2-If there really is a surge in occurrence of people who feel as if they are, or want to be, the opposite sex.. should we be asking what environmental factors or exposures could be causing it?

US Supreme Court ruling: Covid vaccines are not vaccines. In its decision, the Supreme Court confirms that the damage caused by Covid's mRNA gene therapies is irreparable. Because the Supreme Court is the highest court in the United States, there are no further appeals.

@iXeno @TruthTwt @handmadekathy @crabb_vicki @AspAlaAsnAsnTyr @SassyGirlD1 @MaureenStroud @SkepticalMutant @ChrisJohnsonMD @k10Aug @cappsie @mcfunny @NewSeasonsSpa @FUDyou2 @IainMulady @doritmi @JCDeardeuff @Izzitreally2 @Jccalmond2 @Monstercoyliar @Michael94173566 @krebiozen @TweetOfSteiner @Augusti03401363 @ianfmusgrave @BlueLionBlog @thisisnothappen @natedoromal @TheFrankmanMN @FrankDElia7 @Blackcatprowl3 @isa_picard @HawkInATX @VVDeingott @foofdawg @4thEchelon22 @TinFoilAwards @ktibus @F250Roush @Juanita87722370 @MsTrixter @Kathmarval @mrhawkes @ThomasHarrigan8 @BigBruce1972 @keithccurtis @John010708 @lewbloch @somethinsomethi You would not be calling it a secondary association if it was published by scientific researcher in a peer reviewed journal.

The fact that “experts” have normalized masking is completely indefensible

People are going to be harmed by mask mandates indefinitely because health authorities refuse to admit they were wrong

Their egos and reputations are more important than telling the truth

@iXeno @TruthTwt @handmadekathy @crabb_vicki @AspAlaAsnAsnTyr @SassyGirlD1 @MaureenStroud @SkepticalMutant @ChrisJohnsonMD @k10Aug @cappsie @mcfunny @NewSeasonsSpa @FUDyou2 @IainMulady @doritmi @JCDeardeuff @Izzitreally2 @Jccalmond2 @Monstercoyliar @Michael94173566 @krebiozen @TweetOfSteiner @Augusti03401363 @ianfmusgrave @BlueLionBlog @thisisnothappen @natedoromal @TheFrankmanMN @FrankDElia7 @Blackcatprowl3 @isa_picard @HawkInATX @VVDeingott @foofdawg @4thEchelon22 @TinFoilAwards @ktibus @F250Roush @Juanita87722370 @MsTrixter @Kathmarval @mrhawkes @ThomasHarrigan8 @BigBruce1972 @keithccurtis @John010708 @lewbloch @somethinsomethi I'm not sure about your sidebar topic, but vaccine uptake increased after 1986. That's a secondary association?

@RoxanneHoge @houmanhemmati @TheEliKlein @lapublichealth @LACountyBOS @kathrynbarger @LindseyPHorvath @HollyJMitchell @SupJaniceHahn @HildaSolis @VictorBlackwell @DrJBhattacharya @MMcDonaldMD @justin_hart Totally insane

@handmadekathy @TruthTwt @SassyGirlD1 @k10Aug @mcfunny @NewSeasonsSpa @FUDyou2 @cappsie @SkepticalMutant @IainMulady @doritmi @JCDeardeuff @Izzitreally2 @Jccalmond2 @Monstercoyliar @Michael94173566 @krebiozen @iXeno @TweetOfSteiner @Augusti03401363 @crabb_vicki @ianfmusgrave @BlueLionBlog @thisisnothappen @natedoromal @TheFrankmanMN @FrankDElia7 @Blackcatprowl3 @isa_picard @HawkInATX @VVDeingott @foofdawg @4thEchelon22 @TinFoilAwards @ktibus @F250Roush @Juanita87722370 @MsTrixter @Kathmarval @mrhawkes @ChrisJohnsonMD @ThomasHarrigan8 @BigBruce1972 @keithccurtis @John010708 @lewbloch @somethinsomethi @lizditz @dogdownlockdown @GrammarianJoe A study from California by the MIND institute concludes that the prevalence and autism cannot be explained by artificial factors. The increase is true and real

