The Governor is Flailing


As the Recall gets closer to qualifying, Gavin Newsom is becoming increasing unhinged.

He’s accusing us of “refusing to accept the will of voters.” Who exactly does he think is going to decide the Recall?

He’s calling the Recall a “refusal to play by the rules.” Has he ever read the California Constitution, which sets forth the rules for recalls?

He’s accusing the former San Diego Mayor of “bungling” a pandemic and homeless crisis. Is he aware California is easily the worst state on both counts?

He’s alleging the Recall is driven by “Trump supporters” and the “Trump train won’t leave the station.” Has he noticed people of all parties are joining together against his betrayals of the public trust?

I want to thank California Globe for naming me and James Gallaghers the “Winners of 2020” in California politics. You’ll never guess who was named biggest loser…I actually tuned into his press conference today for a moment, and there were fewer than 1,000 people watching online.

Notably, Newsom allowed a question to the reporter who broke the French Laundry story, for the first time in seven weeks.

Meanwhile, the Sacramento Bee reports today that some Legislators have experienced a “revelation” that “government isn’t working, despite the fact that their party controls the Capitol.” I wonder if this revelation has anything to do with the people of California taking matters into their own hands.

That’s what the Recall is about: an emphatic rejection of the status quo through an extraordinary act of popular sovereignty.

More than placing a new occupant in the Governor’s office, it’s about repudiating everything the current occupant stands for. It’s about restoring government by the people and repairing our broken political institutions, so we can reverse our state’s decline before it’s too late.

That’s the only remedy for the corruption at the core of our politics. Such a disruption coming directly from the people could redound far into the future, reshuffling the stacked deck of our political system.

A recall is an inherently confrontational event. But I believe that by breaking free of the nation’s most partisan and divisive Governor, we can come together again as a state. It’s a new year, and our greatest strength as a free people is the power to make tomorrow better than today.

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