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Vaccine Risk Aware vs Vaccine Risk Deniers

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From award-winning filmmaker Andy Wakefield @RobertKennedyJr + CHD Films, this docu-film shares the chilling tale of #African women whose #fertility was tragically ripped away.


#InfertilityAwareness #HumanRights

@benzosarebad @reddbrad @AshleyGWinter “The risk of violent behavior, so significant, it has led to the FDA mandating a black box warning on all SSRI medications.”

@scottp33 @AngryFleas @GumbeauxMike @itisjustmebabe @TheGreyWolf17 @janeyK_KAG @f_kyburz @InfoGuru16 @NealRey50128337 @sherrylynnww1 @Can_ada @malo_j @silverstang59 @Mattallica17 @YearRooster @wiguy45 @RedStateJimy @TorCSis @YellowstoneRan1 @MyGalFriday2 @Tom_Neverwinter @MessianicJew2 @HuggyKitty @Riskographer2 @kellyesorelle @WontBeSilent2 @itsaboutdamnti1 @MRSRedVoteR @DevinNunesMulet @savageintellec2 @suckitjackbootz @octopus_teach @EricR42 @AgainTt45 @StanPennington8 @PNGEtrades @777_Shredder @David4677484957 @angry_mema @jyurgealitis @jeffcon12 @Anvndarnamn5 @AudreysAmerica @KD2NFC @PreviousDem @DangerousRyles @constit14834912 @Nitro1A @Angel_13_Rising Keep it up. You just reinforce my position.

@scottp33 @AngryFleas @GumbeauxMike @itisjustmebabe @TheGreyWolf17 @janeyK_KAG @f_kyburz @InfoGuru16 @NealRey50128337 @sherrylynnww1 @Can_ada @malo_j @silverstang59 @Mattallica17 @YearRooster @wiguy45 @RedStateJimy @TorCSis @YellowstoneRan1 @MyGalFriday2 @Tom_Neverwinter @MessianicJew2 @HuggyKitty @Riskographer2 @kellyesorelle @WontBeSilent2 @itsaboutdamnti1 @MRSRedVoteR @DevinNunesMulet @savageintellec2 @suckitjackbootz @octopus_teach @EricR42 @AgainTt45 @StanPennington8 @PNGEtrades @777_Shredder @David4677484957 @angry_mema @jyurgealitis @jeffcon12 @Anvndarnamn5 @AudreysAmerica @KD2NFC @PreviousDem @DangerousRyles @constit14834912 @Nitro1A @Angel_13_Rising Thanks for posting the thread in context Sparky. It shows Flea originally made the claim. Then after I made mine you both proved me right.

@scottp33 @AngryFleas @GumbeauxMike @itisjustmebabe @TheGreyWolf17 @janeyK_KAG @f_kyburz @InfoGuru16 @NealRey50128337 @sherrylynnww1 @Can_ada @malo_j @silverstang59 @Mattallica17 @YearRooster @wiguy45 @RedStateJimy @TorCSis @YellowstoneRan1 @MyGalFriday2 @Tom_Neverwinter @MessianicJew2 @HuggyKitty @Riskographer2 @kellyesorelle @WontBeSilent2 @itsaboutdamnti1 @MRSRedVoteR @DevinNunesMulet @savageintellec2 @suckitjackbootz @octopus_teach @EricR42 @AgainTt45 @StanPennington8 @PNGEtrades @777_Shredder @David4677484957 @angry_mema @jyurgealitis @jeffcon12 @Anvndarnamn5 @AudreysAmerica @KD2NFC @PreviousDem @DangerousRyles @constit14834912 @Nitro1A @Angel_13_Rising Flea proved my point in real time (this will be the 3rd time I told you). In attempted to redirect Flea to the actual topic twice, but Flea preferred a minutia argument about me. Now you are also proving my point about you. One of your little pals joined in too.