Harold Clarkson@BGLTHMND

@1EEX303 @LynnleeMavakay @crabb_vicki @luciandipeso @KStateTurk @WendyOrent @GeoffSchuler @SMcwoof @jkellyca @ChrisJohnsonMD @JaneEOpie @ianfmusgrave @natedoromal @krebiozen @Monstercoyliar @_jared_d @hempyhope @Landau_18901 @LG28640297 @immunotoxPhD @Rogue_Soc_Psych @TheFrankmanMN @Rosewind2007 @TeddyFreddy11 @chaoticsx2 @djrazorgirl @KatLaRue7 @cappsie @TruthTwt @microRNApro @LaLaRueFrench75 @doritmi @FrankDElia7 @kidoctr @TinFoilAwards @RisetteMD @kfunk937 @mcfunny @anniecherokee @AuriaZepherine @Flying_Shadowz @LightControl2 @Takethatdoctors @Caffeine_Sam @BlueLionBlog @regina1775 @wakeup89427666 @TakeThatCDC @MeddlinMegs @CanuckistanD Yes diagnostic substitution has been considered along with a number of other factors. The increase in ASD prevalence is real/true. Read the California study by the MIND institute.

@LorenCharnley @districtai @lexfridman Be warned. It’s a big Covidian. Ask it anything about Dr. Fauci or about masks and you’ll be very disappointed.

@MacLennanMike1 @drleovalentin @mcuban We missed 250,000 cases of child abuse just in the spring of 2020 because it’s typically teachers who catch that and kids weren’t in school. How would @mcuban’s panel of doctors have voted back then to quash someone complaining about that on Twitter?

@MacLennanMike1 @drleovalentin @mcuban Of course, it’s stupid. But so was quarantining healthy children. So was masking children with cloth masks. So was mandating a vaccine for people to have zero risk. But every doctor would’ve voted for that because they are lock step. And they were wrong.

@MacLennanMike1 @drleovalentin @mcuban Credentials are not truth. Consensus is not truth. I don’t need 1000 doctors volunteering to quash my voice off of Twitter because I believe my kids should go to school without wearing a mask. I know common sense. I’m right because it’s my kid.

@MacLennanMike1 @drleovalentin @mcuban No, but if Leo decided that your family and anyone who had contact with you within the last six hours had to quarantine themselves just in case they rolled their ankle to… That would be bad policy. Even if 1000 doctors thought it was right.

@MaureenStroud @NewSeasonsSpa @handmadekathy @AspAlaAsnAsnTyr @SkepticalMutant @ChrisJohnsonMD @k10Aug @cappsie @SassyGirlD1 @mcfunny @FUDyou2 @TruthTwt @IainMulady @doritmi @JCDeardeuff @Izzitreally2 @Jccalmond2 @Monstercoyliar @Michael94173566 @krebiozen @iXeno @TweetOfSteiner @Augusti03401363 @crabb_vicki @ianfmusgrave @BlueLionBlog @thisisnothappen @natedoromal @TheFrankmanMN @FrankDElia7 @Blackcatprowl3 @isa_picard @HawkInATX @VVDeingott @foofdawg @4thEchelon22 @TinFoilAwards @ktibus @F250Roush @Juanita87722370 @MsTrixter @Kathmarval @mrhawkes @ThomasHarrigan8 @BigBruce1972 @keithccurtis @John010708 @lewbloch @somethinsomethi I think you're differentially methylated.

