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With Nearly 100 Olympians Unjabbed, Too Many Americans Are Terrible Teammates and Guests.

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#COVID19 #TokyoOlympics #TeamUSA #COVIDVaccine #Japan

CDC (Crime and Death Corporation) Reverses Indoor Mask Policy, Saying Fully Vaccinated People and Kids Should Wear Them Indoors. 🤔🧐

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#CDC #COVID19 #COVIDVaccine #Fauci

Step 1.Push for mass testing w/tests that have a high False Positive Rate (Ct > 38) and do not specifically test for Delta
Step 2."SURGE IN CASES!" (F)
Step 3.Only report test Vaccinated breakthrough cases (Ct < 28).
Step 4. "Pandemic of the Unvaccinated!" (F)
Step 5. Mandates.

Your tax dollars spent by Fauci to sew scalps from 5-mo old fetuses onto the back of rats. Federal US tax dollars driving abortions for "research". Your hard-earned income. Think about that.

The product insert in Covid-19 vaccines ARE BLANK. This vaccine is being given without any informed consent. Patients are supposed to receive information on vaccine rick prior to accepting the vaccine. How the hell can this EUA vaccine be mandated by anyone for anything?

Assange never exposed corruption. He published what he had to make investigative journalism look viable or even possible. No one could be that aware of the world and have no idea 9/11 was an inside job. Assange shows us all how deeply we want to believe in this system.

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