Zoom’s encryption is “not suited for secrets” and has surprising links to China, researchers discover


It certainly is not the place to share secrets. Everyone should know that. However Zoom is the new app de jure as schools look to communicate with students and as people try to do business from home. It should also be noted that TikTok, a hugely (and newly) popular app used by middle and high school students primarily is a Chinese company. It also has content and language that many parents would object to.

(From The Intercept)

The researchers also found that Zoom protects video and audio content using a home-grown encryption scheme, that there is a vulnerability in Zoom’s “waiting room” feature, and that Zoom appears to have at least 700 employees in China spread across three subsidiaries. They conclude, in a report for the university’s Citizen Lab — widely followed in information security circles — that Zoom’s service is “not suited for secrets” and that it may be legally obligated to disclose encryption keys to Chinese authorities and “responsive to pressure” from them.

Source: https://www.ac2news.com/2020/04/zooms-encryption-is-not-suited-for-secrets-and-has-surprising-links-to-china-researchers-discover/

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