Vaccine Debate

Vaccine Risk Aware vs Vaccine Risk Deniers

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@gunther1970h2 Really? Where? I would fear more for those families being made to get their children caught up on vaccinme schedule. I don't think people are diseased because they come from outside US

@CoolWhiteKid813 @Cernovich He's FOS. If you go to the CDC, almost every immunocompromised person can get a vaccine, for live ones, immunoglobulin is administered. There are few exceptions, so the we need to protect the "poor immune compromised " schtick is a herring. They want everyone injected.

@MrMeise @whyser1 @CoolWhiteKid813 @Cernovich Boosters, proof vaccines don't work. US Govt is workin on universal vaccinations. It'll be an endless cycle of injections w/no liabilty by pharma, while we assume all risk/damage w/o our consent. Mandates are coercive, leading to decision making under duress, which is a crime.

I'm rewatching Madmen. I love this show. I need to see if there is a soundtrack. The music takes me back to my childhood. My parents had a console stereo! The show spanned the mid to late 50's to the mid 70's. I'm in the final season & hate to see it end again.

@PatrickEnrigh20 @Plasticdoe @chrisvcsefalvay @joejoe80495073 @janem1276 @Just4TheCause @1002Loola @3worldmom @itsmepanda1 @Wandaspangler2 @EmmaGPaley @jkellyca @MilanovNina @Awithonelison @erikwilson1975 @GeoffSchuler @GrumFromNorwich @GretchenScience @BigBaldDr @PileOfGoop @FreeBeeCee @stayyoungaft50 @VeritasEver @justice69hall @AngryAmygdala @carlsmythe @mj1117d @1mayo10 @RustyPee4 @EmOtraNo @dkegel @NoahSmittysbro @TheFrankmanMN @ChrisJohnsonMD @knakatani @_CWN @kenjaques @svagdis @DocMeehan @and_kell @mmelgar09 @eldrave20 @Siubhan_H @LaLaRueFrench75 @ithinkaboutbeer @doritmi @RBuzzy1111 @RachLittlewood @FarmgalMom @Telford_Russian Federal Agencies are corporately captured & undeserving of public's trust. I do NOT trust govt to allow me to be drugged by pharma. #IDoNotConsent til we're able to 🛑 the revolving door between Industry & Govt. Gerberding signed off on this garbage, then went to CDC, then Merck.

@Rectitude20 Personally, I think that's all there is except I would define "profit" more broadly than just money, and include ego, standing, reputation, institutional power and political control.

@markjarthur @jim_herd @hellowolkenfeld @sburke85 @Cernovich It's all the aluminum and mercury (still used in the processing of several single dose vaccines, just not *added at the end of the process additionally, like they used to. 🎉🎊 Surprise! It's still in there!🎊🎉) in his brain that's makin him such an insufferable jag. 🤷‍♀️

@markjarthur @jim_herd @hellowolkenfeld @sburke85 @Cernovich My apologies to the rest of the thread for setting off this lunatic.

Are these the people you want making medical choices for your health?


And BTW, his CDC linked supported what I said about how benign polio was for the majority of ppl. 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Some ppl never learn.

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