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Vax Pushers, Vax Supremacists, Vax Trolls, Vax Groupies, and Vax Worshippers.

Vax Pushers work to use the government to steal away rights from individuals in the name of greater good to the benefit of Big Pharma.

In order to achieve their agenda they must smear, discredit, and dehumanize all those who bring attention to the risks of the vaccine program.

@barryjohnreid21 @JestrBob @MacBaird13 @BeckyJohnson222 @100Dianne @ianfmusgrave @mcfunny @Gardeniagal4 @KatLaRue7 @TheTwistedFay @KayVonPaul @RCPrentice @organicdot @thefoxygoddess @Monstercoyliar @janem1276 @StopVaxxedLies @LG28640297 @RisetteMD @NicArt24 @rainmc @jkellyca @HaircutSpock @PJMoore1958 @dad_liams @garylasereyez @BoastIra @GeoffSchuler @SMcwoof @PaulVCooper1 @chaoticsx2 @ChrisJohnsonMD @CiteretV @FrankDElia7 @MaggieC_95 @David_5705 @ThatBackwoodsB @HupperichWerner @JaneEOpie @HPVSideEffects @doritmi @VileThePro @MonstaTofu @Kathmarval @Jojofool1 @MikePeterson_TH @_mamadeb @krebiozen @Shared_facts @ilzheven True!

@hp2012tweets It’s looking better now!

I clearly was unaware that my “Oh this bite is a bit over-dramatic.” is other people’s “Go to A&E!”.

This sort of reaction to bites isn’t unheard of for me.

@redbreastedbird 😂😂😂
I read it and thought “Oh was a lovely puppy!”

Then: “Ooh! What’s the canine schedule?”

I am sadly obsessed.
Hope it goes well!

@JestrBob @MacBaird13 @BeckyJohnson222 @100Dianne @ianfmusgrave @mcfunny @Gardeniagal4 @KatLaRue7 @TheTwistedFay @KayVonPaul @RCPrentice @organicdot @barryjohnreid21 @thefoxygoddess @Monstercoyliar @janem1276 @StopVaxxedLies @LG28640297 @RisetteMD @NicArt24 @rainmc @jkellyca @HaircutSpock @PJMoore1958 @dad_liams @garylasereyez @BoastIra @GeoffSchuler @SMcwoof @PaulVCooper1 @chaoticsx2 @ChrisJohnsonMD @CiteretV @FrankDElia7 @MaggieC_95 @David_5705 @ThatBackwoodsB @HupperichWerner @JaneEOpie @HPVSideEffects @doritmi @VileThePro @MonstaTofu @Kathmarval @Jojofool1 @MikePeterson_TH @_mamadeb @krebiozen @Shared_facts @ilzheven This is sound advice. Having moved around the world a lot, it’s interesting to see the “lack of compatibility” of information transfer.

@LynnleeMavakay @kidoctr @RisetteMD @Sheldon_Walker_ Who is “he”? The author of that blog is a woman.

I know her very well, what with her being me and everything...

Which rather underlines the fact you didn’t read the blog.

@LynnleeMavakay @kidoctr @RisetteMD @Sheldon_Walker_ Who is “he”? The author of that blog is a woman.

I know her very well, what with her being me and everything...

Which rather underlines the fact you didn’t read the blog.

@tarahaelle Please don’t downplay the responsibility of being the banker during a game of Monopoly.
If there is even a hint of possible dishonesty in the dealings of the banker the whole game goes to wrack and ruin...

@LynnleeMavakay @RisetteMD @Sheldon_Walker_ @SimpleDay20 And it should be noted that it's been more than a decade since a new vaccine was added to the childhood vaccination schedule. And the last to be added was an adolescent vaccine. Your claim is not supported by the actual data.

@LynnleeMavakay @RisetteMD @Sheldon_Walker_ @SimpleDay20 We're talking about suggestions of "neurotoxicity" from birth. The moment of birth. There is no indication of this. #antivaxxers want to blame every thing that ever goes wrong with a child on #vaccines but reality simply doesn't support your claims.

@LynnleeMavakay @RisetteMD @Sheldon_Walker_ @SimpleDay20 Of course there's exposure prenatally - nobody on this planet has a zero level of aluminum in their body. Trying to use a false NOAEL - as you keep trying - suggests that even body burden from the moment of birth would exceed your "new MRL". That's complete nonsense.

@LynnleeMavakay @RisetteMD @Sheldon_Walker_ @SimpleDay20 Another attempt to be dismissive but you can't help yourself and dig yourself in deeper. I've seen #antivaxxers make this "wake up" claim for well over 2 decades. Only 1 thing is certain - you're really bad at predictions.

@LynnleeMavakay @RisetteMD @Sheldon_Walker_ @SimpleDay20 "If it wasn't true, it would have been retracted" is a logical fallacy. But by all means, continue.

@LynnleeMavakay @RisetteMD @Sheldon_Walker_ @SimpleDay20 (1) those citations were not toxicity studies. Period.
(2) the 3.4 claim is wrong when the studies didn't even use 17 mg/kg/day of AlCl3 and you know this
(3) there is zero evidence of neonates being born with neurotoxicity - that's just dumb.

@LynnleeMavakay @TinFoilAwards @RisetteMD @Sheldon_Walker_ You pretend to be a victim when the choice to read/reply to tweets is entirely on you. And, there you go again blaming someone else for your issues. You say "I'm done" all the time and then jump right back in and that's somehow my fault. You're at least predictable.

@LynnleeMavakay @TinFoilAwards @RisetteMD @Sheldon_Walker_ I'll feel free to respond to anyone's tweet that I wish. If the discussion is about you, you're also free to respond. Don't put your issues on me or blame someone else for your own failings.

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