Vax Pushers on Twitter

Vax Pushers, Vax Supremacists, Vax Trolls, Vax Groupies, and Vax Worshippers.

Vax Pushers work to use the government to steal away rights from individuals in the name of greater good to the benefit of Big Pharma.

In order to achieve their agenda they must smear, discredit, and dehumanize all those who bring attention to the risks of the vaccine program.

@LisforLysander @MandyFelix90 @realMrDoggity @grizzleburt @The_OtherET @QuintonLucasKC @ianmSC You still haven't answered if child mortality and overall suicides went up or down in 2020.

It's like you prefer hyberbolic fear-mongering and panic porn over facts.

It's why this country is in bad shape. People just want to shout their bias not come to terms with truth.

@Austin_Realty @_mamadeb @AndrewLazarus4 @plantmann_1 @MsTrixter @mcfunny @Tony__Heller @swedishchf @meritocracy_ftw @TonyBaduy @rf121rf @ScienceNFreedom @FormerAntivax @ZaBong69 @Michael63746953 @crabb_vicki @DK25769559 @BruceFo43322941 @RadioColor @BigBopp75348974 @WendyOrent @provaxtexan @MarioMoney23 @bayouskeeter @handmadekathy @Kathmarval @arcon_ryan @joltdude @krebiozen @RedPanda74 @littleLishka @EntrepreneurFg @SkepticalMutant @100Dianne @FrankDElia7 @1_TMF_ @TakethatCt @ScepticalAussie @runningrabbit_1 @groin_hammer @marcus66508078 @DeoOmniaVincit @doritmi @nia3in @LandmineLenny @Just4TheCause @GeneTherapy68 @hauxton @vinnumbskull @PaulVCooper1 Citations needed

@brandon36383693 @SkepticalMutant @JestrBob @TakethatCt @mcfunny @provaxtexan @TonyBaduy @100Dianne @AlonzoLyons @krebiozen @doritmi @SanjayT11908708 @Shared_facts @FormerAntivax @swedishchf @MarioMoney23 @Kathmarval @1_TMF_ @FrankDElia7 @ScepticalAussie @runningrabbit_1 @groin_hammer @marcus66508078 @crabb_vicki @DeoOmniaVincit @littleLishka @handmadekathy @joltdude @AndrewLazarus4 @nia3in @LandmineLenny @Just4TheCause @GeneTherapy68 @hauxton @WendyOrent @MsTrixter @vinnumbskull @PaulVCooper1 @Tawdge @LauraDekker1 @_mamadeb @emartinez78987 @bgspence @MAhealthforkids @pleasetellmeM @TinFoilAwards @Angel_13_Rising @7_DSSEVEN @JamesElijahMill @Charitable_Fury It’s a meme. It’s bullshit.

@rf121rf @SkepticalMutant @Tony__Heller @_mamadeb @provaxtexan @WesternFreedom @doritmi @wiilsharaban @SeriousSkeptic @chickaboy @mcfunny @BrynRichards9 @Kathmarval @crabb_vicki @joltdude @TonyBaduy @krebiozen @MrDarcy1815 @TakethatCt @ChrisHaworth368 @covidcattle1 @swedishchf @AndrewLazarus4 @WendyOrent @AGTCnews @omotforest @plantmann_1 @CurfewX @MsTrixter @meritocracy_ftw @ScienceNFreedom @FormerAntivax @ZaBong69 @Michael63746953 @DK25769559 @BruceFo43322941 @RadioColor @BigBopp75348974 @MarioMoney23 @bayouskeeter @handmadekathy @arcon_ryan @RedPanda74 @littleLishka @EntrepreneurFg @100Dianne @FrankDElia7 @1_TMF_ @ScepticalAussie @GOP Courts asked Giuliani’s clown car lawyer team to provide the affidavits they claimed to have. They couldn’t.

@lareux24 @DoctorLunge @SWLVguy @CDCgov During the measles outbreaks, there were cases in vaccinated people, though a lot less. Because almost nothing is 100% effective. Two doses of MMR protect about 97% of people from measles. Full polio series 95%. That’s well in line with #COVID19 #vaccines.

