@Asktheawakened @4141245879freun .....तो मोदी जी ने G5 और BRICS दोनों का साथ दिया 😂

@Asktheawakened @4141245879freun जब महाभारत के प्रारंभ में, अर्जुन और दुर्योधन, दोनों एक साथ कृष्ण जी के पास सहायता मांगने पहुंचे........

but this time they extended pandemic

"US had bought 229 million doses of H1N1 vaccines of which 91 million doses were used;of surplus,5 million doses were stored in bulk,15 million doses were sent to developing countries and 71 million doses were destroyed

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Also emitted are black carbon, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), nitrogen and sulfur dioxides, mercury, and volatile chemicals that form ground-level ozone (O3). All are associated with multiple adverse health effects in children.

combustion in high- and middle-income countries and biomass burning in low-income countries accounts for most of the global air pollution, generating 85% of airborne respirable particulate pollution and almost all sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions to the atmosphere

electricity production, heating, transportation, and industry [14]. Worldwide, in 2011, fossil fuels represented 82% of the total primary energy supply [15]. In the US, oil, natural gas, and coal account for 81% of current fuel use [16]. Energy-related fossil-fuel

Mass shootings have definitely increased in the past few years in the U.S. but data takes time to analyze.

A 2018 CRPC study ranked the U.S. at number sixty-four in the world in terms of mass shooting rates per capita.

Mean annual death rate 2009-2015 by country:

Many claim that Australia solved its mass shooting issues with its ban on specific weapons.


" indicated that the effort failed to reduce homicides, suicides, or unintentional firearms deaths. It is even questionable whether the effort reduced mass shootings"

"These problems compounded the effects of community and social changes associated with this pandemic, which included social distancing, closure of schools and institutions, and interruption of health and social services..."

"Children and adolescents experienced an unusual interruption in their everyday lives that included prolonged stay within home, altered relationship dynamics with their caregivers and family members..."

"Moreover, Samji et al. [50] reported that social distancing was associated with poor mental
health outcomes. Both social stigma and social distancing were related to a higher burden of

"School closure was associated with a wide range of mental health outcomes... found that child
abuse referral reports declined during this pandemic due to school closure suggesting interrupted services in those contexts..."

"As many institutions transitioned to online learning
systems, Samji et al. found such online learning to be associated with adverse mental health outcomes in children and adolescents."

"Staying home for increased duration and lack of daily routine affected mental health in many children and adolescents... a lack of healthy food consumption was associated with adverse mental health outcomes among children amidst this pandemic..."

"... the prevalence of OCD among adolescents ranged from 44.6% to 73% causing exaggerating symptoms. Moreover, emotional disorders were reported by three reviews that found 22% to 62.2% of children and adolescents experienced emotional difficulties during this pandemic"

"Moreover, the pandemic resulted in a significant psychosocial impact on Chinese adolescents and children in terms of emotional distress, with a prevalence of 24.9% for anxiety, 19.7% for depression, and 15.2% for stress."

"...reported a high prevalence of suicide ideation (OR = 1.32, p = 0.008), suicide planning (OR = 1.71,
p < 0.001), suicide attempts (OR = 1.74, p < 0.001), and non-suicidal self-harm (OR = 1.35, p < 0.001)."

"In Ireland, a qualitative study showed that adolescents and children experienced increased
rates of social isolation, maladaptive behavior, anxiety, and depression during the pandemic"

"During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, the percentage of Bangladeshi children who suffered from mental health disturbances ranged from 43% for subthreshold disturbances to 7.2% for severe disturbances..."

"... most vulnerable population affected by the preventive measures for COVID-19, such as the
closure of schools, leading to reduced interaction with peers, and lessened opportunities for
physical activity and exploration."


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