@MaureenStroud @handmadekathy @AspAlaAsnAsnTyr @SkepticalMutant @ChrisJohnsonMD @k10Aug @cappsie @SassyGirlD1 @mcfunny @NewSeasonsSpa @FUDyou2 @TruthTwt @IainMulady @doritmi @JCDeardeuff @Izzitreally2 @Jccalmond2 @Monstercoyliar @Michael94173566 @krebiozen @iXeno @TweetOfSteiner @Augusti03401363 @crabb_vicki @ianfmusgrave @BlueLionBlog @thisisnothappen @natedoromal @TheFrankmanMN @FrankDElia7 @Blackcatprowl3 @isa_picard @HawkInATX @VVDeingott @foofdawg @4thEchelon22 @TinFoilAwards @ktibus @F250Roush @Juanita87722370 @MsTrixter @Kathmarval @mrhawkes @ThomasHarrigan8 @BigBruce1972 @keithccurtis @John010708 @lewbloch @somethinsomethi Let us know when you come up with a cogent scientific argument...

Poor kid. I hope she gets home okay.

@MaureenStroud @handmadekathy @AspAlaAsnAsnTyr @SkepticalMutant @ChrisJohnsonMD @k10Aug @cappsie @SassyGirlD1 @mcfunny @NewSeasonsSpa @FUDyou2 @TruthTwt @IainMulady @doritmi @JCDeardeuff @Izzitreally2 @Jccalmond2 @Monstercoyliar @Michael94173566 @krebiozen @iXeno @TweetOfSteiner @Augusti03401363 @crabb_vicki @ianfmusgrave @BlueLionBlog @thisisnothappen @natedoromal @TheFrankmanMN @FrankDElia7 @Blackcatprowl3 @isa_picard @HawkInATX @VVDeingott @foofdawg @4thEchelon22 @TinFoilAwards @ktibus @F250Roush @Juanita87722370 @MsTrixter @Kathmarval @mrhawkes @ThomasHarrigan8 @BigBruce1972 @keithccurtis @John010708 @lewbloch @somethinsomethi I'm holding my breath waiting for you to make a specific point as to how those similar studies contradict my point of view. You've had six tweets and 45 minutes. Are you trying to kill me?

@SassyGirlD1 @handmadekathy @MaureenStroud @AspAlaAsnAsnTyr @SkepticalMutant @ChrisJohnsonMD @k10Aug @cappsie @mcfunny @NewSeasonsSpa @FUDyou2 @TruthTwt @IainMulady @doritmi @JCDeardeuff @Izzitreally2 @Jccalmond2 @Monstercoyliar @Michael94173566 @krebiozen @iXeno @TweetOfSteiner @Augusti03401363 @crabb_vicki @ianfmusgrave @BlueLionBlog @thisisnothappen @natedoromal @TheFrankmanMN @FrankDElia7 @Blackcatprowl3 @isa_picard @HawkInATX @VVDeingott @foofdawg @4thEchelon22 @TinFoilAwards @ktibus @F250Roush @Juanita87722370 @MsTrixter @Kathmarval @mrhawkes @ThomasHarrigan8 @BigBruce1972 @keithccurtis @John010708 @lewbloch @somethinsomethi That's right! And when they take the gloves off, so do I.

@bethanyshondark Bethany & @JennyErikson hate when I do this but… my kindest interpretation is this: we’ve known Ali (he’s been hanging around politics for YEARS). He went down a path, started throwing bombs and he’s made the obvious decision that there’s no recovery. So he just keeps digging 🤷🏻‍♂️

@handmadekathy @MaureenStroud @AspAlaAsnAsnTyr @SkepticalMutant @ChrisJohnsonMD @k10Aug @cappsie @SassyGirlD1 @mcfunny @NewSeasonsSpa @FUDyou2 @TruthTwt @IainMulady @doritmi @JCDeardeuff @Izzitreally2 @Jccalmond2 @Monstercoyliar @Michael94173566 @krebiozen @iXeno @TweetOfSteiner @Augusti03401363 @crabb_vicki @ianfmusgrave @BlueLionBlog @thisisnothappen @natedoromal @TheFrankmanMN @FrankDElia7 @Blackcatprowl3 @isa_picard @HawkInATX @VVDeingott @foofdawg @4thEchelon22 @TinFoilAwards @ktibus @F250Roush @Juanita87722370 @MsTrixter @Kathmarval @mrhawkes @ThomasHarrigan8 @BigBruce1972 @keithccurtis @John010708 @lewbloch @somethinsomethi Loosen up a bit. You're too uptight.

