Vaccine Debate

Vaccine Risk Aware vs Vaccine Risk Deniers

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@TioChango_ @immunotoxPhD @JetPak6 @doritmi @VeritasEver @awestentatious @jp_miner @DrLovlie @lawnatural @JtSebelius @TakeThatCDC @JamieConner8 @mimetic_ @Boxmenot @ChrisJohnsonMD @Believe_Mothers @mcfunny @t3tragrammat0n @BlueLionBlog @BeckyJohnson222 @seaglass34 @NotOfIt7k @ITDarkTiaLight @Ormus9Ormus @TonyBaduy @LifeDorr @WendyOrent @downeyballs @DocMElliott @KevinMcRedmond @toppediatrician @ghoppe @thereal_truther @kidoctr @BennettKayti @MAhealthforkids @rugbyrhino16 @StopVaxxedLies @mloxton @Monstercoyliar @babyname_maven @Fiddlestix7 @EmmaGPaley @Stephaniethe2nd @Takethatdoctors @P2Jeff @JP1958S @SueQuez @laurast30381821 Only years ago when I was in hospital. GPs don’t do it.

@TioChango_ @immunotoxPhD @JetPak6 @doritmi @VeritasEver @awestentatious @jp_miner @DrLovlie @lawnatural @JtSebelius @TakeThatCDC @JamieConner8 @mimetic_ @Boxmenot @ChrisJohnsonMD @Believe_Mothers @mcfunny @t3tragrammat0n @BlueLionBlog @BeckyJohnson222 @seaglass34 @NotOfIt7k @ITDarkTiaLight @Ormus9Ormus @TonyBaduy @LifeDorr @WendyOrent @downeyballs @DocMElliott @KevinMcRedmond @toppediatrician @ghoppe @thereal_truther @kidoctr @BennettKayti @MAhealthforkids @rugbyrhino16 @StopVaxxedLies @mloxton @Monstercoyliar @babyname_maven @Fiddlestix7 @EmmaGPaley @Stephaniethe2nd @Takethatdoctors @P2Jeff @JP1958S @SueQuez @laurast30381821 I’ve never had my oxygen saturation measured.

@TioChango_ @immunotoxPhD @JetPak6 @doritmi @VeritasEver @awestentatious @jp_miner @DrLovlie @lawnatural @JtSebelius @TakeThatCDC @JamieConner8 @mimetic_ @Boxmenot @ChrisJohnsonMD @Believe_Mothers @mcfunny @t3tragrammat0n @BlueLionBlog @BeckyJohnson222 @seaglass34 @NotOfIt7k @ITDarkTiaLight @Ormus9Ormus @TonyBaduy @LifeDorr @WendyOrent @downeyballs @DocMElliott @KevinMcRedmond @toppediatrician @ghoppe @thereal_truther @kidoctr @BennettKayti @MAhealthforkids @rugbyrhino16 @StopVaxxedLies @mloxton @Monstercoyliar @babyname_maven @Fiddlestix7 @EmmaGPaley @Stephaniethe2nd @Takethatdoctors @P2Jeff @JP1958S @SueQuez @laurast30381821 I don’t think I said that at all.

@KrochetxKorner @CoercedTaxSlave @kschang777 @RogueTrader84 @GansenJared @ladybugobgyn @TYLERG927 @KarenMccartny @_LaurieHilton_ @bruce_barrett @jim_herd @Siubhan_H @kmerian @CheroenG @LeftistThinker @StopVaxxedLies @ianfmusgrave @LaughlandMorgan @mouselol68 @anarchosage @VeritasEver @t3tragrammat0n @EmmaGPaley @MadronaLlewell2 @mcfunny @Plasticdoe @MsTrixter @badzoot7 @bobsnee @JP1958S @JeffBro61583859 @BeckyJohnson222 @PileOfGoop @HenningTveit @ObnoxBE @Dicky_Paul_95 @Mileystan3 @dollarstadonuts @doritmi @amanda_pompili @UnicorpC @Raelove65451372 @boysek @Anguish4ever @Sohnhicc @45HammerTime @Nukem37 @kidoctr Ummm, citation needed for "fake vaccination certificates".

And where can I get one!

