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Vaccine Risk Aware vs Vaccine Risk Deniers

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@J2KChoiceCuts @ScientificAthe1 @TransformedMe @ThisMomHCN @BlueLionBlog @glenpyle @Awithonelison @Plasticdoe @EmmaGPaley @LaniKaiDuck @USAFF35 @markjarthur @Vbalance03 @PharmaNemesis @mmelgar09 @ChrisJohnsonMD @PileOfGoop @Q_State_Fun @carlsmythe @Joshua1_5 @badzoot7 @doritmi @HVSresearch @HenningTveit @Morvern_C_ @BeckyJohnson222 @kidoctr @3SpiritSisters @jkellyca @TinFoilAwards @Reptoid_Hunter @steffieschiltz @what_if_007 @jhewitt123 @CplBart @robinbobula @MariaPinam27 @thereal_truther @wangstar20161 @Luma923 @PeaceChic66 @3worldmom @LilEarthling369 @Boxmenot @9_11_IsAnInside @DEPLORABLBOSTON @kenjaques @shoshannaclaire @science_guy5 @GingerTaylor No problem.

BTW I appreciate the conversation. That we could both share without over the top rhetoric.

@LaniKaiDuck @PileOfGoop @Vbalance03 @LilEarthling369 @dstluke @Plasticdoe @EmmaGPaley @BlueLionBlog @LynnleeMavakay @locobutterfly @USAFF35 @ThisMomHCN @markjarthur @PharmaNemesis @mmelgar09 @ChrisJohnsonMD @Q_State_Fun @carlsmythe @Joshua1_5 @badzoot7 @doritmi @HVSresearch @HenningTveit @Morvern_C_ @BeckyJohnson222 @kidoctr @3SpiritSisters @jkellyca @TinFoilAwards @Reptoid_Hunter @steffieschiltz @what_if_007 @jhewitt123 @CplBart @robinbobula @MariaPinam27 @thereal_truther @wangstar20161 @Luma923 @PeaceChic66 @3worldmom @Boxmenot @9_11_IsAnInside @DEPLORABLBOSTON @kenjaques @shoshannaclaire @science_guy5 @GingerTaylor @melanaries @Organic_Mumzy Did you flee the county?

@J2KChoiceCuts @ScientificAthe1 @TransformedMe @ThisMomHCN @BlueLionBlog @glenpyle @Awithonelison @Plasticdoe @EmmaGPaley @LaniKaiDuck @USAFF35 @markjarthur @Vbalance03 @PharmaNemesis @mmelgar09 @ChrisJohnsonMD @PileOfGoop @Q_State_Fun @carlsmythe @Joshua1_5 @badzoot7 @doritmi @HVSresearch @HenningTveit @Morvern_C_ @BeckyJohnson222 @kidoctr @3SpiritSisters @jkellyca @TinFoilAwards @Reptoid_Hunter @steffieschiltz @what_if_007 @jhewitt123 @CplBart @robinbobula @MariaPinam27 @thereal_truther @wangstar20161 @Luma923 @PeaceChic66 @3worldmom @LilEarthling369 @Boxmenot @9_11_IsAnInside @DEPLORABLBOSTON @kenjaques @shoshannaclaire @science_guy5 @GingerTaylor

@t3tragrammat0n @jdawson38995 @ChrisJohnsonMD @Joshua1_5 @TonyBaduy @mcfunny @Vbalance03 @weaponizedword1 @ProAntiVaxxer @GeoffSchuler @ghoppe @BlueLionBlog @itsmepanda1 @WendyOrent @DansMonkeyShack @seaglass34 @prof_brunt @Melissa62263619 @EbonyMcKenna @RightWingBlack2 @rugbyrhino16 @mrlepus @EmmaGPaley @viva__lala @vorodecky @donnakay1967 @Just4TheCause @MsTrixter @VeritasEver @skepticalraptor @MilanovNina @DescribeSWC @nocompulsoryvac @doritmi @xileenie @thereal_truther @dkegel @jkellyca @regina1775 @chrisvcsefalvay @IntactCervix @ktibus @janem1276 @mmelgar09 @MilenarioxX @xXMilenarioXx @DavidLMayhew @fiski70 @maunablissed @Apotheosis1974 They know they do not have all answers but feel a moral admission would implicate their role in human fallibility.