@rf121rf @SkepticalMutant @_mamadeb @provaxtexan @WesternFreedom @doritmi @Tony__Heller @wiilsharaban @SeriousSkeptic @chickaboy @mcfunny @BrynRichards9 @Kathmarval @crabb_vicki @joltdude @TonyBaduy @krebiozen @MrDarcy1815 @TakethatCt @ChrisHaworth368 @covidcattle1 @swedishchf @AndrewLazarus4 @WendyOrent @AGTCnews @omotforest @plantmann_1 @CurfewX @MsTrixter @meritocracy_ftw @ScienceNFreedom @FormerAntivax @ZaBong69 @Michael63746953 @DK25769559 @BruceFo43322941 @RadioColor @BigBopp75348974 @MarioMoney23 @bayouskeeter @handmadekathy @arcon_ryan @RedPanda74 @littleLishka @EntrepreneurFg @100Dianne @FrankDElia7 @1_TMF_ @ScepticalAussie @GOP Trump tried to steal the election. He lost.

@EstesPga @AndrewLazarus4 @joltdude @SkepticalMutant @GenxlF @MsTrixter @BStardAlan @anthonycookppc @doritmi @chickaboy @_mamadeb @BrynRichards9 @Kathmarval @SeriousSkeptic @crabb_vicki @provaxtexan @TonyBaduy @krebiozen @MrDarcy1815 @TakethatCt @ChrisHaworth368 @swedishchf @WendyOrent @AGTCnews @omotforest @plantmann_1 @CurfewX @GeoffSchuler @meritocracy_ftw @ScienceNFreedom @FormerAntivax @ZaBong69 @Michael63746953 @DK25769559 @BruceFo43322941 @RadioColor @BigBopp75348974 @MarioMoney23 @bayouskeeter @handmadekathy @arcon_ryan @RedPanda74 @littleLishka @EntrepreneurFg @100Dianne @FrankDElia7 @1_TMF_ the CDC test being discontinued does not amplify influenza....

@rf121rf @_mamadeb @SkepticalMutant @MsTrixter @provaxtexan @WesternFreedom @doritmi @wiilsharaban @SeriousSkeptic @mcfunny @BrynRichards9 @Kathmarval @crabb_vicki @joltdude @TonyBaduy @krebiozen @MrDarcy1815 @TakethatCt @ChrisHaworth368 @covidcattle1 @swedishchf @AndrewLazarus4 @WendyOrent @AGTCnews @omotforest @plantmann_1 @CurfewX @meritocracy_ftw @ScienceNFreedom @FormerAntivax @ZaBong69 @Michael63746953 @DK25769559 @BruceFo43322941 @RadioColor @BigBopp75348974 @MarioMoney23 @bayouskeeter @handmadekathy @arcon_ryan @RedPanda74 @littleLishka @EntrepreneurFg @100Dianne @FrankDElia7 @1_TMF_ @ScepticalAussie @GOP Citations needed

@Austin_Realty @AndrewLazarus4 @plantmann_1 @MsTrixter @mcfunny @Tony__Heller @swedishchf @meritocracy_ftw @TonyBaduy @rf121rf @ScienceNFreedom @FormerAntivax @ZaBong69 @Michael63746953 @crabb_vicki @DK25769559 @BruceFo43322941 @RadioColor @BigBopp75348974 @WendyOrent @provaxtexan @MarioMoney23 @bayouskeeter @handmadekathy @Kathmarval @arcon_ryan @joltdude @krebiozen @RedPanda74 @littleLishka @EntrepreneurFg @_mamadeb @SkepticalMutant @100Dianne @FrankDElia7 @1_TMF_ @TakethatCt @ScepticalAussie @runningrabbit_1 @groin_hammer @marcus66508078 @DeoOmniaVincit @doritmi @nia3in @LandmineLenny @Just4TheCause @GeneTherapy68 @hauxton @vinnumbskull @PaulVCooper1 Which members of your family do you want to die so you can go out for coffee? Have you told them that you consider them expendable?

@thardman801 "Before Covid, what was the standard of CT’s found in a PCR test before getting a positive result in say… a flu test?"
I just showed you a flu test.

@EstesPga @AndrewLazarus4 @joltdude @SkepticalMutant @GenxlF @MsTrixter @BStardAlan @anthonycookppc @doritmi @chickaboy @_mamadeb @BrynRichards9 @Kathmarval @SeriousSkeptic @crabb_vicki @provaxtexan @TonyBaduy @krebiozen @MrDarcy1815 @TakethatCt @ChrisHaworth368 @swedishchf @WendyOrent @AGTCnews @omotforest @plantmann_1 @CurfewX @GeoffSchuler @meritocracy_ftw @ScienceNFreedom @FormerAntivax @ZaBong69 @Michael63746953 @DK25769559 @BruceFo43322941 @RadioColor @BigBopp75348974 @MarioMoney23 @bayouskeeter @handmadekathy @arcon_ryan @RedPanda74 @littleLishka @EntrepreneurFg @100Dianne @FrankDElia7 @1_TMF_ no, you are very confused....

