My 12 year old daughter just tested positive for ANTIBODIES.

She had covid in March of 2020.

We got her tested because her private school changed their policy that antibodies = a vaccine.

If any epis, doctors or reporters want to DM me- I'm happy to provide proof you f'ers

VA preprint study (500k+ patients) confirms sharp decline in vax effectiveness vs. infection after 5 months.

The study does not analyze protection vs. severe disease, but other studies (e.g. Kaiser study) confirms continuing protection vs. hosp.

@DrTomFrieden Why do you keep posting things like this? We all see the studies - and we know about the "wait 14 days after the second dose" criterion for labeling a vaccinated patient "vaccinated". Looking ridiculous these days.

@ScottAdamsSays @brbrophy15 What rock have you been under? Scientist & Doctors speaking out against MRNA/vaccine rollout: Mike Yeadon (ex VP Pfizer) Dr. Bhakdi, Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier,Dr. Woodarg, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone (inventor early MRNA research) , Geert Vandenbossche PHd/WHO...

@autumnwind1216 @Storm2817 @rose_stabler Interesting contention. However in the case of the Raiders, please read the article - as this is far from the case for them.

I am now an expert witness (pro bono) in a big lawsuit against a large pharmacy chain responsible for their pharmacists (also named) ILLEGALLY PRACTICING MEDICINE WITHOUT A LICENSE.. by refusing to fill IVM. Hey pharmacists still doing this shit: heads up, they're coming for you

@Tamglam4 @Rights4Patients I feel the same. The only condition I’m concerned about is a broken bone. It wouldn’t kill me, but I would suffer. I’m honestly not sure what I would do.

@Storm2817 @rose_stabler It is amazing how people who do fraudulent critiques, never provide any evidence and mistakenly believe no one will catch them in their BS.

Below are the sources from the article, and each chart/analysis is linked to its supporting detail backup.

You didn't even read the thing.

Anti-vaccine protesters from the group calling itself Official Voice are currently outside the office of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in London demanding the arrest of Bill Gates. Police officers have formed a protective line in front of the main gate.

@Storm2817 Lie, disparagement, lie, correct, lie, lie.
Had you read the article you would see I do all of this in the text that goes with the chart.

Full of shit troll.

I read a CEO of a large corporation said it's a huge game of chicken with the American people right now. A large portion of the workforce is unvaxxed and wiling to lose their jobs over mandates. This will decimate many businesses and they know it.


@HPVSideEffects @AdamsAMess @celinedion People don’t seem to comprehend that a 💉 can worsen an existing condition. People with autoimmune diseases are saying that they have had the worst flare-ups they have ever had after this 💉.