Vaccine Debate

Vaccine Risk Aware vs Vaccine Risk Deniers

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Considering that I've not once spoken with him online or otherwise, and I know he followed me, this is funny.

Guess he wanted to hide from me before coming out and telling our movement to vote for Biden.

@Reflog_18 I'm going to blow your mind, but what if I told you the people against wearing masks are actually looking out for one another. 🤯They're never going to let us take them off & will continue to impose rules & restrictions. They're creating this #newnormal & it frankly sucks.

@DonaldJTrumpJr And they wonder why people are leaving in droves. Cuomo kicked 26,000 kids out of School to #NoMandates #FixVAERS #RepealImnunity #The1986Act

@scottpullins @GovMikeDeWine What this should tell everybody is all these rules & rituals have no foreseeable impact on slowing the spread of virus in his mind. So why are we forced to do those things? He also said wearing masks in urban areas has slowed the spread. He contradicts himself here.

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