Finnish hospital C19 delta variant outbreak causing 103 infections among HCWs/inpatients, & 18 elderly inpatient deaths: TWO-THIRDS of infections (66%) & deaths (67%) occurred in those partially or fully mRNA vaxed, vs. unvaxed (h/t @justin_hart);jsessionid=q2OYxdwnQe5eKoXbefP1iKYe.i-0b3d9850f4681504f-ecdclive

Specifically, if there was a dose dependency to the Ivermectin benefit, it is likely that the drug became less and less effective as the more virulent P1 gained share.

A temporal association easily testable by investigators.

This research contains a good illustration of the devastation wrought by the P1 variant in Brazil.

The P1 dominance is a rarity internationally and the results of the Ivermectin @TogetherTrial might be confounded by its surge, limiting its relevance.

@BonBee81 @labtech101 @Craig_A_Spencer Why doesn’t anyone see that? This data has consistently been the same before and after the 💉. Only 0.6% of people who get COVID have severe symptoms. There is NO evidence that the 💉decreases symptoms bc they excluded anyone with medical conditions who was at-risk from trials.

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--> Vaccines do not work as advertised
--> And neither do masks
Place: Finland hospital
What: outbreak among 58 patient & 45 HCW
19% has 2 doses; 47% had 1 dose; 34% unvaxxed
18 deaths: 1 fully vaxxed; 11 with one dose; 6 unvaxxed
Masks everywhere


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As of March 10, 2021