Vax Pushers on Twitter

Vax Pushers, Vax Supremacists, Vax Trolls, Vax Groupies, and Vax Worshippers.

Vax Pushers work to use the government to steal away rights from individuals in the name of greater good to the benefit of Big Pharma.

In order to achieve their agenda they must smear, discredit, and dehumanize all those who bring attention to the risks of the vaccine program.

@nyob7714 @TruthTwt @Kathmarval @SkepticalMutant @cappsie @TeddyFreddy11 @TheFrankmanMN @Fritzandfrieda @TinFoilAwards @kidoctr @Monstercoyliar @drhenrymyman @kfunk937 @crabb_vicki @BlueLionBlog @Felicea @WendyOrent @doritmi @CBereel @krebiozen @immunotoxPhD @KStateTurk @2ManyOfUs @ChrisJohnsonMD @BetteanneCamag1 @hempyhope @Landau_18901 @BGLTHMND @Rogue_Soc_Psych @natedoromal @GeoffSchuler @Rosewind2007 @chaoticsx2 @djrazorgirl @KatLaRue7 @ianfmusgrave @microRNApro @LaLaRueFrench75 @LynnleeMavakay @FrankDElia7 @jkellyca @anniecherokee @AuriaZepherine @Flying_Shadowz @LightControl2 @Takethatdoctors @Caffeine_Sam @JaneEOpie @regina1775 I am guessing the dimwit has never tried to push cells through a needle

@thiischriis @crabb_vicki @stephaniecivel2 @jeffreyatucker @naomirwolf What is his coi? IF he even receives money? Someone showed a patent last night and he was not listed as an inventor...

Tinks? Are you OK?

This is the: “Sitting next to you is my equivalent of a BIG HUG!” cat...

She came and lay down touching my arm!

I think she’s glad the children are back at school?

@JenCornell1 I am so sorry that happened to your daughter. She deserves to be treated with respect! Please tell her the vast majority of folks would never do such a thing and appreciate her hard work.

@ben_cameron I met a lovely friend with her two little girls yesterday on the school run.
I had some fake roses left over from our Easter Egg display so made them into bouquets for the two of them, and dropped them round.
They ALL love pin badges, so I sent her a link to your website.

@EmmaSzewczak If you can’t swab the tonsils you can do the nostrils.
Same swab, both nostrils.
I checked with the help line and they confirmed this.
It’ll be a better result than a mangled attempted tonsil swab!
Also: those with nose aversion can just do throat.
Again, I checked.

Anyway: my mind says it could be anything? Any string of symbols which mean “all the books” but it happens to be G then the rest of the letters.
Anyway, I was thinking about how I thought and this came up.

But I know it’s a word, which means lots of books! A word that means to me printing and the concept of printing and wooden houses, and trees, and Germany (which might just be the G and the sound of the word)...
But not images, or text.
Go to type and it’s Gutenberg.

Trying to understand HOW I think. And...I was thinking about witch trials and thinking I should read the original text of Daemonologie.
Now, nowhere in my mind did the words Daemonologie or Gutenberg appear.
When I go to type Gutenberg, the word is never there?

@SmutClyde @WendyOrent “if the deade carcase be at any time thereafter handled by the murtherer, it wil gush out of bloud, as if the blud wer crying to the heauen for reuenge of the murtherer”

As any fule kno.

Our robot vacuum cleaner got trapped a beam of sunlight.

We have a vampire vac...


@ailsa_graham @carlsmythe Read their posts; if they're mostly about cryptocurrencies, with a few spammy replies on other topics, I think they're trying to attract replies and thus harvest followers. Or something like that. I don't think the crypto guy actually cared about this subject.

Could be wrong.

@TruthTwt @Kathmarval @SkepticalMutant @cappsie @TeddyFreddy11 @TheFrankmanMN @Fritzandfrieda @TinFoilAwards @kidoctr @Monstercoyliar @drhenrymyman @kfunk937 @crabb_vicki @BlueLionBlog @Felicea @WendyOrent @doritmi @CBereel @mcfunny @krebiozen @immunotoxPhD @KStateTurk @2ManyOfUs @ChrisJohnsonMD @BetteanneCamag1 @hempyhope @Landau_18901 @BGLTHMND @Rogue_Soc_Psych @natedoromal @Rosewind2007 @chaoticsx2 @djrazorgirl @KatLaRue7 @ianfmusgrave @microRNApro @LaLaRueFrench75 @LynnleeMavakay @FrankDElia7 @jkellyca @anniecherokee @AuriaZepherine @Flying_Shadowz @LightControl2 @Takethatdoctors @Caffeine_Sam @JaneEOpie @regina1775 What do you understand to be the difference between an excipient and an ingredient?

@ringothebaptist @_mtlFenix @DimensioT @TakeThatDarwin @DouglasSloane @umfpt @ikramu_ikramu @SimonC43174444 @misty4630 @markoftheD Please show some data where there is “measurable” C14 in diamond, and not organic contamination.

@TruthTwt @nyob7714 @Kathmarval @SkepticalMutant @cappsie @TeddyFreddy11 @TheFrankmanMN @Fritzandfrieda @TinFoilAwards @kidoctr @Monstercoyliar @drhenrymyman @kfunk937 @crabb_vicki @BlueLionBlog @Felicea @WendyOrent @doritmi @CBereel @krebiozen @immunotoxPhD @KStateTurk @2ManyOfUs @ChrisJohnsonMD @BetteanneCamag1 @hempyhope @Landau_18901 @BGLTHMND @Rogue_Soc_Psych @natedoromal @GeoffSchuler @Rosewind2007 @chaoticsx2 @djrazorgirl @KatLaRue7 @ianfmusgrave @microRNApro @LaLaRueFrench75 @LynnleeMavakay @FrankDElia7 @jkellyca @anniecherokee @AuriaZepherine @Flying_Shadowz @LightControl2 @Takethatdoctors @Caffeine_Sam @JaneEOpie @regina1775 There are no cells in any vaccine...

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