@J2KChoiceCuts @ScientificAthe1 @TransformedMe @ThisMomHCN @BlueLionBlog @glenpyle @Awithonelison @Plasticdoe @EmmaGPaley @LaniKaiDuck @USAFF35 @markjarthur @Vbalance03 @PharmaNemesis @mmelgar09 @ChrisJohnsonMD @PileOfGoop @Q_State_Fun @carlsmythe @Joshua1_5 @badzoot7 @doritmi @HVSresearch @HenningTveit @Morvern_C_ @BeckyJohnson222 @kidoctr @3SpiritSisters @jkellyca @TinFoilAwards @Reptoid_Hunter @steffieschiltz @what_if_007 @jhewitt123 @CplBart @robinbobula @MariaPinam27 @thereal_truther @wangstar20161 @Luma923 @PeaceChic66 @3worldmom @LilEarthling369 @Boxmenot @9_11_IsAnInside @DEPLORABLBOSTON @kenjaques @shoshannaclaire @science_guy5 @GingerTaylor That is not what I have seen and experienced. So benign.

@J2KChoiceCuts @Luma923 @ScientificAthe1 @TransformedMe @ThisMomHCN @BlueLionBlog @glenpyle @Awithonelison @Plasticdoe @EmmaGPaley @LaniKaiDuck @USAFF35 @markjarthur @Vbalance03 @PharmaNemesis @mmelgar09 @ChrisJohnsonMD @PileOfGoop @Q_State_Fun @carlsmythe @Joshua1_5 @badzoot7 @doritmi @HVSresearch @HenningTveit @Morvern_C_ @BeckyJohnson222 @kidoctr @3SpiritSisters @jkellyca @TinFoilAwards @Reptoid_Hunter @steffieschiltz @what_if_007 @jhewitt123 @CplBart @robinbobula @MariaPinam27 @thereal_truther @wangstar20161 @PeaceChic66 @3worldmom @LilEarthling369 @Boxmenot @9_11_IsAnInside @DEPLORABLBOSTON @kenjaques @shoshannaclaire @science_guy5 @SNCCLA So at same time that aluminum presented in vaccines starts rising Tylenol use increases too.

More metal intoduced into infants with diminished capacity to detoxify. What could wrong?

@MrWrong22697332 @thereal_truther @PileOfGoop @doritmi @nans_anne @Vbalance03 @LaniKaiDuck @Plasticdoe @dstluke @EmmaGPaley @BlueLionBlog @LynnleeMavakay @locobutterfly @USAFF35 @ThisMomHCN @markjarthur @PharmaNemesis @mmelgar09 @ChrisJohnsonMD @Q_State_Fun @carlsmythe @Joshua1_5 @badzoot7 @HVSresearch @HenningTveit @Morvern_C_ @BeckyJohnson222 @kidoctr @3SpiritSisters @jkellyca @TinFoilAwards @Reptoid_Hunter @steffieschiltz @what_if_007 @jhewitt123 @CplBart @robinbobula @MariaPinam27 @wangstar20161 @Luma923 @PeaceChic66 @3worldmom @LilEarthling369 @Boxmenot @9_11_IsAnInside @DEPLORABLBOSTON @kenjaques @shoshannaclaire @science_guy5 @GingerTaylor Ahhh to you and fake Truther are co-graduates. Nice!

@J2KChoiceCuts @ScientificAthe1 @TransformedMe @ThisMomHCN @BlueLionBlog @glenpyle @Awithonelison @Plasticdoe @EmmaGPaley @LaniKaiDuck @USAFF35 @markjarthur @Vbalance03 @PharmaNemesis @mmelgar09 @ChrisJohnsonMD @PileOfGoop @Q_State_Fun @carlsmythe @Joshua1_5 @badzoot7 @doritmi @HVSresearch @HenningTveit @Morvern_C_ @BeckyJohnson222 @kidoctr @3SpiritSisters @jkellyca @TinFoilAwards @Reptoid_Hunter @steffieschiltz @what_if_007 @jhewitt123 @CplBart @robinbobula @MariaPinam27 @thereal_truther @wangstar20161 @Luma923 @PeaceChic66 @3worldmom @LilEarthling369 @Boxmenot @9_11_IsAnInside @DEPLORABLBOSTON @kenjaques @shoshannaclaire @science_guy5 @GingerTaylor Well ASD is not benign as you make it sound. Many will need care for a lifetime.

