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Vaccine Risk Aware vs Vaccine Risk Deniers

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@ElijahSchaffer I'm convinced there were 3 protesters outright murdered by police when you look at the details. the front lines of protesters were filled with infiltrators playing roles. Who knows what Goodman actually faced. It's not like they were violent towards him.

@propublica early low birth weight or pre-term babies were greatly multiplied in our country after we started vaccinating pregnant women. We lead the world at both vaccinating pregnant women and ELBW babies. Our infant mortality rate is 3 x's some other countries who vaccinate much less.

@JJ56123 thanks for telling me. I didn't know that. I thought she was happy Russia has been aiding Syria. maybe it was a fake Syrian girl who said that, I know there's been an account pretending to be her.

@RobinMls_Mcln This endeavor to skip dose 2 flopped in the US. FDA said "Nope. New Protocol, new submission" (They know about #pathogenicpriming). Thus, second dose data - specifically on death rates in nursing homes offering the shots - should be forthcoming. Let's hope 4 low #s of deaths.

@stranahan Rudy did betray us all on September 11'th, 2001. Reality show actor Trump read his lines for the media that day. It made him look good, but its just an acting job.

Anchor: "Biden called for the release of the stockpile, Trump agreed, and all of a sudden there's no stockpile". Explanation - match amounts on dosing, because 1+1 = 2 (in spite of Common Core). Where there is no demand, scarcity sells.

few Americans will be sensitive like Syrian Girl to the fact that coward Trump didn't even mention Ashli Babbitt's name in his speech & betrayed his supporters. We're so used to betrayal from our leaders that we are slow to see it or we just can't see it at all.

@EyeOfGnosis Let's reset to "Rational Discourse" as a discplined art. You have always set the bar for that, along with @EthicalSkeptic and @PlumRemson. I'd love to have all three of you on #UBS sometime to really discuss the immense value of #RationalDiscourse

@Partisangirl thank-you. the video you show was either a very different angle or I think maybe a different event than the 1 I saw. I think there might be 2 that were pushed like that. not sure. the other guy fell further. or angle was very different.

@corey_gman @stranahan I saw it in a reply from someone on Twitter. I wish I'd snared a copy or saved link to tweet. no. it's possible it was fake because some technicians can edit video just like photoshop.

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