@TioChango_ @immunotoxPhD @JetPak6 @doritmi @VeritasEver @awestentatious @jp_miner @DrLovlie @lawnatural @JtSebelius @TakeThatCDC @JamieConner8 @mimetic_ @Boxmenot @ChrisJohnsonMD @Believe_Mothers @mcfunny @t3tragrammat0n @BlueLionBlog @BeckyJohnson222 @seaglass34 @NotOfIt7k @ITDarkTiaLight @Ormus9Ormus @TonyBaduy @LifeDorr @WendyOrent @downeyballs @DocMElliott @KevinMcRedmond @toppediatrician @ghoppe @thereal_truther @kidoctr @BennettKayti @MAhealthforkids @rugbyrhino16 @StopVaxxedLies @mloxton @Monstercoyliar @babyname_maven @Fiddlestix7 @EmmaGPaley @Stephaniethe2nd @Takethatdoctors @P2Jeff @JP1958S @SueQuez @laurast30381821 I already explained this stuff mate. I was expecting you to provide some kind of massive revelations here. It’s actually possible to have very high haemoglobin but very low oxygen levels because your RBCs are macrocytic. You clearly don’t understand what you’re talking about.

@_mamadeb @Boxmenot @mimetic_ @immunotoxPhD @JamieConner8 @seaglass34 @WendyOrent @StopVaxxedLies @dstluke @ITDarkTiaLight @DrLovlie @jp_miner @microRNApro @mcfunny @dkegel @TakeThatCDC @doritmi @Rosewind2007 @VeritasEver @glenmore888 @BlueLionBlog @TioChango_ @BeckyJohnson222 @t3tragrammat0n @NotOfIt7k @Ormus9Ormus @TonyBaduy @lawnatural @LifeDorr @downeyballs @DocMElliott @KevinMcRedmond @ghoppe @thereal_truther @ChrisJohnsonMD @kidoctr @BennettKayti @MAhealthforkids @rugbyrhino16 @mloxton @Monstercoyliar @babyname_maven @Fiddlestix7 @EmmaGPaley @Stephaniethe2nd @Takethatdoctors @P2Jeff @JP1958S @SueQuez Why not screen all sick orients at ports of entry. If PCR positive, then quarantine. It’s a rational price to pay whereas boosted children & parents affords limited risk, assuming theoretical herd is actually immune. DISCLAIMER: Shit food consumption & bad habits destroy immunity

@TioChango_ @immunotoxPhD @JetPak6 @doritmi @VeritasEver @awestentatious @jp_miner @DrLovlie @lawnatural @JtSebelius @TakeThatCDC @JamieConner8 @mimetic_ @Boxmenot @ChrisJohnsonMD @Believe_Mothers @mcfunny @t3tragrammat0n @BlueLionBlog @BeckyJohnson222 @seaglass34 @NotOfIt7k @ITDarkTiaLight @Ormus9Ormus @TonyBaduy @LifeDorr @WendyOrent @downeyballs @DocMElliott @KevinMcRedmond @toppediatrician @ghoppe @thereal_truther @kidoctr @BennettKayti @MAhealthforkids @rugbyrhino16 @StopVaxxedLies @mloxton @Monstercoyliar @babyname_maven @Fiddlestix7 @EmmaGPaley @Stephaniethe2nd @Takethatdoctors @P2Jeff @JP1958S @SueQuez @laurast30381821 Don’t think so, no, but carry on.

@jim_herd @TioChango_ @JetPak6 @immunotoxPhD @doritmi @VeritasEver @awestentatious @jp_miner @DrLovlie @lawnatural @JtSebelius @TakeThatCDC @JamieConner8 @mimetic_ @Boxmenot @ChrisJohnsonMD @Believe_Mothers @mcfunny @t3tragrammat0n @BlueLionBlog @BeckyJohnson222 @seaglass34 @NotOfIt7k @ITDarkTiaLight @Ormus9Ormus @TonyBaduy @LifeDorr @WendyOrent @downeyballs @DocMElliott @KevinMcRedmond @ghoppe @thereal_truther @kidoctr @BennettKayti @MAhealthforkids @rugbyrhino16 @StopVaxxedLies @mloxton @Monstercoyliar @babyname_maven @Fiddlestix7 @EmmaGPaley @Stephaniethe2nd @Takethatdoctors @P2Jeff @JP1958S @SueQuez @laurast30381821 The new doctors and APRN’s are using technology EKG/ECHO in place of physical exams ie heart sounds, murmurs, & bruits clinical correlation please. Let’s hear it from others teaching students.

