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Vaccine Risk Aware vs Vaccine Risk Deniers

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@doritmi @RUKidddinMe @Golfergirl2018 @amanda_pompili @KittyAmnezia @EmmaGPaley @md444444444 @1mayo10 @Vbalance03 @VeritasEver @mcfunny @NGF_JBishop @what_if_007 @StopVaxxedLies @SkepticalMutant @kmerian @LightsOut_Now @mc40_e @keithlaw @ailsa_graham @RogueTrader84 @ianfmusgrave @weaponizedword1 @JulieAMcLean @MsTrixter @carlsmythe @LilElectronBlue @djt10 @LilEarthling369 @TYLERG927 @SpectrumomYeah @DanaElizabeth69 @SuzieQT11 @erikwilson1975 @Belle_Vivant @notcolloquial @Luma923 @seaglass34 @kidoctr @GeoffSchuler @Just4TheCause @adityabakre @bobsnee @severykm @Plasticdoe @steffieschiltz @and_kell @Hi_IQ_Trump @mmelgar09 @Ordnance_Corner Despicable You!

Coming to a thread near you. … "7 Reasons Why Antibodies Can’t Possibly Provide Immunity"

I doubt the hysterical provaxxers will actually read these sites, but there is always hope that someone with a more rational thought process will look a little deeper.

Meningitis Vaccine is Unsafe for Chilren Baby dies from "meningitis" 2 days after vaccinations. Was it vaccine-induced? – Health Freedom Idaho Meningitis - Wisconsin For Vaccine Choice This child received four month vaccinations two days prior to his death.

There is always the potential of "reversion to virulence", mutation, & recombination events --vaccine virus shedding & spreading. College age kids being vaxxed, and that's the most common community where outbreaks occur.

Family told, antibiotics fails in many cases. But the death rate is only 10%. The child recovered without effects, except the antibiotics caused a life-threatening condition, or at least the drugs used for the condition were life-threatening.

The recognizable symptoms come on rapidly. I knew a case where the child went to daycare healthy, came home, broke out in what looked like chickenpox ...until one of the "pox" spread like a tiny hemorrhage, was rushed to the hospital, & treated with massive doses of antibiotics.

Meningitis is listed as an "adverse reaction" on most vaccine package inserts. Vax damages the immune system, causes over-stimulation/brain inflammation, & poisons the vaccinee all at the same time. VACCINATION CAN CAUSE MENINGITIS.

Neisseria meningitidis is found frequently in the respiratory tract of healthy individuals like many other such organisms. That means something has to go wrong with the immune system &/or the "terrain" it feeds on becomes toxic, causing it to become pathogenic & to colonize.

@AL_vonB @rowley_dominic The boys will be getting it next September in Ireland (sorry, just saw you were asking about Ireland).

@ASGExe @JillEscher @Jamcc1 @Noonesp24486604 @tclementsuk @hittite_jack @autismgadfly @NCSAutismOrg Well said Thomas.

@StabellBenn @doritmi @Plasticdoe @drfixus @Boxmenot @rugbyrhino16 @mimetic_ @GrumFromNorwich @badzoot7 @Just4TheCause @mmelgar09 @TioChango_ @jpsportsminer @_CWN @DansMonkeyShack @mcfunny @GeoffSchuler @VeritasEver @WendyOrent @stephaniekays @AaronKai5 @ChrisJohnsonMD @BlueLionBlog @TakeThatCDC @seaglass34 @avenueminga @RebeccaLardner @Joshua1_5 @DocMElliott @PileOfGoop @ghoppe @itsmepanda1 @t3tragrammat0n @alc_anthro @weaponizedword1 @viva__lala @TPRMaynard7 @EmmaGPaley @asiamoonbloom @mrlepus @urbanx_f @kidoctr @Melissa62263619 @cantab_biker @JHowardBrainMD @dkegel @onelessdeceived @kenjaques @TonyBaduy @prof_brunt Don’t worry you mean well. For me this is an exercise about educating on prevention & promoting safe policies based on science to deal with global infectious disease dangers. Some here are more concerned here about the act of vaccination & much less on immunity & homeostasis.