@grizzleburt @RockHound47 @realMrDoggity @MandyFelix90 @The_OtherET @QuintonLucasKC @ianmSC You literally just wrote propaganda. This is a self-own.

A) Not proven
B) Not experimental (and it works!)
C) Do you not drive cars because "big auto industry" makes them?
D) Masks aren't useless
E) Question all you want but you can't change facts

@thardman801 the first one I found. (it was easy to find). this one uses a ct of 38.
BTW, ALL PCR is run 40-45 cycles.

@rf121rf @_mamadeb @SkepticalMutant @provaxtexan @WesternFreedom @doritmi @Tony__Heller @wiilsharaban @SeriousSkeptic @chickaboy @mcfunny @BrynRichards9 @Kathmarval @crabb_vicki @joltdude @TonyBaduy @krebiozen @MrDarcy1815 @TakethatCt @ChrisHaworth368 @covidcattle1 @swedishchf @AndrewLazarus4 @WendyOrent @AGTCnews @omotforest @plantmann_1 @CurfewX @MsTrixter @meritocracy_ftw @ScienceNFreedom @FormerAntivax @ZaBong69 @Michael63746953 @DK25769559 @BruceFo43322941 @RadioColor @BigBopp75348974 @MarioMoney23 @bayouskeeter @handmadekathy @arcon_ryan @RedPanda74 @littleLishka @EntrepreneurFg @100Dianne @FrankDElia7 @1_TMF_ @ScepticalAussie @GOP But you claim a police officer murdered a woman in the Capitol?

@rf121rf @SkepticalMutant @provaxtexan @WesternFreedom @doritmi @_mamadeb @Tony__Heller @wiilsharaban @SeriousSkeptic @chickaboy @mcfunny @BrynRichards9 @Kathmarval @crabb_vicki @joltdude @TonyBaduy @krebiozen @MrDarcy1815 @TakethatCt @ChrisHaworth368 @covidcattle1 @swedishchf @AndrewLazarus4 @WendyOrent @AGTCnews @omotforest @plantmann_1 @CurfewX @MsTrixter @meritocracy_ftw @ScienceNFreedom @FormerAntivax @ZaBong69 @Michael63746953 @DK25769559 @BruceFo43322941 @RadioColor @BigBopp75348974 @MarioMoney23 @bayouskeeter @handmadekathy @arcon_ryan @RedPanda74 @littleLishka @EntrepreneurFg @100Dianne @FrankDElia7 @1_TMF_ @ScepticalAussie @GOP For four years????

@EstesPga @joltdude @SkepticalMutant @GenxlF @MsTrixter @BStardAlan @anthonycookppc @doritmi @chickaboy @_mamadeb @BrynRichards9 @Kathmarval @SeriousSkeptic @crabb_vicki @provaxtexan @TonyBaduy @krebiozen @MrDarcy1815 @TakethatCt @ChrisHaworth368 @swedishchf @AndrewLazarus4 @WendyOrent @AGTCnews @omotforest @plantmann_1 @CurfewX @GeoffSchuler @meritocracy_ftw @ScienceNFreedom @FormerAntivax @ZaBong69 @Michael63746953 @DK25769559 @BruceFo43322941 @RadioColor @BigBopp75348974 @MarioMoney23 @bayouskeeter @handmadekathy @arcon_ryan @RedPanda74 @littleLishka @EntrepreneurFg @100Dianne @FrankDElia7 @1_TMF_ PCR does distinguish the 2. you have no clue what you are talking about.

@EstesPga @joltdude @SkepticalMutant @GenxlF @MsTrixter @BStardAlan @anthonycookppc @doritmi @chickaboy @_mamadeb @BrynRichards9 @Kathmarval @SeriousSkeptic @crabb_vicki @provaxtexan @TonyBaduy @krebiozen @MrDarcy1815 @TakethatCt @ChrisHaworth368 @swedishchf @AndrewLazarus4 @WendyOrent @AGTCnews @omotforest @plantmann_1 @CurfewX @GeoffSchuler @meritocracy_ftw @ScienceNFreedom @FormerAntivax @ZaBong69 @Michael63746953 @DK25769559 @BruceFo43322941 @RadioColor @BigBopp75348974 @MarioMoney23 @bayouskeeter @handmadekathy @arcon_ryan @RedPanda74 @littleLishka @EntrepreneurFg @100Dianne @FrankDElia7 @1_TMF_ false positives are less than 0.1%.