@crabb_vicki @mcfunny @rightwingblack2 @cappsie @SassyGirlD1 @NewSeasonsSpa @FUDyou2 @SkepticalMutant @TruthTwt @handmadekathy @IainMulady @doritmi @JCDeardeuff @Izzitreally2 @Jccalmond2 @Monstercoyliar @Michael94173566 @krebiozen @iXeno @TweetOfSteiner @Augusti03401363 @ianfmusgrave @BlueLionBlog @thisisnothappen @natedoromal @TheFrankmanMN @FrankDElia7 @Blackcatprowl3 @isa_picard @HawkInATX @VVDeingott @foofdawg @4thEchelon22 @TinFoilAwards @ktibus @F250Roush @Juanita87722370 @MsTrixter @Kathmarval @mrhawkes @BGLTHMND @ChrisJohnsonMD @ThomasHarrigan8 @BigBruce1972 @keithccurtis @John010708 @lewbloch @somethinsomethi @lizditz @dogdownlockdown Twin studies prove nothing about genetics. They are based on the false postnatal "equal environment assumption." Plus, prenatally, 60% of MZ pairs share the same chorion and placenta, vs 0% of DZ twins. in addition, "heritability" is a disputed concept.

@MaureenStroud @AspAlaAsnAsnTyr @handmadekathy @SkepticalMutant @ChrisJohnsonMD @k10Aug @cappsie @SassyGirlD1 @mcfunny @NewSeasonsSpa @FUDyou2 @TruthTwt @IainMulady @doritmi @JCDeardeuff @Izzitreally2 @Jccalmond2 @Monstercoyliar @Michael94173566 @krebiozen @iXeno @TweetOfSteiner @Augusti03401363 @crabb_vicki @ianfmusgrave @BlueLionBlog @thisisnothappen @natedoromal @TheFrankmanMN @FrankDElia7 @Blackcatprowl3 @isa_picard @HawkInATX @VVDeingott @foofdawg @4thEchelon22 @TinFoilAwards @ktibus @F250Roush @Juanita87722370 @MsTrixter @Kathmarval @mrhawkes @ThomasHarrigan8 @BigBruce1972 @keithccurtis @John010708 @lewbloch @somethinsomethi Thank you

@MaureenStroud @AspAlaAsnAsnTyr @handmadekathy @SkepticalMutant @ChrisJohnsonMD @k10Aug @cappsie @SassyGirlD1 @mcfunny @NewSeasonsSpa @FUDyou2 @TruthTwt @IainMulady @doritmi @JCDeardeuff @Izzitreally2 @Jccalmond2 @Monstercoyliar @Michael94173566 @krebiozen @iXeno @TweetOfSteiner @Augusti03401363 @crabb_vicki @ianfmusgrave @BlueLionBlog @thisisnothappen @natedoromal @TheFrankmanMN @FrankDElia7 @Blackcatprowl3 @isa_picard @HawkInATX @VVDeingott @foofdawg @4thEchelon22 @TinFoilAwards @ktibus @F250Roush @Juanita87722370 @MsTrixter @Kathmarval @mrhawkes @ThomasHarrigan8 @BigBruce1972 @keithccurtis @John010708 @lewbloch @somethinsomethi You still haven't made a specific rebuttal. I don't think you can. But I'm waiting.....

