John Paul Stevens Is Still Trying To Defend the Kelo Debacle


The Kelo Decision is a stain on the current Supreme Court. The decision allowed municipalities to declare areas as blighted, and then seize them through eminent domain for tax revenue purposes. Is your house on a nice piece of land where a high rise might generate more for the city? Well, then you may be in some trouble thanks to the Supreme Court.

Kelo is a crony capitalists dream. And it has become reality.

(From Reason)

In 2005, Stevens, then an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, authored one of the worst SCOTUS decisions of the past 50 years. Kelo v. City of New London let a local government bulldoze a working-class neighborhood so that private developers would have a blank slate on which to build a luxury hotel, a conference center, and various other upscale amenities. The city’s goal was to erase that existing community via eminent domain and replace it with a new commercial district that would (maybe? hopefully?) fill the local coffers with more abundant tax dollars.

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