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Vaccine Risk Aware vs Vaccine Risk Deniers

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@SpartanAvenueFS Thank goodness Twitter wasn't a thing when Nick Saban left for LSU in the middle of the night.😳 I think there probably would have been more than a few Spartan fans crying about it a week or two later. πŸ˜‰

@SavIris1 Your son is very cute. I hope he recovers from the flu quickly. I hope you realize most of the people commenting did vaccinate their children until something terrible happened. We are not bad people. We are people who learned a very harsh lesson. You might want to listen & think.

@TACAfoundation Epidemiological data can not determine the etiology of regressive autism and, therefore, can not be used with certainty to say vaccines are not culpable.

Unfortunately, when one teases apart the methodology of autism studies, one can also see they’re riddled w/ gaping holes.

@SassCBrown @Jeffhull71 I'm glad she's doing better. 😊

Hope she never has a seizure again. My son is a non verbal adult who started having tonic clonic ( grand mal) seizures 3 years ago. They are VERY SCARY.

@chrislibertynow The downloaded 4 sequences of "SARS" published in 2005 (Chinese scientists), created a consensus of the virus, and infected mouse cells to study it. Evidently neither the Chinese scientists nor the NCU researchers knew that had a SARS CoV 19 virus among the four. I found that.

@bluehatman @WHO @CDCgov Yes - we need to track who had a previous SARS infection to see if they are at higher risk of severe illness and death. NB @CityNews

Actually, I'm not amazed, give its capture by pharma and its entire embargo on investigative journalism in this topic arena. Just further dismayed. @mtaibbi @lhfang @joelving @caitoz

@JHowardBrainMD @GeoffSchuler @MaryanneDemasi @ProfTimNoakes @DrEades @eatmostlyfatali @FatEmperor @PGtzsche1 @drjoesDIYhealth @FructoseNo @drjasonfung @zoeharcombe @fgodlee When you can't respond to the argument, attack the credibility of the arguer.

@AmberGhost97 they put their faith where their faith should not be. it is not just Trump, nearly the entire political leadership of USA supports head-choppers, christian crucifiers, muslim radicals who would destroy USA if they could.

The more I read tweets under the #autism the more I'm convinced the Autism Spectrum is a distraction to cover up something(s) driving all this brain dysfunction.
To think many of us never even heard the word until Rainman came out in 1988. Now everyone & their brother has "it" πŸ€”

@KelleyBVlahos in defense of the military - it is the political leaders who create unwinnable wars. Example - our soldiers in Korea performed extraordinarily well, & few were West Pointers, Macarthur was a West Pointer & certainly a leader with a mind towards victory there.

Top item for AAP rep who refers to parents advocating for right of their non-ill kids to attend school "anti-vaxxers"? Many of whom already vax-injured? Meeting w/ #NewYork legislators to lobby them on behalf of AAP to oppose efforts to reinstate that stolen right. @DemocratFed

@KelleyBVlahos things are so bad in the US military that it is not prudent for we Americans to even trust their loyalty to us. ever considered what they did in mind-control programs? they took little american children & gave them to pedophiles ... for national security????

@KelleyBVlahos under the Articles we were allowed to be free Americans. Under the Constitution we are United Statians which means slaves. Repeal the US Constitution of 1789, revert to the Articles ratified in 1781.

@KelleyBVlahos West Point has tradition & history that should inspire any American. But like any institution that takes orders from Washington there is going to be certain amount of negativity & failure occur over time. We should go back to The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union.

@Menkvi @mideastrising we've enabled private banks to create money thus we're throwing money at them & its a failure. We're throwing money at military, intelligence, police & its a failure. We're throwing money at medical community & its a failure. We're throwing money at universities, also failure.

part of our problem with history is our problem with religious belief. We don't understand that all people are flawed, that we only aspire to be good, yet always fail. Hence we must condemn all who are not purified by proper political standards (communists).

a normal slave-owner would've sold his excess slaves. But not Washington. He resolved when he took ownership of slaves never to sell or trade them except for family reunification - & when they requested it.

Washington instructed his family to allow all slaves who wanted freedom to have it on his death. Very few accepted the offer immediately. But over 30 years all of them did. during that time they received free education including equivalent of university level tutoring.

it was illegal to be a free black person in Virginia when Washington lived. Freeing his slaves probably would've ended the lives for most of them or at least made their lives very brutal.

By making this man his companion & putting him front & center to record the events of important meetings Washington was defying racial prejudices of the day. Others were forced to accept him as Washington was the great leader.

Washington had a slave he used as a secretary. The man would be dressed in the fine clothes reserved for gentlemen of the day. He accompanied Washington to important meetings with important people. Washington set example of treating this man as an equal & giving him a role.

Washington started a business, a whiskey distillery, to keep his slaves employed. his business became america's #1 whiskey distillery. he wasn't going to sell his slaves, because he knew they'd be mistreated. he only did so when 1 wanted to be transferred to another plantation

Washington insisted on education for all his slaves, paid for by Washington. His plantation was a place where blacks were respected & their population grew until there were 3 times as many needed to work the land.

Washington was an early opponent of slavery. He only became a slave-owner due to marrying into a family that owned slaves. He's said to be guilty because he took a wife. he refused to sell or trade slaves without their permission.

George Washington was a very important leader that is well worth studying & appreciating. he was also by-the-way extremely popular among black Americans of his day. 25% of his army was black at Yorktown (the last battle of war).

Christopher Columbus is a hero of Italian-americans & represents the great migration of europeans to america. This should be respected, not denigrated.

Scandinavians developed a unique, very admirable & successful way of doing things. Men who defended Alamo were heros & very noble. the culture developed by white people should be respected & appreciated. english people have done many noble things in their history.

our civilization is being destroyed (from the top) when history can't be studied & when myths are developed in order to slander our past.

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