News, Florida: Health official placed on leave after encouraging COVID-19 vaccination

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#informedconsent #1stdonoharm #vaccines #vaccination #physicians4informedconsent #science #statistics

If you are unvaccinated and out of employment please message me.

I cannot make any promises but I will try to help.

I'm hiring and some of my friends are hiring. Positions in tech, but let me know what you do and I'll see if I can help. Reply to this thread or message me.

@LaLaRueFrench75 Well they should know that fear of the virus, aka the COVInebo Effect, increases the risk of spontaneous infection. This is well known, just ask Claire. 🤫

Did you know that obesity can impair the ability to develop antibodies after tetanus vaccination?

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#Physicians4InformedConsent #1stDoNoHarm #Vaccines #Vaccination #InformedConsent #Science #Statistics

@awakemommacdub I don’t know if she treats patients out of California, but you should try contacting @SabinehazanMD . She successfully treats COVID patients.

It’s always nice to have reminders that the scientific community is often completely wrong, even when they conduct “gold standard” studies

It’s bad enough that The Science™ cannot be questioned or criticized, but it’s even worse when considering they’re often this far off

First, do no harm.

No border/airport closures.
No mass asymptomatic testing.
No mandatory masking of healthy.
No vaccine passports.
No lockdowns.
No coercions or restrictions.

Instead, ethical evidence-based focused protection of people at high-risk with full informed consent.

@Reallyt91942018 The doctors who have an MD and a PhD are typically the worst! Many of them are narcissistic psychopaths. Christopher Duntsch is a good example...

"Believe science" is an oxymoron. Science is not a religion followed with blind faith. Science is ever-evolving public knowledge based on facts and, by its very definition, demands criticism, challenges existing positions & requires understanding, open discourse/debate & evidence

Just a reminder @celliottability,drs are REQUIRED to give #FullyInformedConsent re:ANY #MedicalIntervention,considering the patients personal health concerns&their medical history

Any dr pushing 1 narrative without conducting themselves as above should reconsider their approach

Please. Watch. This.
British news program. A commentator who is student reacts to the announcement that Britain is removing masks. Watch at 1:40 seconds. Her breakdown is what almost ALL students feel about masks.


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