Pop that Bubble: Harvard Announces Salary And Hiring Freezes, Discretionary Spending Reductions, Potential Deferral Of Capital Projects, And Leadership Salary Cuts


(From TaxProf Blog)

Facing dire economic straits brought on by the global COVID-19 pandemic, Harvard is instituting an immediate University-wide salary and hiring freeze, cancelling or deferring discretionary spending, and considering deferring all capital projects, University President Lawrence S. Bacow, Executive Vice President Katherine N. Lapp, and University Provost Alan M. Garber ’76 announced in a Monday email to Harvard affiliates.

Reprinted from: https://www.ac2news.com/2020/04/pop-that-bubble-harvard-announces-salary-and-hiring-freezes-discretionary-spending-reductions-potential-deferral-of-capital-projects-and-leadership-salary-cuts/

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