@MrWrong22697332 @doctorsensation You looking in mirror while tweeting That's a Twiolation.

@J2KChoiceCuts @ScientificAthe1 @TransformedMe @ThisMomHCN @BlueLionBlog @glenpyle @Awithonelison @Plasticdoe @EmmaGPaley @LaniKaiDuck @USAFF35 @markjarthur @Vbalance03 @PharmaNemesis @mmelgar09 @ChrisJohnsonMD @PileOfGoop @Q_State_Fun @carlsmythe @Joshua1_5 @badzoot7 @doritmi @HVSresearch @HenningTveit @Morvern_C_ @BeckyJohnson222 @kidoctr @3SpiritSisters @jkellyca @TinFoilAwards @Reptoid_Hunter @steffieschiltz @what_if_007 @jhewitt123 @CplBart @robinbobula @MariaPinam27 @thereal_truther @wangstar20161 @Luma923 @PeaceChic66 @3worldmom @LilEarthling369 @Boxmenot @9_11_IsAnInside @DEPLORABLBOSTON @kenjaques @shoshannaclaire @science_guy5 @GingerTaylor Aluminum in breast milk
0.009 mg/L. Only 0.03% absorbed by intestines. Assume 1litre per day.

=9 micrograms*180*0.0003=.486 micrograms absorbed.

@J2KChoiceCuts @ScientificAthe1 @TransformedMe @ThisMomHCN @BlueLionBlog @glenpyle @Awithonelison @Plasticdoe @EmmaGPaley @LaniKaiDuck @USAFF35 @markjarthur @Vbalance03 @PharmaNemesis @mmelgar09 @ChrisJohnsonMD @PileOfGoop @Q_State_Fun @carlsmythe @Joshua1_5 @badzoot7 @doritmi @HVSresearch @HenningTveit @Morvern_C_ @BeckyJohnson222 @kidoctr @3SpiritSisters @jkellyca @TinFoilAwards @Reptoid_Hunter @steffieschiltz @what_if_007 @jhewitt123 @CplBart @robinbobula @MariaPinam27 @thereal_truther @wangstar20161 @Luma923 @PeaceChic66 @3worldmom @LilEarthling369 @Boxmenot @9_11_IsAnInside @DEPLORABLBOSTON @kenjaques @shoshannaclaire @science_guy5 @GingerTaylor Just expect the autism rate to continue upward. There's a price to be paid for this vaccination experiment.

@J2KChoiceCuts @ScientificAthe1 @TransformedMe @ThisMomHCN @BlueLionBlog @glenpyle @Awithonelison @Plasticdoe @EmmaGPaley @LaniKaiDuck @USAFF35 @markjarthur @Vbalance03 @PharmaNemesis @mmelgar09 @ChrisJohnsonMD @PileOfGoop @Q_State_Fun @carlsmythe @Joshua1_5 @badzoot7 @doritmi @HVSresearch @HenningTveit @Morvern_C_ @BeckyJohnson222 @kidoctr @3SpiritSisters @jkellyca @TinFoilAwards @Reptoid_Hunter @steffieschiltz @what_if_007 @jhewitt123 @CplBart @robinbobula @MariaPinam27 @thereal_truther @wangstar20161 @Luma923 @PeaceChic66 @3worldmom @LilEarthling369 @Boxmenot @9_11_IsAnInside @DEPLORABLBOSTON @kenjaques @shoshannaclaire @science_guy5 @GingerTaylor How much daily oral consumption did you assume?

@adamcbest @LaniKaiDuck Thanks for showing the faces of the Democrats who have no respect for the Constitution.

and yes certainly you would expect there to be much more minorities in them among that group don't respect the Constitution.