@rf121rf @SkepticalMutant @MsTrixter @provaxtexan @WesternFreedom @doritmi @_mamadeb @wiilsharaban @SeriousSkeptic @mcfunny @BrynRichards9 @Kathmarval @crabb_vicki @joltdude @TonyBaduy @krebiozen @MrDarcy1815 @TakethatCt @ChrisHaworth368 @covidcattle1 @swedishchf @AndrewLazarus4 @WendyOrent @AGTCnews @omotforest @plantmann_1 @CurfewX @meritocracy_ftw @ScienceNFreedom @FormerAntivax @ZaBong69 @Michael63746953 @DK25769559 @BruceFo43322941 @RadioColor @BigBopp75348974 @MarioMoney23 @bayouskeeter @handmadekathy @arcon_ryan @RedPanda74 @littleLishka @EntrepreneurFg @100Dianne @FrankDElia7 @1_TMF_ @ScepticalAussie @GOP You didn’t read my question. Try again.

@D52492108 @MsTrixter @TonyBaduy @AndrewLazarus4 @rf121rf @mcfunny @OrthDc @Kathmarval @doritmi @WesHamel @SkepticalMutant @Tony__Heller @provaxtexan @wiilsharaban @SeriousSkeptic @chickaboy @BrynRichards9 @_mamadeb @crabb_vicki @joltdude @krebiozen @MrDarcy1815 @TakethatCt @ChrisHaworth368 @covidcattle1 @swedishchf @WendyOrent @AGTCnews @omotforest @plantmann_1 @CurfewX @meritocracy_ftw @ScienceNFreedom @FormerAntivax @ZaBong69 @Michael63746953 @DK25769559 @BruceFo43322941 @RadioColor @BigBopp75348974 @MarioMoney23 @bayouskeeter @handmadekathy @arcon_ryan @RedPanda74 @littleLishka @EntrepreneurFg @100Dianne @FrankDElia7 @1_TMF_ Stop telling the truth?


@rf121rf @_mamadeb @SkepticalMutant @provaxtexan @WesternFreedom @doritmi @Tony__Heller @wiilsharaban @SeriousSkeptic @chickaboy @mcfunny @BrynRichards9 @Kathmarval @crabb_vicki @joltdude @TonyBaduy @krebiozen @MrDarcy1815 @TakethatCt @ChrisHaworth368 @covidcattle1 @swedishchf @AndrewLazarus4 @WendyOrent @AGTCnews @omotforest @plantmann_1 @CurfewX @MsTrixter @meritocracy_ftw @ScienceNFreedom @FormerAntivax @ZaBong69 @Michael63746953 @DK25769559 @BruceFo43322941 @RadioColor @BigBopp75348974 @MarioMoney23 @bayouskeeter @handmadekathy @arcon_ryan @RedPanda74 @littleLishka @EntrepreneurFg @100Dianne @FrankDElia7 @1_TMF_ @ScepticalAussie @GOP You need to provide evidence, or stop telling lies.

@EstesPga @joltdude @SkepticalMutant @GenxlF @MsTrixter @BStardAlan @anthonycookppc @doritmi @chickaboy @_mamadeb @BrynRichards9 @Kathmarval @SeriousSkeptic @crabb_vicki @provaxtexan @TonyBaduy @krebiozen @MrDarcy1815 @TakethatCt @ChrisHaworth368 @swedishchf @AndrewLazarus4 @WendyOrent @AGTCnews @omotforest @plantmann_1 @CurfewX @GeoffSchuler @meritocracy_ftw @ScienceNFreedom @FormerAntivax @ZaBong69 @Michael63746953 @DK25769559 @BruceFo43322941 @RadioColor @BigBopp75348974 @MarioMoney23 @bayouskeeter @handmadekathy @arcon_ryan @RedPanda74 @littleLishka @EntrepreneurFg @100Dianne @FrankDElia7 @1_TMF_ given my colleagues are actively working on this, and he is retired, i'll listen to my colleagues.