@TioChango_ @immunotoxPhD @JetPak6 @doritmi @VeritasEver @awestentatious @jp_miner @DrLovlie @lawnatural @JtSebelius @TakeThatCDC @JamieConner8 @mimetic_ @Boxmenot @ChrisJohnsonMD @Believe_Mothers @mcfunny @t3tragrammat0n @BlueLionBlog @BeckyJohnson222 @seaglass34 @NotOfIt7k @ITDarkTiaLight @Ormus9Ormus @TonyBaduy @LifeDorr @WendyOrent @downeyballs @DocMElliott @KevinMcRedmond @toppediatrician @ghoppe @thereal_truther @kidoctr @BennettKayti @MAhealthforkids @rugbyrhino16 @StopVaxxedLies @mloxton @Monstercoyliar @babyname_maven @Fiddlestix7 @EmmaGPaley @Stephaniethe2nd @Takethatdoctors @P2Jeff @JP1958S @SueQuez @laurast30381821 Do go on.

@toppediatrician @TioChango_ @JetPak6 @immunotoxPhD @doritmi @VeritasEver @awestentatious @jp_miner @DrLovlie @lawnatural @JtSebelius @TakeThatCDC @JamieConner8 @mimetic_ @Boxmenot @ChrisJohnsonMD @Believe_Mothers @mcfunny @t3tragrammat0n @BlueLionBlog @BeckyJohnson222 @seaglass34 @NotOfIt7k @ITDarkTiaLight @Ormus9Ormus @TonyBaduy @LifeDorr @WendyOrent @downeyballs @DocMElliott @KevinMcRedmond @ghoppe @thereal_truther @kidoctr @BennettKayti @MAhealthforkids @rugbyrhino16 @StopVaxxedLies @mloxton @Monstercoyliar @babyname_maven @Fiddlestix7 @EmmaGPaley @Stephaniethe2nd @Takethatdoctors @P2Jeff @JP1958S @SueQuez @laurast30381821 It’s amusing though experiencing them failing to counter our arguments. I’m being told I don’t understand the chemistry of how oxygen is transported around the body even though it’s pretty clear that doctors can’t read a complete/full blood count properly;).

@TioChango_ @immunotoxPhD @JetPak6 @doritmi @VeritasEver @awestentatious @jp_miner @DrLovlie @lawnatural @JtSebelius @TakeThatCDC @JamieConner8 @mimetic_ @Boxmenot @ChrisJohnsonMD @Believe_Mothers @mcfunny @t3tragrammat0n @BlueLionBlog @BeckyJohnson222 @seaglass34 @NotOfIt7k @ITDarkTiaLight @Ormus9Ormus @TonyBaduy @LifeDorr @WendyOrent @downeyballs @DocMElliott @KevinMcRedmond @toppediatrician @ghoppe @thereal_truther @kidoctr @BennettKayti @MAhealthforkids @rugbyrhino16 @StopVaxxedLies @mloxton @Monstercoyliar @babyname_maven @Fiddlestix7 @EmmaGPaley @Stephaniethe2nd @Takethatdoctors @P2Jeff @JP1958S @SueQuez @laurast30381821 As I’ve already said: I’m always willing to learn. I don’t think I’ve said what you’re claiming I’ve said mind you but fire away: educate me.

@immunotoxPhD @TioChango_ @JetPak6 @doritmi @VeritasEver @awestentatious @jp_miner @DrLovlie @lawnatural @JtSebelius @TakeThatCDC @JamieConner8 @mimetic_ @Boxmenot @ChrisJohnsonMD @Believe_Mothers @mcfunny @t3tragrammat0n @BlueLionBlog @BeckyJohnson222 @seaglass34 @NotOfIt7k @ITDarkTiaLight @Ormus9Ormus @TonyBaduy @LifeDorr @WendyOrent @downeyballs @DocMElliott @KevinMcRedmond @toppediatrician @ghoppe @thereal_truther @kidoctr @BennettKayti @MAhealthforkids @rugbyrhino16 @StopVaxxedLies @mloxton @Monstercoyliar @babyname_maven @Fiddlestix7 @EmmaGPaley @Stephaniethe2nd @Takethatdoctors @P2Jeff @JP1958S @SueQuez @laurast30381821 I’m still waiting for you to school me in chemistry.