@MrWrong22697332 @doritmi @nans_anne @Vbalance03 @LaniKaiDuck @PileOfGoop @Plasticdoe @dstluke @EmmaGPaley @BlueLionBlog @LynnleeMavakay @locobutterfly @USAFF35 @ThisMomHCN @markjarthur @PharmaNemesis @mmelgar09 @ChrisJohnsonMD @Q_State_Fun @carlsmythe @Joshua1_5 @badzoot7 @HVSresearch @HenningTveit @Morvern_C_ @BeckyJohnson222 @kidoctr @3SpiritSisters @jkellyca @TinFoilAwards @Reptoid_Hunter @steffieschiltz @what_if_007 @jhewitt123 @CplBart @robinbobula @MariaPinam27 @thereal_truther @wangstar20161 @Luma923 @PeaceChic66 @3worldmom @LilEarthling369 @Boxmenot @9_11_IsAnInside @DEPLORABLBOSTON @kenjaques @shoshannaclaire @science_guy5 @GingerTaylor I saw you coming and unenrolled

@Vbalance03 @weaponizedword1 @ChrisJohnsonMD @toppediatrician @ProAntiVaxxer @TonyBaduy @GeoffSchuler @ghoppe @BlueLionBlog @Joshua1_5 @itsmepanda1 @WendyOrent @DansMonkeyShack @seaglass34 @prof_brunt @Melissa62263619 @EbonyMcKenna @RightWingBlack2 @rugbyrhino16 @mrlepus @EmmaGPaley @viva__lala @mcfunny @vorodecky @donnakay1967 @Just4TheCause @MsTrixter @VeritasEver @skepticalraptor @MilanovNina @DescribeSWC @nocompulsoryvac @doritmi @xileenie @thereal_truther @dkegel @jkellyca @regina1775 @chrisvcsefalvay @IntactCervix @ktibus @janem1276 @mmelgar09 @MilenarioxX @xXMilenarioXx @DavidLMayhew @t3tragrammat0n @fiski70 @maunablissed @Apotheosis1974 Oh my you got me thinking a very morbid thought.

@t3tragrammat0n @jdawson38995 @Joshua1_5 @TonyBaduy @mcfunny @ChrisJohnsonMD @Vbalance03 @weaponizedword1 @ProAntiVaxxer @GeoffSchuler @ghoppe @BlueLionBlog @itsmepanda1 @WendyOrent @DansMonkeyShack @seaglass34 @prof_brunt @Melissa62263619 @EbonyMcKenna @RightWingBlack2 @rugbyrhino16 @mrlepus @EmmaGPaley @viva__lala @vorodecky @donnakay1967 @Just4TheCause @MsTrixter @VeritasEver @skepticalraptor @MilanovNina @DescribeSWC @nocompulsoryvac @doritmi @xileenie @thereal_truther @dkegel @jkellyca @regina1775 @chrisvcsefalvay @IntactCervix @ktibus @janem1276 @mmelgar09 @MilenarioxX @xXMilenarioXx @DavidLMayhew @fiski70 @maunablissed @Apotheosis1974 Wouldn't it be a huge surprise for #allvaxxer #shamers to line up, proclaim they do not have all the answers to the vax schedule + multiple formulations and that they are willing to work through vaccine safety to get them! #refreshing

@J2KChoiceCuts @ScientificAthe1 @TransformedMe @ThisMomHCN @BlueLionBlog @glenpyle @Awithonelison @Plasticdoe @EmmaGPaley @LaniKaiDuck @USAFF35 @markjarthur @Vbalance03 @PharmaNemesis @mmelgar09 @ChrisJohnsonMD @PileOfGoop @Q_State_Fun @carlsmythe @Joshua1_5 @badzoot7 @doritmi @HVSresearch @HenningTveit @Morvern_C_ @BeckyJohnson222 @kidoctr @3SpiritSisters @jkellyca @TinFoilAwards @Reptoid_Hunter @steffieschiltz @what_if_007 @jhewitt123 @CplBart @robinbobula @MariaPinam27 @thereal_truther @wangstar20161 @Luma923 @PeaceChic66 @3worldmom @LilEarthling369 @Boxmenot @9_11_IsAnInside @DEPLORABLBOSTON @kenjaques @shoshannaclaire @science_guy5 @GingerTaylor There was a study done last year published in December 2017 that did establish abnormally high levels of aluminum in the brain of autistic people, post-mortem brain testing.

