The Anatomy of Satanism and Hollywood


I must admit I did not see this article’s title coming. But lately, Hollywood has been burning and satanists are running out from the flames with their arms (and pants) on fire. It appears that most of them are pedophiles and they are offended that anyone dares to critique them. When I see this happening, I struggle for the will to run for a bucket. I am not sure if this action would be moral or even sympathetic. I had to invest some time in the psychologically of Satanism.

Satanists wear tennis shoes, do yoga and have children. They hold jobs, they can get fired, they adopt children and animals. They have ethics, follow a code, and will pick up garbage instead of complaining about it. It is a living religion for a large group of people. The modern day satanist is a practitioner of will. At it’s core, Satanism is founded on the principal of Thelema.

Love is the Law, Love under Will

A satanist calls on will through ritual. The satanic circle is a living theater for casting. The director builds a scene with props and acts out the will’s fantasy. The success of the ritual is determined by the live performance of the director. Once the curtain rises, the show must go on. A satanist takes this ritual very seriously. They say their life depends on it. The satanic ritual works. If it did not, there would be no Hollywood.

“As above so below” is a principle of music. Plucking a string produces a tone. Halving that string will give you it’s next octave. When two octaves are played together, a third octave is created through resonance. This is the harmonic principle and it is a fundamental of nature. A satanic ritual is the playing of two notes or tones to produce the third sympathetically. The first tone is played in the will or mind of the magician. The second tone is played out in the ritual circle. The third tone is manifested through resonance. As above, so below. The perfection of the mind and the stage determines the quality of the third tone.

Billy Shamers was young and free. Leaving town in the morning as he skipped his high school graduation. Saddled in a Japanese sedan, Billy headed west to be a big star. Billy was going to be somebody. He listened to his fantasy as it rolled out his lip, “My name is Wiley Cooper. Waylon Cooper. Billy Cooper.” He would decide over lunch in St Louis.

This is disassociation and it is the first step into the ritual circle. The cure detaches from the body and forms a tight white bubble. This is Billy Shamers’ secret center. The outside world does not come here. This is my secret. Hollywood only wants my illusion. Billy is driving into the setting sun. He is on an unleaded death march straight into the sun. This is the first level in the ritual. Billy is his own sacrifice.

The satanic ritual requires a circle and it requires a sacrifice. The quality and weight of the sacrifice determines the power of the ritual. Satanism is the direction and application of the will into the aether. The will is fueled directly by the blood’s own juices. Adrenaline is a slingshot for will. It creates a laser focus and a mother can use it to lift up a burning station wagon. Love, anger, hope, are all colors of will we infuse in the blood through our thoughts. The practice of satanism is the training of will.

Nero, Apollo, Rome burning

See Harvey Weinstein ritual. See the golden trophy ritual. Without molestation, there could be no Hollywood. The magic would not work.

Hollywood is not infected with pedophilia. It is a necessary function of its existence. There can be no Hollywood without it. To rape/molest a child is the ultimate self-sacrifice. There is no human that could come dwell in their own heart after doing that. It is a death ritual.

We are so disgusted/angry at what is happening, we may not see the satanic mechanism and understand why it works this way. Why this is it’s nature. I want you to know this so you won’t try to fix it. Hollywood cannot be fixed. It is working as planned.

Why does adrenochrome work? It is the spell of blood over intent. To understand how this works, I need you to do the impossible and forget about the victim while i explain it. I need you to instead go inside the mind of someone about to cut open someone’s arteries.

Witch says, “With a sharp knife cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand. Eat the pain.” The left hand is closer to the heart. The heart is a crucible of creation. We hope. We do. When the mind has a goal. It needs a heart’s energy to fulfill it. Our will is adrenalin.

You descend into Hollywood through more elaborate rituals of satanic sacrifice. Changing your name is the first level. An audition where you take your clothes off the next. Each one a ritual with more of a sacrifice. Soon you arrive empty at a ritual. You’ve bled yourself out.

The adrenalin that flows inside us is our will to survive. It is liquid intent made in the heart, from the mind. Our essence and life-force holds a power that’s been hidden from us for a reason. The cabal has known for a long long time. Adrenalin is the cure for everything.