@Anvndarnamn5 @AngryFleas @GumbeauxMike @scottp33 @itisjustmebabe @TheGreyWolf17 @janeyK_KAG @f_kyburz @InfoGuru16 @NealRey50128337 @sherrylynnww1 @Can_ada @malo_j @silverstang59 @Mattallica17 @YearRooster @wiguy45 @RedStateJimy @TorCSis @YellowstoneRan1 @MyGalFriday2 @Tom_Neverwinter @MessianicJew2 @HuggyKitty @Riskographer2 @kellyesorelle @WontBeSilent2 @itsaboutdamnti1 @MRSRedVoteR @DevinNunesMulet @savageintellec2 @suckitjackbootz @octopus_teach @EricR42 @AgainTt45 @StanPennington8 @PNGEtrades @777_Shredder @David4677484957 @angry_mema @jyurgealitis @jeffcon12 @AudreysAmerica @KD2NFC @PreviousDem @DangerousRyles @constit14834912 @Nitro1A @Angel_13_Rising You’re ironic.

@scottp33 @AngryFleas @GumbeauxMike @itisjustmebabe @TheGreyWolf17 @janeyK_KAG @f_kyburz @InfoGuru16 @NealRey50128337 @sherrylynnww1 @Can_ada @malo_j @silverstang59 @Mattallica17 @YearRooster @wiguy45 @RedStateJimy @TorCSis @YellowstoneRan1 @MyGalFriday2 @Tom_Neverwinter @MessianicJew2 @HuggyKitty @Riskographer2 @kellyesorelle @WontBeSilent2 @itsaboutdamnti1 @MRSRedVoteR @DevinNunesMulet @savageintellec2 @suckitjackbootz @octopus_teach @EricR42 @AgainTt45 @StanPennington8 @PNGEtrades @777_Shredder @David4677484957 @angry_mema @jyurgealitis @jeffcon12 @Anvndarnamn5 @AudreysAmerica @KD2NFC @PreviousDem @DangerousRyles @constit14834912 @Nitro1A @Angel_13_Rising Lol, snd Flea illustrated my point to me.
Btw, it was Flea who brought it up.

@AngryFleas @YellowstoneRan1 @GumbeauxMike @scottp33 @itisjustmebabe @TheGreyWolf17 @janeyK_KAG @f_kyburz @InfoGuru16 @NealRey50128337 @sherrylynnww1 @Can_ada @malo_j @silverstang59 @Mattallica17 @YearRooster @wiguy45 @RedStateJimy @TorCSis @MyGalFriday2 @Tom_Neverwinter @MessianicJew2 @HuggyKitty @Riskographer2 @kellyesorelle @WontBeSilent2 @itsaboutdamnti1 @MRSRedVoteR @DevinNunesMulet @savageintellec2 @suckitjackbootz @octopus_teach @EricR42 @AgainTt45 @StanPennington8 @PNGEtrades @777_Shredder @David4677484957 @angry_mema @jyurgealitis @jeffcon12 @Anvndarnamn5 @AudreysAmerica @KD2NFC @PreviousDem @DangerousRyles @constit14834912 @Nitro1A @Angel_13_Rising You’re coming off a lot like Dorit.

@AngryFleas @YellowstoneRan1 @GumbeauxMike @scottp33 @itisjustmebabe @TheGreyWolf17 @janeyK_KAG @f_kyburz @InfoGuru16 @NealRey50128337 @sherrylynnww1 @Can_ada @malo_j @silverstang59 @Mattallica17 @YearRooster @wiguy45 @RedStateJimy @TorCSis @MyGalFriday2 @Tom_Neverwinter @MessianicJew2 @HuggyKitty @Riskographer2 @kellyesorelle @WontBeSilent2 @itsaboutdamnti1 @MRSRedVoteR @DevinNunesMulet @savageintellec2 @suckitjackbootz @octopus_teach @EricR42 @AgainTt45 @StanPennington8 @PNGEtrades @777_Shredder @David4677484957 @angry_mema @jyurgealitis @jeffcon12 @Anvndarnamn5 @AudreysAmerica @KD2NFC @PreviousDem @DangerousRyles @constit14834912 @Nitro1A @Angel_13_Rising What user Flea?

