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If the CDC told you to wear a pacifier would you do it for your community? Would you do it for your family? Would you do it for the children?

Anchor: "Biden called for the release of the stockpile, Trump agreed, and all of a sudden there's no stockpile". Explanation - match amounts on dosing, because 1+1 = 2 (in spite of Common Core). Where there is no demand, scarcity sells.

Join us in Acapulco, #Mexico for #Anarchapulco March 8,9,10,11?

We have Virtual and in Person options.-->

#Bitcoin #Mexico #Breathe

No one has to make anything up. The government is paying $30,000 for every positive Covid-19 test. This is a bounty. Bounty hunters don’t care if you’re guilty. They are paid for delivery not conviction.

About AJ's special Saturday trans. I have several questions:
1- How did Flynn get duped twice, once by the FBI, the second by Q?
2- AJ now says SP is a DS/IC asset and manipulator. AJ needs to apologize to David Knight @libertytarian .
3- Why do AJ/associates still defend Ttump?

My daughters roasting me at the 1000th Tom Woods Show episode event in 2017. Stay tuned for details on the even bigger 2000th episode event in October!

Twitter says ‘bug’ prevented users from searching Lincoln Project Aamid sexual misconduct allegations

I respect people who do their jobs well. I do not respect people -- and entire professions -- that give us the martyr routine about doing their jobs.

Remember, experts believe, in the absence of data, the Covid shot is safe for pregnant women.

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Recall Gavin Newsom
Extension granted to March 17, 2021.

Sheriff Bianco of Riverside County Puts Gavin Newsom on Blast