The satanists have stolen the secrets of adrenalin and trapped them inside an industry. They reveal themselves in thegreatawakening. Why would a human be encouraged to murder a child? The answer is to no longer be a human. Pedophilia is the fourth level. Right after Weinstein.

These rituals going so deep reveal something hopeful about our universe. The elite recognize and try and fool karma. These rituals reveal to us that we are bound to our sins. When you are at satanic level Epstein, you are dealing with centuries of karma. The definition of demon.

This is why Hollywood is perfect. A golden industry created a long time ago by the same cabal we face today. Weinstein is a cardinal. @SarahKSilverman an altar girl. Pedowood thinks its funny because they have turned into hyenas, chewing on flesh that once held a heart.

When you give Hollywood silver, you condone this church. Satanism does not exist in pockets, it is the system. We are saturated with their rituals. “There’s gold in them hills.” They are masturbating in front of us. It’s gross, but true. Let’s not participate. Break the circle.

My intention is to KillHollywood. Fame is psychological abuse via the golden child. Shame is psychological abuse through the Scapegoat. We are in an abusive triangulation ritual with PedoWood. The more we watch, the more kids will suffer. This is high stakes mkultra.

Pedowood is intentional. Consider the @JustinRoiland video:
1.) Pedophilia Dream
2.) Character wakes, claims himself to be Justin
3.) Character then goes home and performs torture ritual on 2 kids.
4.) Child drowning.
5.) Parent feeds child feces.
6.) Character stabs child.

Hollywood and MSM broadcasts are satanic rituals of lights and camera. The big screen is a spell to give you the impression this is all talent. But talent is a contract, a contract is awarded for a service of being an accomplice. This is consent extraction.

Satanism/Hollywood/MSM are selling the idea that consent is a form of ethics. Notice consent is acquired externally, from a populace. Morality is internal. It keeps you up at night. The Hollywood ritual is turning your insides off. It wants you to follow a shiny gold compass.

The Left is a cult for the same reasons. One side of a person’s psyche has been suppressed, shamed and destroyed. They have a gagged morality and distrust the intuition. We are told it’s evil, racist, sexist, xenophobic. This dethrones morality replacing it with consent.

This is why MSM says such ridiculous things. This is why @POTUS is so antithetical to Hollywood. This is why YOU are so dangerous awakened. You trust your own morality. You listen to the compass in your spine. A cult is the cancer of the self-abandoned.

Society hides your true power under words like “placebo.” We are men pretending to be sheep. There is a blueprint for mind control and Hollywood is using it. Progressivism is the sinister ritual of dipping chains in gold and selling it as “privilege.”

When you accept your privilege, you tell a lie in public. This lie is outwardly rewarded with virtue. This makes the outside a happy place and the inside a sad place. Repetition is the key to mind control. A thousand tiny lies rewarded with a thousand “You’re SO progressive!”

When you see someone in the left’s bubble, they are enslaved by their own empathy and held down by shame. This is why the left has such vitriol. It’s not that you are simply “problematic.” To them, you have committed heresy by consulting your own conscience.

In satanism, mind control is acceptable after consent. This results in consent being extracted sinisterly. “Sinister” in the way you might take a dog to the vet. To them, man is god of his world and accountable for all of his decisions. Consent trumps morality. Group mkultra!

Children are the new frontier of consent extraction for pedophilia. A cult rewards itself for progressively honoring the sentience of their children. This line of thinking is both twisted AND consistent. The moral intuition has been gagged as evil. What remains is psychopathy.

American racism is the same programmed mind control. It is the assault on your prejudice. But is not LOVE the expression of our prejudice? Prejudice is not evil. Prejudice is our free will; the enemy of the programmer. Groupthink is mkultra manifest.

Notice how morality is replaced with relativism in the 11 satanic rules. (Comments in blue.) This is a consent-based ethic. It requires an external point of reference. This pulls the ear away from its own heart placing it outside in the matrix of opinion. It guts you like a fish.

The law of consent gives the satanist a pass for behavior. How easy would it be to give a blowjob for a contract. To prostitute yourself for money yet call yourself a virgin. To exploit a minor b/c they weren’t crying loud enough to hear them.

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