Vaccine Debate

Vaccine Risk Aware vs Vaccine Risk Deniers

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@krebiozen @Clutcher @Rosewind2007 @CMMonedula @_mamadeb @MacUmbridge @KrochetxKorner @doritmi @NeedyEedy @TioChango_ @davidwells223 @jkellyca @kfunk937 @2013Boodicca @felixbloodaxe @JohnSibson @QuatloosX @BeckyJohnson222 @Awithonelison @Sheldon_Walker_ @jp_miner @fiski70 @mcfunny @JaneEOpie @TThoughtmonger @ianfmusgrave @PedsID4Life @WendyOrent @Monstercoyliar @Boxmenot @BlueLionBlog @immunotoxPhD @MAhealthforkids @TakeThatCDC @badzoot7 @saluce65 @StopVaxxedLies @kuriousmind93 @downeyballs @AndrewLazarus4 @asiamoonbloom @VeritasEver @thereal_truther @rugbyrhino16 @ghoppe @ChrisJohnsonMD @seaglass34 @KristenJayne1 @foodgov @Twitter And a tweet from Jan really are having to scrape the barrel to find where I promote giving it to children. Troll

@krebiozen @Clutcher @Rosewind2007 @CMMonedula @_mamadeb @MacUmbridge @KrochetxKorner @doritmi @NeedyEedy @TioChango_ @davidwells223 @jkellyca @kfunk937 @2013Boodicca @felixbloodaxe @JohnSibson @QuatloosX @BeckyJohnson222 @Awithonelison @Sheldon_Walker_ @jp_miner @fiski70 @mcfunny @JaneEOpie @TThoughtmonger @ianfmusgrave @PedsID4Life @WendyOrent @Monstercoyliar @Boxmenot @BlueLionBlog @immunotoxPhD @MAhealthforkids @TakeThatCDC @badzoot7 @saluce65 @StopVaxxedLies @kuriousmind93 @downeyballs @AndrewLazarus4 @asiamoonbloom @VeritasEver @thereal_truther @rugbyrhino16 @ghoppe @ChrisJohnsonMD @seaglass34 @KristenJayne1 @foodgov @Twitter It's not promoting it to children. It's not bleach either....

@GretchenLasalle @loubird11 They are not and this is a junk blog. Injecting aluminium has never been proven as safe either....and linked to autism. Stop lying about vaccine safety.

@SissyMessage @lovereignssupr1 You are a pharma if you were rel you would not follow such people. Now go away list...get back to your den of the most evil pharma trolls online

@SissyMessage @lovereignssupr1 She is walking around making a giant false claim like a vicious evil person she clearly is. Now pharma pr troll go back under your rock.

@SissyMessage @lovereignssupr1 These parents are protesting vaccines and the vaccines that harmed or killed their children. It's isgraceful and disrespectful to show up and make this claim

@Earthlingz963 @FleaBagLady @MissAmyRachel @DoctorChristian She accused me of having a pathological obsession with D C. I just will call out a public lie everytime they lie.....and that's a lot with Dr C.

@safe_effective They know. They ALWAYS KNEW. As our children were given to their volcano god, they knew. As children acquired vaccination injuries they knew. While VAERS was allowed to remain broken so it would only reflect <1% of vac AE’s, they knew. And as they mandate vac now -they KNOW.

@IDSAInfo @facebook @bylenasun IDSA organization is funded by pharmaceutical companies, so I take your use of the term "misinformation" with a slab of salt. How much do you suppose Pfizer, Janssen or Gilead spends? Who do you think funds the "two" organizations? PARENTS!

@CatVR I wish I could help. Unfortunately I don’t have any information on how to participate and I think this second trial is pretty small.

Hopefully this trial can continue to demonstrate the incredible results some of the patients saw from the previous trial.

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