@EstesPga @joltdude @SkepticalMutant @GenxlF @MsTrixter @BStardAlan @anthonycookppc @doritmi @chickaboy @_mamadeb @BrynRichards9 @Kathmarval @SeriousSkeptic @crabb_vicki @provaxtexan @TonyBaduy @krebiozen @MrDarcy1815 @TakethatCt @ChrisHaworth368 @swedishchf @AndrewLazarus4 @WendyOrent @AGTCnews @omotforest @plantmann_1 @CurfewX @GeoffSchuler @meritocracy_ftw @ScienceNFreedom @FormerAntivax @ZaBong69 @Michael63746953 @DK25769559 @BruceFo43322941 @RadioColor @BigBopp75348974 @MarioMoney23 @bayouskeeter @handmadekathy @arcon_ryan @RedPanda74 @littleLishka @EntrepreneurFg @100Dianne @FrankDElia7 @1_TMF_ Where is the ADE? there is none.
The PCR works very well. this is not a casedemic.

@EstesPga @joltdude @SkepticalMutant @GenxlF @MsTrixter @BStardAlan @anthonycookppc @doritmi @chickaboy @_mamadeb @BrynRichards9 @Kathmarval @SeriousSkeptic @crabb_vicki @provaxtexan @TonyBaduy @krebiozen @MrDarcy1815 @TakethatCt @ChrisHaworth368 @swedishchf @AndrewLazarus4 @WendyOrent @AGTCnews @omotforest @plantmann_1 @CurfewX @GeoffSchuler @meritocracy_ftw @ScienceNFreedom @FormerAntivax @ZaBong69 @Michael63746953 @DK25769559 @BruceFo43322941 @RadioColor @BigBopp75348974 @MarioMoney23 @bayouskeeter @handmadekathy @arcon_ryan @RedPanda74 @littleLishka @EntrepreneurFg @100Dianne @FrankDElia7 @1_TMF_ he is retired. he is incorrect. the vaccines are not killing ppl. there is no ADE.
I do listen to experts. they are my colleagues.

@rf121rf @SkepticalMutant @_mamadeb @provaxtexan @WesternFreedom @doritmi @Tony__Heller @wiilsharaban @SeriousSkeptic @chickaboy @mcfunny @BrynRichards9 @Kathmarval @crabb_vicki @joltdude @TonyBaduy @krebiozen @MrDarcy1815 @TakethatCt @ChrisHaworth368 @covidcattle1 @swedishchf @AndrewLazarus4 @WendyOrent @AGTCnews @omotforest @plantmann_1 @CurfewX @MsTrixter @meritocracy_ftw @ScienceNFreedom @FormerAntivax @ZaBong69 @Michael63746953 @DK25769559 @BruceFo43322941 @RadioColor @BigBopp75348974 @MarioMoney23 @bayouskeeter @handmadekathy @arcon_ryan @RedPanda74 @littleLishka @EntrepreneurFg @100Dianne @FrankDElia7 @1_TMF_ @ScepticalAussie @GOP Pence followed your Constitution. You, apparently, don’t.

@EstesPga @joltdude @SkepticalMutant @GenxlF @MsTrixter @BStardAlan @anthonycookppc @doritmi @chickaboy @_mamadeb @BrynRichards9 @Kathmarval @SeriousSkeptic @crabb_vicki @provaxtexan @TonyBaduy @krebiozen @MrDarcy1815 @TakethatCt @ChrisHaworth368 @swedishchf @AndrewLazarus4 @WendyOrent @AGTCnews @omotforest @plantmann_1 @CurfewX @GeoffSchuler @meritocracy_ftw @ScienceNFreedom @FormerAntivax @ZaBong69 @Michael63746953 @DK25769559 @BruceFo43322941 @RadioColor @BigBopp75348974 @MarioMoney23 @bayouskeeter @handmadekathy @arcon_ryan @RedPanda74 @littleLishka @EntrepreneurFg @100Dianne @FrankDElia7 @1_TMF_ he is FOS.

@rf121rf @Tony__Heller @SkepticalMutant @_mamadeb @provaxtexan @WesternFreedom @doritmi @wiilsharaban @SeriousSkeptic @chickaboy @mcfunny @BrynRichards9 @Kathmarval @crabb_vicki @joltdude @TonyBaduy @krebiozen @MrDarcy1815 @TakethatCt @ChrisHaworth368 @covidcattle1 @swedishchf @AndrewLazarus4 @WendyOrent @AGTCnews @omotforest @plantmann_1 @CurfewX @MsTrixter @meritocracy_ftw @ScienceNFreedom @FormerAntivax @ZaBong69 @Michael63746953 @DK25769559 @BruceFo43322941 @RadioColor @BigBopp75348974 @MarioMoney23 @bayouskeeter @handmadekathy @arcon_ryan @RedPanda74 @littleLishka @EntrepreneurFg @100Dianne @FrankDElia7 @1_TMF_ @ScepticalAussie @GOP Citations needed