@jim_herd @TioChango_ @JetPak6 @immunotoxPhD @doritmi @VeritasEver @awestentatious @jp_miner @DrLovlie @lawnatural @JtSebelius @TakeThatCDC @JamieConner8 @mimetic_ @Boxmenot @ChrisJohnsonMD @Believe_Mothers @mcfunny @t3tragrammat0n @BlueLionBlog @BeckyJohnson222 @seaglass34 @NotOfIt7k @ITDarkTiaLight @Ormus9Ormus @TonyBaduy @LifeDorr @WendyOrent @downeyballs @DocMElliott @KevinMcRedmond @ghoppe @thereal_truther @kidoctr @BennettKayti @MAhealthforkids @rugbyrhino16 @StopVaxxedLies @mloxton @Monstercoyliar @babyname_maven @Fiddlestix7 @EmmaGPaley @Stephaniethe2nd @Takethatdoctors @P2Jeff @JP1958S @SueQuez @laurast30381821 These debates have tuned to shit shows. Overpowering politics and biased science. We don’t learn the truth until the powerful w/glaring stares & fake messages no longer can captivate. #rottenculture #awakenthemasses

@immunotoxPhD @TioChango_ @JetPak6 @doritmi @VeritasEver @awestentatious @jp_miner @DrLovlie @lawnatural @JtSebelius @TakeThatCDC @JamieConner8 @mimetic_ @Boxmenot @ChrisJohnsonMD @Believe_Mothers @mcfunny @t3tragrammat0n @BlueLionBlog @BeckyJohnson222 @seaglass34 @NotOfIt7k @ITDarkTiaLight @Ormus9Ormus @TonyBaduy @LifeDorr @WendyOrent @downeyballs @DocMElliott @KevinMcRedmond @toppediatrician @ghoppe @thereal_truther @kidoctr @BennettKayti @MAhealthforkids @rugbyrhino16 @StopVaxxedLies @mloxton @Monstercoyliar @babyname_maven @Fiddlestix7 @EmmaGPaley @Stephaniethe2nd @Takethatdoctors @P2Jeff @JP1958S @SueQuez @laurast30381821 Are you going to tell me it’s unethical not to give kids in the trial a real vaccine?

@TioChango_ @immunotoxPhD @JetPak6 @doritmi @VeritasEver @awestentatious @jp_miner @DrLovlie @lawnatural @JtSebelius @TakeThatCDC @JamieConner8 @mimetic_ @Boxmenot @ChrisJohnsonMD @Believe_Mothers @mcfunny @t3tragrammat0n @BlueLionBlog @BeckyJohnson222 @seaglass34 @NotOfIt7k @ITDarkTiaLight @Ormus9Ormus @TonyBaduy @LifeDorr @WendyOrent @downeyballs @DocMElliott @KevinMcRedmond @toppediatrician @ghoppe @thereal_truther @kidoctr @BennettKayti @MAhealthforkids @rugbyrhino16 @StopVaxxedLies @mloxton @Monstercoyliar @babyname_maven @Fiddlestix7 @EmmaGPaley @Stephaniethe2nd @Takethatdoctors @P2Jeff @JP1958S @SueQuez @laurast30381821 Del’s a good guy and he’s killing it with RFK Jr. Big Harma’s going down. You should prepare yourself for the inevitable.