Oh and I hope you read every similar study to every similar study to every similar study... LOL

@handmadekathy @MaureenStroud @AspAlaAsnAsnTyr @SkepticalMutant @ChrisJohnsonMD @k10Aug @cappsie @SassyGirlD1 @mcfunny @NewSeasonsSpa @FUDyou2 @TruthTwt @IainMulady @doritmi @JCDeardeuff @Izzitreally2 @Jccalmond2 @Monstercoyliar @Michael94173566 @krebiozen @iXeno @TweetOfSteiner @Augusti03401363 @crabb_vicki @ianfmusgrave @BlueLionBlog @thisisnothappen @natedoromal @TheFrankmanMN @FrankDElia7 @Blackcatprowl3 @isa_picard @HawkInATX @VVDeingott @foofdawg @4thEchelon22 @TinFoilAwards @ktibus @F250Roush @Juanita87722370 @MsTrixter @Kathmarval @mrhawkes @ThomasHarrigan8 @BigBruce1972 @keithccurtis @John010708 @lewbloch @somethinsomethi Why is that person so stupid?

The University of Minnesota has a long diatribe about the value of n95s despite the recent negative RCT- and look who funds them 👇👇👇👇


Are you shitting me?

Taking 3M money and making 3M talking points.
Should be illegal

@MaureenStroud @AspAlaAsnAsnTyr @handmadekathy @SkepticalMutant @ChrisJohnsonMD @k10Aug @cappsie @SassyGirlD1 @mcfunny @NewSeasonsSpa @FUDyou2 @TruthTwt @IainMulady @doritmi @JCDeardeuff @Izzitreally2 @Jccalmond2 @Monstercoyliar @Michael94173566 @krebiozen @iXeno @TweetOfSteiner @Augusti03401363 @crabb_vicki @ianfmusgrave @BlueLionBlog @thisisnothappen @natedoromal @TheFrankmanMN @FrankDElia7 @Blackcatprowl3 @isa_picard @HawkInATX @VVDeingott @foofdawg @4thEchelon22 @TinFoilAwards @ktibus @F250Roush @Juanita87722370 @MsTrixter @Kathmarval @mrhawkes @ThomasHarrigan8 @BigBruce1972 @keithccurtis @John010708 @lewbloch @somethinsomethi Reading titles of related studies gave you an orgasm? I'm impressed 🤭

Is that your argument? A list of similar studies?🤡 Put the dunce cap on and go stand in the corner of the thread. Don't tweet again until I tell you to.

@mcfunny @crabb_vicki @rightwingblack2 @cappsie @SassyGirlD1 @NewSeasonsSpa @FUDyou2 @SkepticalMutant @TruthTwt @handmadekathy @IainMulady @doritmi @JCDeardeuff @Izzitreally2 @Jccalmond2 @Monstercoyliar @Michael94173566 @krebiozen @iXeno @TweetOfSteiner @Augusti03401363 @ianfmusgrave @BlueLionBlog @thisisnothappen @natedoromal @TheFrankmanMN @FrankDElia7 @Blackcatprowl3 @isa_picard @HawkInATX @VVDeingott @foofdawg @4thEchelon22 @TinFoilAwards @ktibus @F250Roush @Juanita87722370 @MsTrixter @Kathmarval @mrhawkes @BGLTHMND @ChrisJohnsonMD @ThomasHarrigan8 @BigBruce1972 @keithccurtis @John010708 @lewbloch @somethinsomethi @lizditz @dogdownlockdown I wrote a chapter on autism genetics in 2006. Admittedly I have not kept up much with the lit since then, but I have yet to come across evidence to counter my 2006 conclusion that the genetic evidence was extremely weak. There probably are non-genetic biological causes though.