If you were pro-COVID-19 vaccine at one time and changed your mind, what evidence tipped the scales against the vaccines for you? Links if possible. #IChangedMyMind

@Muller_Lab RaTG13 is not the right backbone. Seek HKU-3-3. It has the functional motif pattern of SCV2, not SCV1. RATG13 has the functional motif pattern of SCV1.

@YellowstoneRan1 @AngryFleas @GumbeauxMike @scottp33 @itisjustmebabe @TheGreyWolf17 @janeyK_KAG @f_kyburz @InfoGuru16 @NealRey50128337 @sherrylynnww1 @Can_ada @malo_j @silverstang59 @Mattallica17 @YearRooster @wiguy45 @RedStateJimy @TorCSis @MyGalFriday2 @Tom_Neverwinter @MessianicJew2 @HuggyKitty @Riskographer2 @kellyesorelle @WontBeSilent2 @itsaboutdamnti1 @MRSRedVoteR @DevinNunesMulet @savageintellec2 @suckitjackbootz @octopus_teach @EricR42 @AgainTt45 @StanPennington8 @PNGEtrades @777_Shredder @David4677484957 @angry_mema @jyurgealitis @jeffcon12 @Anvndarnamn5 @AudreysAmerica @KD2NFC @PreviousDem @DangerousRyles @constit14834912 @Nitro1A @Angel_13_Rising I tried redirecting Flea twice. Flea is illustrating my point in real time.
I guess Flea doesn’t like the stats I uncovered.

@AngryFleas @GumbeauxMike @scottp33 @itisjustmebabe @TheGreyWolf17 @janeyK_KAG @f_kyburz @InfoGuru16 @NealRey50128337 @sherrylynnww1 @Can_ada @malo_j @silverstang59 @Mattallica17 @YearRooster @wiguy45 @RedStateJimy @TorCSis @YellowstoneRan1 @MyGalFriday2 @Tom_Neverwinter @MessianicJew2 @HuggyKitty @Riskographer2 @kellyesorelle @WontBeSilent2 @itsaboutdamnti1 @MRSRedVoteR @DevinNunesMulet @savageintellec2 @suckitjackbootz @octopus_teach @EricR42 @AgainTt45 @StanPennington8 @PNGEtrades @777_Shredder @David4677484957 @angry_mema @jyurgealitis @jeffcon12 @Anvndarnamn5 @AudreysAmerica @KD2NFC @PreviousDem @DangerousRyles @constit14834912 @Nitro1A @Angel_13_Rising Wow. That’s quite an admission.

@scottp33 @Can_ada @WontBeSilent2 @YearRooster @YellowstoneRan1 @InfoGuru16 @GumbeauxMike @AngryFleas @f_kyburz @TheGreyWolf17 @janeyK_KAG @NealRey50128337 @sherrylynnww1 @malo_j @silverstang59 @Mattallica17 @wiguy45 @RedStateJimy @TorCSis @MyGalFriday2 @Tom_Neverwinter @MessianicJew2 @HuggyKitty @Riskographer2 @kellyesorelle @itsaboutdamnti1 @MRSRedVoteR @DevinNunesMulet @savageintellec2 @suckitjackbootz @octopus_teach @EricR42 @AgainTt45 @StanPennington8 @PNGEtrades @777_Shredder @David4677484957 @angry_mema @jyurgealitis @jeffcon12 @Anvndarnamn5 @AudreysAmerica @KD2NFC @PreviousDem @DangerousRyles @constit14834912 @Nitro1A @Angel_13_Rising @EarthOne_13 @crazyjo43424351 Explained to you twice and you still are incapable of comprehending.

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