@immunotoxPhD @TioChango_ @JetPak6 @doritmi @VeritasEver @awestentatious @jp_miner @DrLovlie @lawnatural @JtSebelius @TakeThatCDC @JamieConner8 @mimetic_ @Boxmenot @ChrisJohnsonMD @Believe_Mothers @mcfunny @t3tragrammat0n @BlueLionBlog @BeckyJohnson222 @seaglass34 @NotOfIt7k @ITDarkTiaLight @Ormus9Ormus @TonyBaduy @LifeDorr @WendyOrent @downeyballs @DocMElliott @KevinMcRedmond @toppediatrician @ghoppe @thereal_truther @kidoctr @BennettKayti @MAhealthforkids @rugbyrhino16 @StopVaxxedLies @mloxton @Monstercoyliar @babyname_maven @Fiddlestix7 @EmmaGPaley @Stephaniethe2nd @Takethatdoctors @P2Jeff @JP1958S @SueQuez @laurast30381821 Nothing to refute. No safety testing against an inert placebo. Criminal. Go straight to jail.

@TioChango_ @JetPak6 @immunotoxPhD @doritmi @VeritasEver @awestentatious @jp_miner @DrLovlie @lawnatural @JtSebelius @TakeThatCDC @JamieConner8 @mimetic_ @Boxmenot @ChrisJohnsonMD @Believe_Mothers @mcfunny @t3tragrammat0n @BlueLionBlog @BeckyJohnson222 @seaglass34 @NotOfIt7k @ITDarkTiaLight @Ormus9Ormus @TonyBaduy @LifeDorr @WendyOrent @downeyballs @DocMElliott @KevinMcRedmond @toppediatrician @ghoppe @thereal_truther @kidoctr @BennettKayti @MAhealthforkids @rugbyrhino16 @StopVaxxedLies @mloxton @Monstercoyliar @babyname_maven @Fiddlestix7 @EmmaGPaley @Stephaniethe2nd @Takethatdoctors @P2Jeff @JP1958S @SueQuez @laurast30381821 The military tribunals for the traitors will bring the whole thing down including Harma. Just watch and wait.

@immunotoxPhD @TioChango_ @JetPak6 @doritmi @VeritasEver @awestentatious @jp_miner @DrLovlie @lawnatural @JtSebelius @TakeThatCDC @JamieConner8 @mimetic_ @Boxmenot @ChrisJohnsonMD @Believe_Mothers @mcfunny @t3tragrammat0n @BlueLionBlog @BeckyJohnson222 @seaglass34 @NotOfIt7k @ITDarkTiaLight @Ormus9Ormus @TonyBaduy @LifeDorr @WendyOrent @downeyballs @DocMElliott @KevinMcRedmond @toppediatrician @ghoppe @thereal_truther @kidoctr @BennettKayti @MAhealthforkids @rugbyrhino16 @StopVaxxedLies @mloxton @Monstercoyliar @babyname_maven @Fiddlestix7 @EmmaGPaley @Stephaniethe2nd @Takethatdoctors @P2Jeff @JP1958S @SueQuez @laurast30381821 You don’t read the links obviously.

@dr_jellison What I believe is most appropriate is to continue promoting plant-centric nutrition. We should also be pragmatic understanding that the majority of cases are due to lifestyle factors and recognizing that rare cases may be complicated by genetic factors.

@TioChango_ @JetPak6 @immunotoxPhD @doritmi @VeritasEver @awestentatious @jp_miner @DrLovlie @lawnatural @JtSebelius @TakeThatCDC @JamieConner8 @mimetic_ @Boxmenot @ChrisJohnsonMD @Believe_Mothers @mcfunny @t3tragrammat0n @BlueLionBlog @BeckyJohnson222 @seaglass34 @NotOfIt7k @ITDarkTiaLight @Ormus9Ormus @TonyBaduy @LifeDorr @WendyOrent @downeyballs @DocMElliott @KevinMcRedmond @toppediatrician @ghoppe @thereal_truther @kidoctr @BennettKayti @MAhealthforkids @rugbyrhino16 @StopVaxxedLies @mloxton @Monstercoyliar @babyname_maven @Fiddlestix7 @EmmaGPaley @Stephaniethe2nd @Takethatdoctors @P2Jeff @JP1958S @SueQuez @laurast30381821 This is global: the people who’ve been using vaccines to kill us&make us chronically ill are going down. Trying to get exemptions removed etc., is their last gasp because they know the game’s up. Perhaps you don’t exactly have your finger on the pulse as far as current affairs go