@drfixus @rugbyrhino16 @mimetic_ @GrumFromNorwich @badzoot7 @Just4TheCause @mmelgar09 @TioChango_ @jpsportsminer @_CWN @DansMonkeyShack @mcfunny @GeoffSchuler @VeritasEver @doritmi @WendyOrent @stephaniekays @Plasticdoe @AaronKai5 @ChrisJohnsonMD @BlueLionBlog @TakeThatCDC @seaglass34 @Boxmenot @avenueminga @RebeccaLardner @Joshua1_5 @DocMElliott @PileOfGoop @ghoppe @itsmepanda1 @t3tragrammat0n @alc_anthro @weaponizedword1 @viva__lala @TPRMaynard7 @EmmaGPaley @asiamoonbloom @mrlepus @urbanx_f @kidoctr @Melissa62263619 @cantab_biker @JHowardBrainMD @dkegel @onelessdeceived @kenjaques @TonyBaduy @prof_brunt nice and I agreed with OPV use. Stay with fact that epidemiology changes and shifting and mutant strains evolve. Old policy requires dynamic epidemiology modeling that accounts for pathogen changes or else we can blame ourselves facilitating known infectious dz & novel outbreaks.

@drfixus @TakeThatCDC @StabellBenn @mcfunny @DansMonkeyShack @doritmi @Plasticdoe @Boxmenot @rugbyrhino16 @mimetic_ @GrumFromNorwich @badzoot7 @Just4TheCause @mmelgar09 @TioChango_ @jpsportsminer @_CWN @GeoffSchuler @VeritasEver @WendyOrent @stephaniekays @AaronKai5 @ChrisJohnsonMD @BlueLionBlog @seaglass34 @avenueminga @RebeccaLardner @Joshua1_5 @DocMElliott @PileOfGoop @ghoppe @itsmepanda1 @t3tragrammat0n @alc_anthro @weaponizedword1 @viva__lala @TPRMaynard7 @EmmaGPaley @asiamoonbloom @mrlepus @urbanx_f @kidoctr @Melissa62263619 @cantab_biker @JHowardBrainMD @dkegel @onelessdeceived @kenjaques @TonyBaduy hell yes! absolutely hornets nest. we make a bid deal in America about these things. why do we need it and hope that our kids don't lose their intestine or life. @intususception. 6 kids a year die from it, hmm other confounders. do you blame the Brits for not giving VZV

@viva__lala @Gardeniagal4 @mcfunny @itsmepanda1 @TioChango_ @BlueLionBlog @kevinault @PaulLantos @jkellyca @Joshua1_5 @mloxton @Jon_Bowen @badzoot7 @Head_Section @Cattlechildren @GretchenScience @DocMElliott @doritmi @LynnleeMavakay @n_wgma @PileOfGoop @SMMHCM @EmmaGPaley @joejoe80495073 @rugbyrhino16 @Just4TheCause @ghoppe @chrisvcsefalvay @RightWingBlack2 @AngryAmygdala @thereal_truther @MilanovNina @dkegel @andre__levy @janem1276 @quietlynowshhh @KitemanArgues @Playerking95 @lifebiomedguru @skepticalraptor @Melissa232220 @mmelgar09 @werewecrooked @kidsdoc1962 @and_kell @kenjaques @Whats_The_Harm @steffieschiltz @Joshmazer2018 plant-based nutrition does actually help fight off pathogen #microbiome lots of science on it. check it out sometime. the other comment i leave to you to fight with @Gardeniagal4 lol