@mcfunny @crabb_vicki @rightwingblack2 @cappsie @SassyGirlD1 @NewSeasonsSpa @FUDyou2 @SkepticalMutant @TruthTwt @handmadekathy @IainMulady @doritmi @JCDeardeuff @Izzitreally2 @Jccalmond2 @Monstercoyliar @Michael94173566 @krebiozen @iXeno @TweetOfSteiner @Augusti03401363 @ianfmusgrave @BlueLionBlog @thisisnothappen @natedoromal @TheFrankmanMN @FrankDElia7 @Blackcatprowl3 @isa_picard @HawkInATX @VVDeingott @foofdawg @4thEchelon22 @TinFoilAwards @ktibus @F250Roush @Juanita87722370 @MsTrixter @Kathmarval @mrhawkes @BGLTHMND @ChrisJohnsonMD @ThomasHarrigan8 @BigBruce1972 @keithccurtis @John010708 @lewbloch @somethinsomethi @lizditz @dogdownlockdown There is a massive amount of literature claiming a "genetic architecture" for most psychiatric disorders. The reality is that twin studies are based on false assumptions, and psychiatry can't find genes shown to cause its disorders, after decades of searching.

@handmadekathy @crabb_vicki @SassyGirlD1 @k10Aug @mcfunny @NewSeasonsSpa @FUDyou2 @cappsie @SkepticalMutant @TruthTwt @IainMulady @doritmi @JCDeardeuff @Izzitreally2 @Jccalmond2 @Monstercoyliar @Michael94173566 @krebiozen @iXeno @TweetOfSteiner @Augusti03401363 @ianfmusgrave @BlueLionBlog @thisisnothappen @natedoromal @TheFrankmanMN @FrankDElia7 @Blackcatprowl3 @isa_picard @HawkInATX @VVDeingott @foofdawg @4thEchelon22 @TinFoilAwards @ktibus @F250Roush @Juanita87722370 @MsTrixter @Kathmarval @mrhawkes @ChrisJohnsonMD @ThomasHarrigan8 @BigBruce1972 @keithccurtis @John010708 @lewbloch @somethinsomethi @lizditz @dogdownlockdown @GrammarianJoe Aluminum induces seizures. Aluminum is used to induce autism-like behaviors in animal models. There you go. See I helped you out.

@MaureenStroud @handmadekathy @SkepticalMutant @ChrisJohnsonMD @k10Aug @cappsie @SassyGirlD1 @mcfunny @NewSeasonsSpa @FUDyou2 @TruthTwt @IainMulady @doritmi @JCDeardeuff @Izzitreally2 @Jccalmond2 @Monstercoyliar @Michael94173566 @krebiozen @iXeno @TweetOfSteiner @Augusti03401363 @crabb_vicki @ianfmusgrave @BlueLionBlog @thisisnothappen @natedoromal @TheFrankmanMN @FrankDElia7 @Blackcatprowl3 @isa_picard @HawkInATX @VVDeingott @foofdawg @4thEchelon22 @TinFoilAwards @ktibus @F250Roush @Juanita87722370 @MsTrixter @Kathmarval @mrhawkes @ThomasHarrigan8 @BigBruce1972 @keithccurtis @John010708 @lewbloch @somethinsomethi Be specific.

@handmadekathy @AspAlaAsnAsnTyr @MaureenStroud @SkepticalMutant @ChrisJohnsonMD @k10Aug @cappsie @SassyGirlD1 @mcfunny @NewSeasonsSpa @FUDyou2 @TruthTwt @IainMulady @doritmi @JCDeardeuff @Izzitreally2 @Jccalmond2 @Monstercoyliar @Michael94173566 @krebiozen @iXeno @TweetOfSteiner @Augusti03401363 @crabb_vicki @ianfmusgrave @BlueLionBlog @thisisnothappen @natedoromal @TheFrankmanMN @FrankDElia7 @Blackcatprowl3 @isa_picard @HawkInATX @VVDeingott @foofdawg @4thEchelon22 @TinFoilAwards @ktibus @F250Roush @Juanita87722370 @MsTrixter @Kathmarval @mrhawkes @ThomasHarrigan8 @BigBruce1972 @keithccurtis @John010708 @lewbloch @somethinsomethi You should stop thinking because you're clearly delusional on this matter.


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