@TioChango_ @JetPak6 @immunotoxPhD @doritmi @VeritasEver @awestentatious @jp_miner @DrLovlie @lawnatural @JtSebelius @TakeThatCDC @JamieConner8 @mimetic_ @Boxmenot @ChrisJohnsonMD @Believe_Mothers @mcfunny @t3tragrammat0n @BlueLionBlog @BeckyJohnson222 @seaglass34 @NotOfIt7k @ITDarkTiaLight @Ormus9Ormus @TonyBaduy @LifeDorr @WendyOrent @downeyballs @DocMElliott @KevinMcRedmond @toppediatrician @ghoppe @thereal_truther @kidoctr @BennettKayti @MAhealthforkids @rugbyrhino16 @StopVaxxedLies @mloxton @Monstercoyliar @babyname_maven @Fiddlestix7 @EmmaGPaley @Stephaniethe2nd @Takethatdoctors @P2Jeff @JP1958S @SueQuez @laurast30381821 So am I. Forget vaccines. They’re done. So are Big Harma.

@TioChango_ @JetPak6 @immunotoxPhD @doritmi @VeritasEver @awestentatious @jp_miner @DrLovlie @lawnatural @JtSebelius @TakeThatCDC @JamieConner8 @mimetic_ @Boxmenot @ChrisJohnsonMD @Believe_Mothers @mcfunny @t3tragrammat0n @BlueLionBlog @BeckyJohnson222 @seaglass34 @NotOfIt7k @ITDarkTiaLight @Ormus9Ormus @TonyBaduy @LifeDorr @WendyOrent @downeyballs @DocMElliott @KevinMcRedmond @toppediatrician @ghoppe @thereal_truther @kidoctr @BennettKayti @MAhealthforkids @rugbyrhino16 @StopVaxxedLies @mloxton @Monstercoyliar @babyname_maven @Fiddlestix7 @EmmaGPaley @Stephaniethe2nd @Takethatdoctors @P2Jeff @JP1958S @SueQuez @laurast30381821 I’d prefer that everyone gets to have the best health possible. At present more than 54% of US kids are chronically ill.

@MrNevermore @KStateTurk @OdinSkoll @NeedyEedy @TinFoilAwards @JHowardBrainMD @dfreedman7 @BGLTHMND @benrothke @AlastairMcA30 @BlueLionBlog @babyname_maven @crackedscience @MickWest @DrLindaMD Sorry you made the ridiculous claim that a vaccine can treat rabies.

@Funfetti421 @MrNevermore @dfreedman7 @KStateTurk @OdinSkoll @NeedyEedy @TinFoilAwards @JHowardBrainMD @BGLTHMND @benrothke @AlastairMcA30 @BlueLionBlog @babyname_maven @crackedscience @MickWest @DrLindaMD It sounds like you didn't 🤦

@TioChango_ @JetPak6 @immunotoxPhD @doritmi @VeritasEver @awestentatious @jp_miner @DrLovlie @lawnatural @JtSebelius @TakeThatCDC @JamieConner8 @mimetic_ @Boxmenot @ChrisJohnsonMD @Believe_Mothers @mcfunny @t3tragrammat0n @BlueLionBlog @BeckyJohnson222 @seaglass34 @NotOfIt7k @ITDarkTiaLight @Ormus9Ormus @TonyBaduy @LifeDorr @WendyOrent @downeyballs @DocMElliott @KevinMcRedmond @toppediatrician @ghoppe @thereal_truther @kidoctr @BennettKayti @MAhealthforkids @rugbyrhino16 @StopVaxxedLies @mloxton @Monstercoyliar @babyname_maven @Fiddlestix7 @EmmaGPaley @Stephaniethe2nd @Takethatdoctors @P2Jeff @JP1958S @SueQuez @laurast30381821 No. Sounds bigoted to me.

@misterfiregod @JHowardBrainMD I did post an article separately on this thread where a psychiatrist asserted that Adderall was very similar to meth amphetamine.

@misterfiregod @JHowardBrainMD I don't know the answer. I just know I was listening to Dr. Breggin on the radio & he related a court case he was involved in where an 8 year old was prescribed what Breggin said was actual meth amphetamine, and he said also identical to the street drug.

