Vaccine Debate

Vaccine Risk Aware vs Vaccine Risk Deniers

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@StefaniS_W @DemocratFed @InsideVaccines @nickcantone @RealCandaceO @uTobian @Concernsb276 @Nurse4freedom @NVICLoeDown @JesseBWatters @Alihamideh1988 @cultivatediq @DrKND Imagine if any Government Officials had listened to her, other MD’s, Scientists, Pharmacists, Parents or the abundant amount of Science?! This was from 2011 & now we are at 1 in 36 at the least. It’s CRIMINAL @POTUS

@DemocratFed @StefaniS_W @InsideVaccines @nickcantone @RealCandaceO @uTobian @Concernsb276 @Nurse4freedom @NVICLoeDown @JesseBWatters @Alihamideh1988 @cultivatediq @DrKND @NickCatone

@TfSfmark One of the most egregious forms of bullshit and unscientific exercises. I support a majority of vaccines and this highly biased promotional material is unacceptable. This type of information undermines credibility from its developers and associates & hinder vaccine confidence!

@eileeniorio @mshatchd Understanding #hpvvax development requires one to look objectively at science supporting it. We are taught to meticulously scrutinize neuro, immune, & lymphatics for safety red flags. The fact that 594 subjects were Rx saline placebo is astonishing & very atypical. #safetyrecord

@PukitaSenate Hi Mark. I'd like to know your stance on mandatory vaccinations & removal of exemptions which is a hot topic nationally. I've been less than impressed with our current Senators stance on the matter. I've reached out to both- Brown sends boilerplate response Portman no response.

@usnehal @DrJRubenstein @ETSshow @PeterHotez @ZDoggMD @paulbloomatyale And you are doing it right now. Calling parents who have witnessed horrific reactions to vaccine products in their children "crazy" & parroting a pharma-manufactured story that it's not "vaccine injury" creating opposition but a 20 year old study.

@kenjaques @harrietKay5 @tylerblack32 #Lifestylemedicine includes lifestyle interventions as a primary focus; however, the approach does not exclude conventional medicine interventions

@usnehal @DrJRubenstein @ETSshow @PeterHotez @ZDoggMD @paulbloomatyale First off, "anti-vaxx" is a smear term, not an accurate descriptor of those who either speak out about COIs, science holes, poor vaccine safety standards, lack of industry liability, or who make a decision to decline one or more risk-carrying, sold-for-profit vaccine products.

@NatCounterPunch People are speculating 20 republicans may join democrats to remove trump so that pence can initiate a war with iran. Nightmare scenario.

@irminne Fads don't make "top 10" lists; however, it's "dietary patterns" that provide a favorable health ratio are ideal. Predominantly whole-food plant-based fares best in health outcomes data. Not saying an individual who rarely consumes lean meat is harmed.#biologymatters

Murayama, H.; Shin, R.W.; Higuchi, J.; Shibuya, S.; Muramoto, T.; Kitamoto, T. Interaction of aluminum with
PHFtau in Alzheimer's disease neurofibrillary degeneration
evidenced by desferrioxamine-assisted chelating autoclave
method. Am. J. Pathol., 1999, 155(3), 877-885.

Tell @GovLarryHogan how you feel about pushing #Gardasil to our kids in #Maryland: @GuyGuzzone @DelMaggie43 @DelegateKaiser
@SenatorZucker @JohnSarbanes @KumarBarve @Christian_Miele

@joejoe80495073 @epochchanger @realDonaldTrump @marwilliamson @RobertKennedyJr Vaccines are a volatile issue if you haven't noticed. He would have killed his chances of a 2nd term if he pushed this. And he has been dealing with all kinds of other shit if you havent noticed...WHEN he wins he has nothing to lose. Not too hard to understand. 🤷‍♀️

Why is @MDHealthDept lying about Australian data for cervical cancer? Could it be the $150 million in secret, out of state funding used to push this garbage into our #Maryland kids? @EricEbersole @PaulPinsky @Nick_Mosby @WhipTBranch @Del_Cullison

@joejoe80495073 @epochchanger @realDonaldTrump @marwilliamson If & WHEN Trump gets reelected he can finally do something as he has nothing to lose. Sorry you can't see he's our only hope on this issue.

@joejoe80495073 @epochchanger @realDonaldTrump I assure you there isn't a single democratic potential candidate that will address your one issue. @marwilliamson may have but she dropped out. The blowback she got for what she said about vaccines caused her to walk it back.

@jsmuir_ @Rectitude20 @kenjaques My mentors taught me to listen & be supportive, ask questions and guide. Assess and win their respect. These ideals have served me well. #love #listen #gratitude #respect

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