@J2KChoiceCuts @ScientificAthe1 @TransformedMe @ThisMomHCN @BlueLionBlog @glenpyle @Awithonelison @Plasticdoe @EmmaGPaley @LaniKaiDuck @USAFF35 @markjarthur @Vbalance03 @PharmaNemesis @mmelgar09 @ChrisJohnsonMD @PileOfGoop @Q_State_Fun @carlsmythe @Joshua1_5 @badzoot7 @doritmi @HVSresearch @HenningTveit @Morvern_C_ @BeckyJohnson222 @kidoctr @3SpiritSisters @jkellyca @TinFoilAwards @Reptoid_Hunter @steffieschiltz @what_if_007 @jhewitt123 @CplBart @robinbobula @MariaPinam27 @thereal_truther @wangstar20161 @Luma923 @PeaceChic66 @3worldmom @LilEarthling369 @Boxmenot @9_11_IsAnInside @DEPLORABLBOSTON @kenjaques @shoshannaclaire @science_guy5 @GingerTaylor But it does accumulate in the brain of some infants who for whatever reasons have it arrive in the brain and are unable to remove it naturally.

And there are "lesser" problems, including autoimmune disorders that are on the rise.

In fact, the county newspaper ran an article on how to do all of these tasks legally to cut down the enormous costs on everything involved, that the family would be able to do themselves.

@J2KChoiceCuts @ScientificAthe1 @TransformedMe @ThisMomHCN @BlueLionBlog @glenpyle @Awithonelison @Plasticdoe @EmmaGPaley @LaniKaiDuck @USAFF35 @markjarthur @Vbalance03 @PharmaNemesis @mmelgar09 @ChrisJohnsonMD @PileOfGoop @Q_State_Fun @carlsmythe @Joshua1_5 @badzoot7 @doritmi @HVSresearch @HenningTveit @Morvern_C_ @BeckyJohnson222 @kidoctr @3SpiritSisters @jkellyca @TinFoilAwards @Reptoid_Hunter @steffieschiltz @what_if_007 @jhewitt123 @CplBart @robinbobula @MariaPinam27 @thereal_truther @wangstar20161 @Luma923 @PeaceChic66 @3worldmom @LilEarthling369 @Boxmenot @9_11_IsAnInside @DEPLORABLBOSTON @kenjaques @shoshannaclaire @science_guy5 @GingerTaylor Yeah it could be a trigger. Once aluminum is in the brain it persists for a long time. Certain viral infections are known to cause autism too.

If it could get out quickly from the brain maybe things would resolve quickly with less damage done.

@michaelschweitz @DawnNeufeld Dawn explain to me how Beto lost????i don’t understand Texas?

@J2KChoiceCuts @ScientificAthe1 @TransformedMe @ThisMomHCN @BlueLionBlog @glenpyle @Awithonelison @Plasticdoe @EmmaGPaley @LaniKaiDuck @USAFF35 @markjarthur @Vbalance03 @PharmaNemesis @mmelgar09 @ChrisJohnsonMD @PileOfGoop @Q_State_Fun @carlsmythe @Joshua1_5 @badzoot7 @doritmi @HVSresearch @HenningTveit @Morvern_C_ @BeckyJohnson222 @kidoctr @3SpiritSisters @jkellyca @TinFoilAwards @Reptoid_Hunter @steffieschiltz @what_if_007 @jhewitt123 @CplBart @robinbobula @MariaPinam27 @thereal_truther @wangstar20161 @Luma923 @PeaceChic66 @3worldmom @LilEarthling369 @Boxmenot @9_11_IsAnInside @DEPLORABLBOSTON @kenjaques @shoshannaclaire @science_guy5 @GingerTaylor I can provide references for all the things that I've been saying. It's just a little tedious, so I have not yet. But if you are interested I will provide the references.

