Rand Paul Calls Out Fauci, ‘Fake News,’ and ‘Busybodies’ ignoring Covid Immunity


By Jefferey Jaxen

Doctor and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul recently took to Twitter to blast those who have chosen to ignore how the human immune system works. Paul, who tested positive for Covid-19 early in the outbreak and has since recovered, targeted a growing crowd of health officials, news outlets and ‘busybodies’ who are attempting to root a narrative suggesting that one may not be immune to Covid-19 if they have contracted it and recovered.

Citing coronavirus task force lead Dr. Anthony Fauci’s own statements from late March when he said he was “willing to bet anything that people who recover are really protected against re-infection,” Paul tweeted this remark:

Paul took aim at ‘fake news’ and those on ‘the left’ with another tweet along the same lines stating:
Paul then directed a message to New Yorkers and the ‘busybodies’ attempting to control them stating:
The barrage of tweets suggesting medical common sense and individual liberty were not the first time Paul approached such topics during questionable American Covid policies.

In late April, Paul spoke on the floor of the U.S. Senate blasting the economic shutdown, the stimulus packages, and the inaccurate doomsday coronavirus models predicting high mortality rates that never materialized.

“We now have solid scientific evidence from randomized studies that we can manage this disease without continuing the draconian lockdown of the economy.”   



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