Vaccine Debate

Vaccine Risk Aware vs Vaccine Risk Deniers

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@leahlaw23536852 @essentialsteez @LotusOak2 @science_cited @Rectitude20 They're not endorsing the vaccine, just showing the mad rush to get it to market, whether it works or not.

@Veectoor @TheLancet I never implied that he did. The study was instrumental in cancelling the trial and getting HCQ banned in places like France.
And it’s funny you say there’s no double blind placebo controlled trial so it can’t be called effective. Quite amusing. That’s the MO of the CDC usually.

@brianefallon Can you send me your number real quick? I’ll just need something to replace 911 when someone’s trying to break into my home.

Thanks! 👍

@brianefallon Right......what a boneheaded move. Rape victims should what, investigate their own case? Battered women should enforce their own protection. Orders???? Get real.

@microbeminded2 Sometimes, somebody’s best (& sadly, I don’t think it was) is a failure. They should have gone back, like professionals & got it right.

@thehill Could it be any more transparent that she wanted rioters to harm our president? How disgusting can you get. She must feel strangely safe to have the nerve to make such a statement. Who's protecting her???

@ikeif @GovMikeDeWine & I showed you 500 doctors wrote to Trump telling him there will be many more deaths due to the lockdown than coronavirus
& I could find you more. How much evidence do you need to accept the lockdown is worse than the virus ever was?

& you're rude so buzz off.

@twillierod @miaafaith @MrAureliusR @Dcembrrr @JumzyRau @OwenResistor @queeniema52 But they had all there other vaccines. It's.loke comparing smokers who smoke 20 a day to smokers who have 15 a day. They are not fully unvaxxed control. It's dishonest and so are you

@ikeif @GovMikeDeWine Science is never settled & I was unaware anyone is contradicting his conclusions? Even DeWine has talked about the social toll from the shutdown.
Science is not settled merely by consensus. Nice try though using the words scientists & science sounded so sciencey of you. 😄

@Yoder_Esqq @georgesoros Was that a threat?! Our Father who art in Heaven, protect us from evil, and protect @Potus @realDonaldTrump in Jesus’ Holy name🙏🏽Archangel Michael, defend us against all evil plans.

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