Today on Unbreaking Science – Is There Anything Parents and Doctors Can Do To Buffer a Child from The Ill Effect of Vaccines?

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In today’s (10/11/2019) live episode (around 1PM EST), I will be asking two medical professionals – pediatric RN, Maureen McDonnell, and pediatrician, Dr. Paul Thomas

Is anything parents or doctors can do to buffer a child from any ill effects of vaccination?

You can read Maureen’s article at and of course you can get Dr. Paul Thomas’ “Vaccine Friendly Plan” book at any bookseller.

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We have a ton of great guests lined up to discuss the tough questions

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Ronald N. Roy
Ronald N. Roy
December 24, 2019 5:26 am

Giving vitamin C to the saturation point before vaccinations should nullify the vaccines. Buffered vitamin C would be best for babies and infants.