@tmarshallmph @Notyour28981739 @BeckyJohnson222 @t3tragrammat0n @PlumRemson @CaulfieldTim @BioethOnline @jeremycsnyder @josh_greenberg @crackedscience @ChristenRachul @picardonhealth @McGillOSS @carlyweeks @ryarmst @CBCHealth @doctorsensation @eileeniorio @DrKND @epochchanger @SharylAttkisson @ChildrensHD @katiewr31413491 @debnantz @lifebiomedguru @uTobian @thinkingmomsrev its true that very few adults have measles immunity unless they had measles as a child which for over 60 crowd is a fair percentage. Here is a CDC info page on MMR

@kn_dn_40 @BeckyJohnson222 @tmarshallmph @Notyour28981739 @t3tragrammat0n @PlumRemson @CaulfieldTim @BioethOnline @jeremycsnyder @josh_greenberg @crackedscience @ChristenRachul @picardonhealth @McGillOSS @carlyweeks @ryarmst @CBCHealth @doctorsensation @eileeniorio @DrKND @epochchanger @SharylAttkisson @ChildrensHD @katiewr31413491 @debnantz @lifebiomedguru @uTobian @thinkingmomsrev MMR vaccine is completely unreliable past 10 years. that's why children get 2 doses & thats why it wears off for adults. Very few adults get boosters. More than half our society is susceptible to measles, yet less than 1 measles death/year.

@Funfetti421 @OdinSkoll @KStateTurk @NeedyEedy @TinFoilAwards @JHowardBrainMD @MrNevermore @dfreedman7 @BGLTHMND @benrothke @AlastairMcA30 @BlueLionBlog @babyname_maven @crackedscience @MickWest @DrLindaMD I am not advocating anything you ridiculous woman

@dfreedman7 @KStateTurk @OdinSkoll @NeedyEedy @TinFoilAwards @JHowardBrainMD @MrNevermore @BGLTHMND @benrothke @AlastairMcA30 @BlueLionBlog @babyname_maven @crackedscience @MickWest @DrLindaMD Do grow up

@KStateTurk @OdinSkoll @NeedyEedy @TinFoilAwards @JHowardBrainMD @MrNevermore @dfreedman7 @BGLTHMND @benrothke @AlastairMcA30 @BlueLionBlog @babyname_maven @crackedscience @MickWest @DrLindaMD You said the vaccine stops rabies are being bitten. That's calling it an anti-dote...a cure

@MrNevermore @dfreedman7 @KStateTurk @OdinSkoll @NeedyEedy @TinFoilAwards @JHowardBrainMD @BGLTHMND @benrothke @AlastairMcA30 @BlueLionBlog @babyname_maven @crackedscience @MickWest @DrLindaMD Made up history blog.

@KStateTurk @OdinSkoll @NeedyEedy @TinFoilAwards @JHowardBrainMD @MrNevermore @dfreedman7 @BGLTHMND @benrothke @AlastairMcA30 @BlueLionBlog @babyname_maven @crackedscience @MickWest @DrLindaMD You said it was a cure for rabies

@Funfetti421 @JHowardBrainMD @Absenthi @dfreedman7 @babyname_maven @crackedscience @benrothke This does not have any labwork. You know....where one cohort gets injected with aluminium and one cohort gets a placebo.

@_mamadeb @Boxmenot @JamieConner8 @seaglass34 @WendyOrent @StopVaxxedLies @dstluke @ITDarkTiaLight @immunotoxPhD @DrLovlie @jp_miner @microRNApro @mcfunny @dkegel @TakeThatCDC @doritmi @Rosewind2007 @VeritasEver @glenmore888 @BlueLionBlog @TioChango_ @BeckyJohnson222 @mimetic_ @t3tragrammat0n @NotOfIt7k @Ormus9Ormus @TonyBaduy @lawnatural @LifeDorr @downeyballs @DocMElliott @KevinMcRedmond @ghoppe @thereal_truther @ChrisJohnsonMD @kidoctr @BennettKayti @MAhealthforkids @rugbyrhino16 @mloxton @Monstercoyliar @babyname_maven @Fiddlestix7 @EmmaGPaley @Stephaniethe2nd @Takethatdoctors @P2Jeff @JP1958S @SueQuez Where is the proof?

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