Neuroinflammation is a hallmark of ASD. Microglial (brains innate immune cells) activation genes turned on.

@bruceleland SHEDDING & SPREADING #2

@bruceleland SHEDDING & SPREADING #1

@J2KChoiceCuts @ScientificAthe1 @TransformedMe @ThisMomHCN @BlueLionBlog @glenpyle @Awithonelison @Plasticdoe @EmmaGPaley @LaniKaiDuck @USAFF35 @markjarthur @Vbalance03 @PharmaNemesis @mmelgar09 @ChrisJohnsonMD @PileOfGoop @Q_State_Fun @carlsmythe @Joshua1_5 @badzoot7 @doritmi @HVSresearch @HenningTveit @Morvern_C_ @BeckyJohnson222 @kidoctr @3SpiritSisters @jkellyca @TinFoilAwards @Reptoid_Hunter @steffieschiltz @what_if_007 @jhewitt123 @CplBart @robinbobula @MariaPinam27 @thereal_truther @wangstar20161 @Luma923 @PeaceChic66 @3worldmom @LilEarthling369 @Boxmenot @9_11_IsAnInside @DEPLORABLBOSTON @kenjaques @shoshannaclaire @science_guy5 @GingerTaylor That could be part of the answer. There's non-unanimous acceptance of the depot effect .

In the muscle innate immune system cells carry the antigen to a draining lymph node for presentation to B cells and T cells, the adaptive immune system.

@bruceleland That's a good idea. It would protect them from the diseases carried by the recently vaxxed, and the outbreaks caused by shedding & spreading. But it would be much safer if the recently vaxxed were quarantined for at least a month to protect everyone else. VACCINES DO NOT PROTECT.

@J2KChoiceCuts @ScientificAthe1 @TransformedMe @ThisMomHCN @BlueLionBlog @glenpyle @Awithonelison @Plasticdoe @EmmaGPaley @LaniKaiDuck @USAFF35 @markjarthur @Vbalance03 @PharmaNemesis @mmelgar09 @ChrisJohnsonMD @PileOfGoop @Q_State_Fun @carlsmythe @Joshua1_5 @badzoot7 @doritmi @HVSresearch @HenningTveit @Morvern_C_ @BeckyJohnson222 @kidoctr @3SpiritSisters @jkellyca @TinFoilAwards @Reptoid_Hunter @steffieschiltz @what_if_007 @jhewitt123 @CplBart @robinbobula @MariaPinam27 @thereal_truther @wangstar20161 @Luma923 @PeaceChic66 @3worldmom @LilEarthling369 @Boxmenot @9_11_IsAnInside @DEPLORABLBOSTON @kenjaques @shoshannaclaire @science_guy5 @GingerTaylor I'm not saying that the macrophages and dendritic cells rush to the brain for no reason.

But if there is neuro-infection or neuro-inflammation, chemoattractants released from the infection site will cause chemotaxis of monocytes, macrophages, and dendritic cells. Trojan horse

@J2KChoiceCuts @ScientificAthe1 @TransformedMe @ThisMomHCN @BlueLionBlog @glenpyle @Awithonelison @Plasticdoe @EmmaGPaley @LaniKaiDuck @USAFF35 @markjarthur @Vbalance03 @PharmaNemesis @mmelgar09 @ChrisJohnsonMD @PileOfGoop @Q_State_Fun @carlsmythe @Joshua1_5 @badzoot7 @doritmi @HVSresearch @HenningTveit @Morvern_C_ @BeckyJohnson222 @kidoctr @3SpiritSisters @jkellyca @TinFoilAwards @Reptoid_Hunter @steffieschiltz @what_if_007 @jhewitt123 @CplBart @robinbobula @MariaPinam27 @thereal_truther @wangstar20161 @Luma923 @PeaceChic66 @3worldmom @LilEarthling369 @Boxmenot @9_11_IsAnInside @DEPLORABLBOSTON @kenjaques @shoshannaclaire @science_guy5 @GingerTaylor Why do you suppose that vaccines are generally administered intramuscularly, and never intravenously?

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