)

Biden-Warren (>1%)

Harris-Booker (>1%)

Gillibrand-Delaney (0%)

None of the Above (23%)

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