Vaccine Debate

Vaccine Risk Aware vs Vaccine Risk Deniers

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@danielkotzin Thank you for sharing this. I have previously suffered severe adverse reactions to 💉s required for work. I would prefer to die than ever live through the hell I suffered again. I am now viscously attacked for my medical decisions. California will be shunning me from society.

@PSupongo @USlawreview @jeanetteimpia I have previously had severe adverse reactions to 💉s required for work. Personally, I would rather die than live through that hell ever again!

@DrTessaT @DrKellyVictory 1)We need protocols to treat the ADE. 2)Why aren’t🐭 injured in💉studies also treated for💉injuries instead of sacrificed? When med-sci creates🤒disease they abandon🐇& human casualties & move on to the next💉, creating million$ of💉’d a$ymptomatic mega $preader$ in the proce$$!

I was just informed that a family friend was diagnosed with Parkinson’s🤔
The answer to the question you are going to ask is yes.

@UNICEF Please do share the raw data that demonstrates that it is safe and effective for all of the people with medical conditions who were excluded from the clinical trials.

Is the @CDCgov forcing vaccinated people back into masks based on Indian modeling and the AstraZeneca vaccine, not US data?

👇👇 article here 👇👇

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