Vaccine Debate

Vaccine Risk Aware vs Vaccine Risk Deniers

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@CCharlesworth2 @regium_bagel You trust Boris tho? 🤦🏼‍♀️ Come on. Have you looked at the stats? No spike in deaths.. you are happy the economy gets tanked? You want a cashless society? You want mandated vaccines? You are enjoying the total loss of liberty for something we don't even have a test for? Jeesh

Is our strategy a smart one? Limited testing is biased in symptomatic cases but testing asymptomatic kids may be key to success; are they secret silent carriers transmitting to high-risk people? Put this theory to the test!⁩ ⁦@CDCDirector⁩ @somedocs ⁦⁦@nytimes⁩

@truthlovingdr @ABC @HighWireTalk @Catharine_L Ya know what’s really epic is that NIH’s Fauci & his bag of tricks is on display before the entire world; for example, public health’s mystical/magical, garbage in/garbage out, mathematical models. Same used for vac sham🍿CDC’s Dr Thompson couldn’t receive this kind of free press

@Elizabuckeye86 @hockeydad9340 @GovMikeDeWine Can you imagine the ties he's planning on wearing as Dr Amy coordinates with accessories like pins & scarves? I bet they have the whole summer already planned!

"The future of humanity depends on the integrity of the individual." - Buckminster Fuller

Bad people w great wealth see rest of us as herd to be manipulated, once proud and free Americans r ready to line up for shots 2 get their life back. Will you?

@GovMikeDeWine Where are the studies saying homemade masks are 80% effective?

Feels like you guys just make up stuff as you go. & you're checking to see how much you can get people to go along with. #culturechange

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