CalPERS Investment Chief With ‘Long and Cozy Relationship with China,’ Resigns


“Mr. Meng said, “In human life, if there is an opportunity to serve the motherland, such responsibility and honor cannot be compared to anything.”



The Chinese Communist Party appears to have deep roots in California.




Will China build California’s bullet train? (Hope you’re connected)



CalPERS (The California public employee pension) is Heavily Invested in Chinese Companies



Peter Thiel just cranked up his attack on Google’s ‘naive’ relationship with China in a blistering New York Times op-ed


Leading newspapers mum on the Dianne Feinstein China spy ring story (We wonder why so few people trust the Old Media these days?)



Chinese spy who worked for CA Sen. Feinstein for 20 years is now center of media focus



How an American film distributor became a part of the Chinese Communist Party’s Hollywood empire




(From The California Globe)

“We learned that Mr. Meng, who is the chief investment officer of CalPERS, was actually recruited to this position by the [Chinese Communist Party] through something called the Thousand Talents Program.

“What is unusual is that many of these companies (that CalPERS is invested in) are companies that we’ve blacklisted, that make Chinese military equipment or are responsible for technologies like Hikvision, which is the equipment that’s used by the Chinese for surveillance on the Uighur Muslim population that they’ve been abusing in their own country,” (Congressman) Banks said.

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