YouTube CEO Admits Users Don’t Like Boosting Of “Authoritative” Mainstream Channels, But They Do It Anyway


Youtube is a business and it knows where its bread is buttered. The “official” sources of news and entertainment get special treatment while many independent artists and vloggers are relegated to the “vast unviewed void.” It’s not enough to have good content. The cream on Youtube does not always rise to the top.

Indeed much the opposite. Youtube is part of Google, and there are the same issues with the search engine.

(From Zerohedge)

“In the years since Wojcicki made this decision, YouTube has rigged the site heavily in favor of authoritative sources to the point that they’re now 10x more likely to top search results for some news events while YouTubers won’t even get recommended for breaking news,” reports Reclaim the Net.

As we previously highlighted, the company’s disdain for its own user base was also underscored by its Chief Product Officer Neil Mohan insulting non-mainstream YouTube creators as basement-dwelling idiots.


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