@Golfergirl2018 @RogueTrader84 @TheFrankmanMN @MsTrixter @EugeneBu @KrochetxKorner @SkepticalMutant @ianfmusgrave @Siubhan_H @amanda_pompili @StopVaxxedLies @VeritasEver @LightsOut_Now @mc40_e @Plasticdoe @JulieAMcLean @canuckinarabia @lindsaymohler @Nat_Just_Nat @kmerian @doritmi @djt10 @KittyAmnezia @md444444444 @1mayo10 @Vbalance03 @mcfunny @NGF_JBishop @what_if_007 @keithlaw @ailsa_graham @weaponizedword1 @carlsmythe @LilElectronBlue @LilEarthling369 @TYLERG927 @SpectrumomYeah @DanaElizabeth69 @SuzieQT11 @erikwilson1975 @Belle_Vivant @notcolloquial @Luma923 @seaglass34 @kidoctr @RUKidddinMe @GeoffSchuler @Just4TheCause @adityabakre @bobsnee Camel's nose

@LaughlandMorgan @BlueLionBlog @doritmi That would be where the legal mind would go.

I think the real push will be to put a chill on free speech.

@Golfergirl2018 @RogueTrader84 @TheFrankmanMN @MsTrixter @EugeneBu @KrochetxKorner @SkepticalMutant @ianfmusgrave @Siubhan_H @amanda_pompili @StopVaxxedLies @VeritasEver @LightsOut_Now @mc40_e @Plasticdoe @JulieAMcLean @canuckinarabia @lindsaymohler @Nat_Just_Nat @kmerian @doritmi @djt10 @KittyAmnezia @md444444444 @1mayo10 @Vbalance03 @mcfunny @NGF_JBishop @what_if_007 @keithlaw @ailsa_graham @weaponizedword1 @carlsmythe @LilElectronBlue @LilEarthling369 @TYLERG927 @SpectrumomYeah @DanaElizabeth69 @SuzieQT11 @erikwilson1975 @Belle_Vivant @notcolloquial @Luma923 @seaglass34 @kidoctr @RUKidddinMe @GeoffSchuler @Just4TheCause @adityabakre @bobsnee Think Pee Wee Herman.

@StabellBenn @Plasticdoe @doritmi @drfixus @Boxmenot @rugbyrhino16 @mimetic_ @GrumFromNorwich @badzoot7 @Just4TheCause @mmelgar09 @TioChango_ @jpsportsminer @_CWN @DansMonkeyShack @mcfunny @GeoffSchuler @VeritasEver @WendyOrent @stephaniekays @AaronKai5 @ChrisJohnsonMD @BlueLionBlog @TakeThatCDC @seaglass34 @avenueminga @RebeccaLardner @Joshua1_5 @DocMElliott @PileOfGoop @ghoppe @itsmepanda1 @t3tragrammat0n @alc_anthro @weaponizedword1 @viva__lala @TPRMaynard7 @EmmaGPaley @asiamoonbloom @mrlepus @urbanx_f @kidoctr @Melissa62263619 @cantab_biker @JHowardBrainMD @dkegel @onelessdeceived @kenjaques @TonyBaduy @prof_brunt Humoral immunity is insufficient for complete protecion & inducing cellular immunity is critical. Inducing primarily a non-specific immune response by adding adjuvants hoping to gain cellular immunity is a fine balance b/w an overzealous immune response and safe immuneprotection.

@StabellBenn @DansMonkeyShack @doritmi @Plasticdoe @backedbygold @drfixus @Boxmenot @rugbyrhino16 @mimetic_ @GrumFromNorwich @badzoot7 @Just4TheCause @mmelgar09 @TioChango_ @jpsportsminer @_CWN @mcfunny @GeoffSchuler @VeritasEver @WendyOrent @stephaniekays @AaronKai5 @ChrisJohnsonMD @BlueLionBlog @TakeThatCDC @seaglass34 @avenueminga @RebeccaLardner @Joshua1_5 @DocMElliott @PileOfGoop @ghoppe @itsmepanda1 @t3tragrammat0n @alc_anthro @weaponizedword1 @viva__lala @TPRMaynard7 @EmmaGPaley @asiamoonbloom @mrlepus @urbanx_f @kidoctr @Melissa62263619 @cantab_biker @JHowardBrainMD @dkegel @onelessdeceived @kenjaques @TonyBaduy In clinical protocols I have seen sponsors really perform expert safety surveillance while others don't value it as much. We can never afford to leave safety up to the sponsors. We must regulate our industry and mandate minimal requirements. Failure to do so stops the program.

