@the_Arkivist It is definitely significant! That is one of the many conditions excluded from the trials (number 11)...

@Loretta_Torrago Asymptomatic spread is < 0.7%
Children are not major vectors (by dozens of studies)
Use of masks is moot if aerosol transmission is there.

You can put my name in there. Go ahead.

UN Declaration of Human Rights Article 7

All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.

UN Declaration of Human Rights Article 10

Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him.

The study behind the recent press release on a successful US Phase 3 trial of Nitazoxanide is out.

"Treatment with nitazoxanide 600 mg orally twice daily for 5 days was associated with an 85% reduction in the rate of progression to severe illness"

Infuriating. @Hold2LLC was put in time out by @Twitter for a tweet he had which is 100% accurate coupled with his own opinion on everyone's favorite topic - masks. I'd share it here but free speech is quelled when you fear the repercussions.

@Mareeswj @EdoajoEric @PaulSaxMD this type of announcement with lots of fanfares, reminds me of WHO's declaration of ivermectin trials to be undertaken by their own group of scientists.


One of FreeX’s founders — @markchangizi — was put in 12 hour Twitter jail for exercising his free expression.

The offending tweet was from weeks ago on the dangers of masks from a publisher paper.

Find him at Telegram:

VAERS now up to 3,486 post-Covid vaccine deaths - almost as many as have been reported for every other vaccine combined in the database’s 30-year history.


Phew. I was starting to get worried.

@DrSubhasree @LacksMorals @misogul @AshwiniDodani oxygen supplementation needs to be continued till natural pulmonary functions are not restored.
that means, giving the pt full antiviral, antibiotic, antiinflammatories and drugs to improve blood oxygenation in lungs.
it may take on average 7-10 days to improve spO2 from 87 to 98

@MANISHT63617598 oseltamivir was developed for swine flu epidemic in 2009, but later on multiple trials proved it ineffective or partially effective in h1n1.
again in covid19 it was repurposed, in hope to work against coV2, but it failed to perform satisfactorily again.

I tweeted out a post that contained a satirical website and so cannot confirm story re Jim Steinman. If I can I will repost.

Fully vaccinated and ready to return to normal life.

102-year-old Carolyn Tryer is a huge Padres fan and has been trying to attend a game, but was having a hard time finding tickets.

After we ran the story, the @Padres reached out and invited her to the owner's box!

@GPandya25 @nikhilnihil dear friend, i am a clinician, not a gene expert.
in my recent thread, i have given a clinical appraisal of new strains in india, and drug managment of disease caused by them.

Cases are about to nosedive in the US in the coming weeks. It’ll be fast.

People will rightly see the end of the pandemic coming into view, and the fear mongering purveyors of panic will not be happy.


Recall Gavin Newsom
As of March 10, 2021