@EstesPga @joltdude @GenxlF @SkepticalMutant @MsTrixter @BStardAlan @anthonycookppc @doritmi @chickaboy @_mamadeb @BrynRichards9 @Kathmarval @SeriousSkeptic @crabb_vicki @provaxtexan @TonyBaduy @krebiozen @MrDarcy1815 @TakethatCt @ChrisHaworth368 @swedishchf @AndrewLazarus4 @WendyOrent @AGTCnews @omotforest @plantmann_1 @CurfewX @GeoffSchuler @meritocracy_ftw @ScienceNFreedom @FormerAntivax @ZaBong69 @Michael63746953 @DK25769559 @BruceFo43322941 @RadioColor @BigBopp75348974 @MarioMoney23 @bayouskeeter @handmadekathy @arcon_ryan @RedPanda74 @littleLishka @EntrepreneurFg @100Dianne @FrankDElia7 @1_TMF_ the evidence doesn't show that.

@rf121rf @Kathmarval @_mamadeb @SkepticalMutant @provaxtexan @WesternFreedom @doritmi @Tony__Heller @wiilsharaban @SeriousSkeptic @chickaboy @mcfunny @BrynRichards9 @crabb_vicki @joltdude @TonyBaduy @krebiozen @MrDarcy1815 @TakethatCt @ChrisHaworth368 @covidcattle1 @swedishchf @AndrewLazarus4 @WendyOrent @AGTCnews @omotforest @plantmann_1 @CurfewX @MsTrixter @meritocracy_ftw @ScienceNFreedom @FormerAntivax @ZaBong69 @Michael63746953 @DK25769559 @BruceFo43322941 @RadioColor @BigBopp75348974 @MarioMoney23 @bayouskeeter @handmadekathy @arcon_ryan @RedPanda74 @littleLishka @EntrepreneurFg @100Dianne @FrankDElia7 @1_TMF_ @ScepticalAussie @GOP Citations needed

@EstesPga @joltdude @SkepticalMutant @GenxlF @MsTrixter @BStardAlan @anthonycookppc @doritmi @chickaboy @_mamadeb @BrynRichards9 @Kathmarval @SeriousSkeptic @crabb_vicki @provaxtexan @TonyBaduy @krebiozen @MrDarcy1815 @TakethatCt @ChrisHaworth368 @swedishchf @AndrewLazarus4 @WendyOrent @AGTCnews @omotforest @plantmann_1 @CurfewX @GeoffSchuler @meritocracy_ftw @ScienceNFreedom @FormerAntivax @ZaBong69 @Michael63746953 @DK25769559 @BruceFo43322941 @RadioColor @BigBopp75348974 @MarioMoney23 @bayouskeeter @handmadekathy @arcon_ryan @RedPanda74 @littleLishka @EntrepreneurFg @100Dianne @FrankDElia7 @1_TMF_ I hope you understand you should stick to your lane. you are spreading misinformation.

@rf121rf @SkepticalMutant @_mamadeb @provaxtexan @WesternFreedom @doritmi @Tony__Heller @wiilsharaban @SeriousSkeptic @chickaboy @mcfunny @BrynRichards9 @Kathmarval @crabb_vicki @joltdude @TonyBaduy @krebiozen @MrDarcy1815 @TakethatCt @ChrisHaworth368 @covidcattle1 @swedishchf @AndrewLazarus4 @WendyOrent @AGTCnews @omotforest @plantmann_1 @CurfewX @MsTrixter @meritocracy_ftw @ScienceNFreedom @FormerAntivax @ZaBong69 @Michael63746953 @DK25769559 @BruceFo43322941 @RadioColor @BigBopp75348974 @MarioMoney23 @bayouskeeter @handmadekathy @arcon_ryan @RedPanda74 @littleLishka @EntrepreneurFg @100Dianne @FrankDElia7 @1_TMF_ @ScepticalAussie @GOP The truth has come out. Trump lost.

@LisforLysander @realMrDoggity @grizzleburt @MandyFelix90 @The_OtherET @QuintonLucasKC @ianmSC I'm not discounting that the pandemic caused mental stress.

Regardless of lockdown policy that occurred.

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