@Gardeniagal4 @mcfunny @itsmepanda1 @TioChango_ @BlueLionBlog @kevinault @PaulLantos @jkellyca @Joshua1_5 @mloxton @Jon_Bowen @badzoot7 @Head_Section @Cattlechildren @GretchenScience @DocMElliott @doritmi @LynnleeMavakay @n_wgma @PileOfGoop @SMMHCM @EmmaGPaley @joejoe80495073 @rugbyrhino16 @Just4TheCause @ghoppe @chrisvcsefalvay @RightWingBlack2 @AngryAmygdala @thereal_truther @MilanovNina @viva__lala @dkegel @andre__levy @janem1276 @quietlynowshhh @KitemanArgues @Playerking95 @lifebiomedguru @skepticalraptor @Melissa232220 @mmelgar09 @werewecrooked @kidsdoc1962 @and_kell @kenjaques @Whats_The_Harm @steffieschiltz @Joshmazer2018 right on!

@StabellBenn @Plasticdoe @doritmi @drfixus @Boxmenot @rugbyrhino16 @mimetic_ @GrumFromNorwich @badzoot7 @Just4TheCause @mmelgar09 @TioChango_ @jpsportsminer @_CWN @DansMonkeyShack @mcfunny @GeoffSchuler @VeritasEver @WendyOrent @stephaniekays @AaronKai5 @ChrisJohnsonMD @BlueLionBlog @TakeThatCDC @seaglass34 @avenueminga @RebeccaLardner @Joshua1_5 @DocMElliott @PileOfGoop @ghoppe @itsmepanda1 @t3tragrammat0n @alc_anthro @weaponizedword1 @viva__lala @TPRMaynard7 @EmmaGPaley @asiamoonbloom @mrlepus @urbanx_f @kidoctr @Melissa62263619 @cantab_biker @JHowardBrainMD @dkegel @onelessdeceived @kenjaques @TonyBaduy @prof_brunt In terms of teaching, yes.

@YesIHearWhos @DunphyGw Not that easy. We have been conditioned to trust Drs and vaccines so much it can take a while to see the wood for the trees

@Catharine_L @debnantz @UMassMedical @maggiemfox @PeterHotez @thehill Because they would have to admit vaccines are not a one size fits all and admit they cause issues. So they carry on... ignoring medical science

@2ndfor1st @donnabrazile She’d need as she boarded the bus and got Trump’s letter? I know who I’m going to ask to book my next flights before I know I’m going. That’s spooky;).

@2ndfor1st @donnabrazile It’s hilarious and self-evident bullshit. She’s implying that somehow Trump exposed their plans to fly commercial when he suggested it in his letter informing her that she was grounded. How does that work? Did she travel back in time to book tickets for flights she didn’t know

@NIH_CommonFund @NIMHgov @genome_gov @theNCI @NIDAnews This is useless without studying co-occurring enviro exposures.

@crim_marcus @Primary_Immune @rburdine1 @precisionmedcin Rare diseases tend to b genetic disorders- much easier to define & treat than the more common neurodegenerative disorders (MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s..). Lots of big promises made decades ago & no success.

@crim_marcus @Primary_Immune @rburdine1 @precisionmedcin Need to study which enviro toxins r triggering neuroinflammation

@ja54kki @tclementsuk @AgonyAutie My son seems to do it when he is happy. So I don't mind it at all. Way better than angry stimming that does happen occasionally. We can tell the difference as we know him the best. He wouldn't "get" her stim dance.

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