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Vax Pushers, Vax Supremacists, Vax Trolls, Vax Groupies, and Vax Worshippers.

Vax Pushers work to use the government to steal away rights from individuals in the name of greater good to the benefit of Big Pharma.

In order to achieve their agenda they must smear, discredit, and dehumanize all those who bring attention to the risks of the vaccine program.

@justin_hart @mauveTriforce Justin why do you keep dodging why we don't see these same type of shootings in heavily locked down UK, New Zealand or Australia?

@justin_hart @faktuellt It's easy to forget a LOT happened in 2020. A contentious election with Trump, George Floyd protests....

And there was also a pandemic that killed more in 13 months than flu deaths in 13 years combined.

But "lockdowns caused all bad things" is where you're going? SMH

What to do to avoid becoming an #abortion criminal — my advice on how to keep the anti-women police from prosecuting women who are seeking their right to reproductive freedom. #AbortionIsHealthcare

@justin_hart @faktuellt So @justin_hart considering Florida saw a 37% increase in drug overdose deaths while New Jersey saw a 1.1% increase and the biggest increases in homicides were n Montana (+84%), South Dakota (+81%), Delaware (+62%) & Kentucky (+61%) does this correlate to lockdown policies?

@Danadubose03 He wasn't in school then.

If you're claiming other countries don't have mass shootings because of guns, then you finally are speaking truth!

It's the GUNS not lockdowns.

I do not know what the problem is, but I'm not getting notifications when I'm mentioned. The last one is from a week ago. Maybe my comments about Elon Musk have got me banned to the ether.

I get that it’s more responsible in a myriad of ways to go to organised fireworks displays BUT anyone know anything about BEES?


@DarthBoras @EyesOfSurprise @RepSwalwell The “home defense” line of bullshit is a pretext for maintaining extreme political and societal instability through the massive proliferation of dangerous weapons

@dasboofs @Meagain10411919 @SarahBasson4 I care that information was presented to the public in a way that could be misunderstood, but I'm royally pissed that the people you listen to are deliberately promulgating dangerous disinformation.

@dasboofs @Meagain10411919 @SarahBasson4 No, it wasn't. Nobody who understands science looks to a single person for evidence. Nobody. It's the gullible and scientifically illiterate who think that one person is always right and can be believed without question.

@justin_hart @snorman1776 I guess extremely-online groupies pretend to LARP as "data analysts" while unemployed wedding photographers & comedians have to own them daily with hard #facts.

@LifeAfterWEF @jtmayes3 @richykirsh @AndrewLazarus4 @djchicus @FvckYourFear @reacharoundu @JimeeLiberty @andylumm @JonathanHannah @Dominos20076133 @FillmoreWhite @carlsmythe @AlbertRodz5 @SkepticalMutant @mpc_xetts @FoolanderWorld @chimera414 @TonyBaduy @fadgesniffer @JamesLynchGTC @krebiozen @doom37455413 @Jaytee116James @nuhope2022 @Mr_Magoo5 @ShockTraumaRN @WalterTAllen @Alex_on_A14 @paramaniac9 @Theonew16516042 @expose_the_dog @mcfunny @lazlowoodbine42 @malo_j @dann58638436 @WilliamMarsWard @NewSouthPhoto @volpiranyas @Frosty69B @raouldukeerik @Tryingmypatient @kevinault @AlBowers1 @Willard1951 @PremierImproves @iiiiii_x_iiiiii @AspAlaAsnAsnTyr @provaxtexan @isthisnetaken I got the vaccines.
I didn’t get sick from them at all.
I went to an awesome concert last weekend and a few days later got a notification that someone I was standing near tested positive for Covid.
I didn’t get Covid.

Masks, vaccines and ventilation for the win!

@AspAlaAsnAsnTyr @LifeAfterWEF @kevinault @TonyBaduy @andylumm @krebiozen @PremierImproves @JonathanHannah @raouldukeerik @AndrewLazarus4 @FvckYourFear @CastorT26371809 @AngryFleas @dakroot @ShockTraumaRN @richykirsh @chimera414 @FukCorbyn @SkepticalMutant @isabelltemple @provaxtexan @TMzedg @KStateTurk @WendyOrent @doom37455413 @JonesBonus @mpc_xetts @lazlowoodbine42 @mcfunny @dann58638436 @malo_j @volpiranyas @BhChillin76 @Tryingmypatient @Jaytee116James @JamesLynchGTC @paramaniac9 @nuhope2022 @AlBowers1 @Willard1951 @iiiiii_x_iiiiii @Alex_on_A14 @isthisnetaken @itisjustmebabe @Diar380 @AuschwitzMuseum And bigots against one group are usually bigots against other groups

@justin_hart @justin_hart please address this question you have dodged multiple times.

Most countries had lockdowns. Do we see increases in mass shootings in other countries?

@LifeAfterWEF @andylumm @FvckYourFear @carlsmythe @djchicus @AndrewLazarus4 @reacharoundu @JimeeLiberty @JonathanHannah @Dominos20076133 @FillmoreWhite @AlbertRodz5 @SkepticalMutant @mpc_xetts @FoolanderWorld @chimera414 @TonyBaduy @fadgesniffer @richykirsh @JamesLynchGTC @krebiozen @doom37455413 @Jaytee116James @nuhope2022 @Mr_Magoo5 @ShockTraumaRN @WalterTAllen @Alex_on_A14 @paramaniac9 @Theonew16516042 @expose_the_dog @mcfunny @lazlowoodbine42 @malo_j @dann58638436 @WilliamMarsWard @NewSouthPhoto @volpiranyas @Frosty69B @raouldukeerik @Tryingmypatient @kevinault @AlBowers1 @Willard1951 @PremierImproves @iiiiii_x_iiiiii @AspAlaAsnAsnTyr @provaxtexan @isthisnetaken @itisjustmebabe Nobody claimed that but you and your merry band of misery-makers

@justin_hart Stop cherry-picking. We're discussing mass shooting like yesterday.

In order to make your claim valid you need to provide evidence that proves causation everywhere, not just in the USA.

And you have to prove these shootings didn't occur pre-COVID.

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