Presidential Appointment of an Independent Vaccine Safety Commission
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Vaccine Debate

Vaccine Risk Aware vs Vaccine Risk Deniers

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@thescienceboii Says your scientifically dope rap lyrics eh? Seriously you are so out of touch with reality..

@thescienceboii They can and do cause autism. It's proven by Drs, Scientists, Courts of law and parents

@larknap @askerrysmile We are the most vilified people on the internet because our children were harmed by vaccines.

@askerrysmile The pharma PR machine has gone into overdrive. People can't believe they have been so lied to.

@MagickalG @Rosewind2007 @belle_vivant1 @lottelottes3 @Nancy46co @KurtisSims She is a pharma troll works for Oxford Vaccine group....paid to be here .

@Wags4Wheels @Sheeple101 @AydeleB @DanaElizabeth69 @Dreadpirate42 @LilEarthling369 @susan_welch7 @RichidsCoulter @JackCDLee @proturnedexvax @4everleather1 @Flwrgirl66x @CplBart @boglethemind @patrici61580698 @BeckyJohnson222 @MasterDuke1 @45HammerTime @sweetrtweetrD @DocMeehan @doctorsensation @avoiceforchoice @and_kell @2ndfor1st @InsideVaccines @RonPaul4Constit @Stutzy6 @Movanhook @Jordan_Sather_ @SGTreport @GregNorberg @cindy_nurse @my3monkees @briantopping66 @plantlady293 @Sarah_Q_Smithy @Jayc1312 @TrustHim_7 @trumpAngel45 @debrataddeo @SusanDuclos @trumpshappygirl @_crazy_dog_lady @_realBlackTrump @The_Trump_Train @SharylAttkisson @DarlaShine @CleanAirMoms They are pharma sales reps

@Wags4Wheels @Sheeple101 @AydeleB @DanaElizabeth69 @Dreadpirate42 @LilEarthling369 @susan_welch7 @RichidsCoulter @JackCDLee @proturnedexvax @4everleather1 @Flwrgirl66x @CplBart @boglethemind @patrici61580698 @BeckyJohnson222 @MasterDuke1 @45HammerTime @sweetrtweetrD @DocMeehan @doctorsensation @avoiceforchoice @and_kell @2ndfor1st @InsideVaccines @RonPaul4Constit @Stutzy6 @Movanhook @Jordan_Sather_ @SGTreport @GregNorberg @cindy_nurse @my3monkees @briantopping66 @plantlady293 @Sarah_Q_Smithy @Jayc1312 @TrustHim_7 @trumpAngel45 @debrataddeo @SusanDuclos @trumpshappygirl @_crazy_dog_lady @_realBlackTrump @The_Trump_Train @SharylAttkisson @DarlaShine @CleanAirMoms Gaslighting troll

@larknap @belle_vivant1 @lottelottes3 @Nancy46co @wulfsethen @KurtisSims @crims0nl1z So sad.

@michaelborger @goblinbox @djt10 @ChrisGrey888 @lottelottes3 It's stupid and horrible to claim that parents give their children bleach when they don't

@michaelborger @djt10 @ChrisGrey888 @lottelottes3 Nobody treats autistic kids or any kids with bleach

@latimes Umhmmmm... I doubt it, sounds like a hoax to me to ramp up mandates! How bout even doctors don't follow the CDCs vaccine schedule!

@DrKND @KateBrownForOR State constituents should petition for her recall @KateBrownForOR as governor. You don't get to override your constituents when votes dont go your way. This debate is complex, so stop being a mini dictator. The road to hell is paved with politicians like you...

@kmerian @InsideVaccines Al CAN be excreted. I witnessed it happen ...after years of severe autism-like behavior in my elderly grandmother. Aluminum & cadmium toxicity nearly killed her first. When they were "excreted" it was through the skin, bowels, eyes, ears, sinuses--every channel of elimination.

@weaponizedword1 @AlanHamby1 @doritmi @deNutrients @TioChango_ @Boxmenot @DaviesHyland @toppediatrician @ChrisJohnsonMD @mimetic_ @EugeneBu @HenningTveit @t3tragrammat0n @lawnatural @LaughlandMorgan @BlueLionBlog @AndrewLazarus4 @MeddlinMegs @WendyOrent @VeritasEver @mcfunny @rugbyrhino16 @GrumFromNorwich @thereal_truther @ghoppe @Mag06687070 @mikedank9 @Just4TheCause @itsmepanda1 @emartinez78987 @yattypat @TakeThatCDC @mc40_e @Skeptopathy @GeoffSchuler @Plasticdoe @ArcaneKnowledge @AlexMurdoch7 @Henjam48 @elle_franks @seaglass34 @StopVaxxedLies @Joshua1_5 @RebeccaLardner @DansMonkeyShack @DocMElliott @PileOfGoop @mmelgar09 @alc_anthro @viva__lala They want us to believe they took mercury out of the vaccines, but a number of sources have admitted it's still there in "trace amounts" that don't have to be included in the list of ingredients. They, of course, found aluminum in autopsies of autistic brains.

Things you don't want to hear from your wife after you get home from a really important meeting:

"Oh no, you didn't wear that today did you?" "Autoimmune diseases including multiple sclerosis & type 1 diabetes mellitus/reports /various autoimmune disorders, such as idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura, myopericarditis, primary ovarian failure, & systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), following vax."

@kmerian You seem to have very specific (erroneous) ideas about what I personally think. Youre wrong and have been for 3 tweets now. Are you new here?

@womaninmedicine Jumping off of a 13-story building doesn't cause broken bones either, when that risk is compared to jumping off a 12-story building.

Where is the vaxxed versus completely unvaxxed study?

we saw the video on Saturday, it was circulated freely on twitter. It looked like a Bennie Hinn faith healing event. Hinn waves his hand, all the people fall down, without bloodshed. insane propaganda system.

old-fashioned 'freedom of speech' standards were good. Now we're being taught new standards. It is very dangerous. All respect to NaturalNews for speaking the truth here.

@glenpyle @malazan79 @chadhayesmd I think I'll stick with the textbook, whistle-blowers, Drs, scientists, researchers, journalists & parents who've joined the worldwide WOKE movement. You ppl are so indoctrinated it would take a canon to penetrate the pharma fog you're lost in. I hope you don't learn the hard way

@mwestall @mcfunny @JoinerNot @SueQuez @EmmaGPaley @Plasticdoe @Siubhan_H @EugeneBu @Just4TheCause @carlsmythe @kevinault @BeckyJohnson222 @jsjohnson_mdphd @GeoffSchuler @doritmi @BlueLionBlog @luckykelsey @Awithonelison @urbanx_f @iXeno @drnik614 @mmelgar09 @MsTrixter @D24Socialist @Bearsreggie @astrahlgems @TsuDhoNimh @DansMonkeyShack @WendyOrent @ChrisJohnsonMD @mc40_e @tucker_selby @shaughnfaith @MacUmbridge @tombarr26816936 @drbrignall @damosuzuki1 @NotOfIt7k @Oddytee77 @ColleenKraft @TinFoilAwards @erikwilson1975 @darlenecdavisg1 @saluce65 @Rosewind2007 @amanda_pompili @TakeThatCaps @cafe_health @GretchenScience @MourningWarbler
Survey Results: Are Unvaccinated Children Healthier?

Vax works by ILLUSION-suppressing the immune system so it can't mount acute reaction to infection. That means no acute symptoms while infection circulates unresolved & mutates into chronic disease.

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