A Brief Lesson for the Press on Vaccine Injury

While in Columbus, OH, educating legislators on the balance of the science, I witnessed a reported interview a mom of a vaccine injured child.  The mom no longer consents to vaccination for her daughter because, as she said, if she had continued to vacciuiate her daughter would most likely not be here.

The reported seemed to struggle forming one question.  The cognitive disequilibrium was obvious. After explaining  the history of events that led to her daughter’s eventual diagnosis, and being told that a functional neurologist has determined that the vaccine did, in fact, cause her injury, the reported asked,

“And what do you say to people who say you are putting children who cannot vaccinate in harm’s way?”

The mom answered the question gracefully: she said she does not tell anyone else to not vaccinate, that other parents have the choice to vaccinate, and so on.

But here’s the rub: the reporter ignored the fact that her own daughter is in the population that people think they are protecting.

Is it me, or is society clueless that the vaccine injured are among those who cannot vaccinate?

Parents of vaccine injured children or of children killed by vaccines should never be asked to promote to support a pharmaceutical product that has injured or killed their child.


Full stop.

Carry on.

Original source: https://jameslyonsweiler.com/2019/06/30/a-brief-lesson-for-the-press-on-vaccine-injury/

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