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Vax Pushers, Vax Supremacists, Vax Trolls, Vax Groupies, and Vax Worshippers.

Vax Pushers work to use the government to steal away rights from individuals in the name of greater good to the benefit of Big Pharma.

In order to achieve their agenda they must smear, discredit, and dehumanize all those who bring attention to the risks of the vaccine program.

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It's not about "protecting the children." Anti-trans bills now increasingly target adults ....

The War on Drugs has always been about racism and false assumptions. This surge puts our people into harm's way AND increases their risk of contracting the virus, for some bullshit republican idea that if poor people get a check, instead of paying the rent they'll buy drugs.

It's worse than bullshit, because you're out there, risking your life and the lives of your people and it DOESN'T MAKE ONE GODDAMNED IOTA OF DIFFERENCE.

The simple truth of the matter is that Americans love drugs and they're going to get them. No matter what.

For professional military, for US Navy Sailors and US Coast Guardsmen, counter narcotics deployments are the worse, most demoralizing, bullshit mission you can be sent to do. The people running the operation back in Key West undercut you at EVERY turn. It's ALL bullshit.

Drugs are a supply and demand market with just in time delivery. Meaning that your measure of effectiveness is the price on the street. And no matter how much you intercept, the price doesn't change significantly.

I.e. You're having NO effect at all.

The worst thing for drug cops would be the end of drug use.

There's so much fucking money, so much corruption, it's the wild west. There's NO accountability. Nobody knows what anybody else is doing. It's all bullshit, ALL of, everybody's hand in everybody's pocket.

And nobody wants you to. Not the DEA, not the BATF, not the FBI, or the CIA, or the cops, the Coast Guard, the Department of Homeland Security and sure as hell not Americans -- who fucking love all the drugs.

...this is complete bullshit. This deployment of military assets to stop drugs. It's a fucking joke.

I've done this mission. Boy, have I. It's worse than useless. You could deploy every navy ship and you wouldn't put a dent in the drug trade.

.@DEAHQ have been under active investigation by the US Department of Justice, and last year the department’s Office of the Inspector General released a report asserting “a dangerous shortage of oversight and accountability in the DEA.”

Last year, an agent was sentenced for falsifying gov records, perjury & stealing money from active suspects. This year another agent was convicted of accepting bribes from a drug trafficker & a 3rd was charged with accepting bribes in exchange for leaking confidential information

From a former ⁦@DEAHQ⁩ agent:

“You can’t win an unwinnable war. DEA knows this & agents know this. There’s so much dope…and there’s so much money. We know we’re not making a difference. The drug war is a game, a very fun game that we were playing.”

look at how references to race and racism have been removed from these Florida classroom materials prepared by Studies Weekly in an attempt to comply with a DeSantis policy restricting discussion of race

Marjorie Taylor Greene is actively supporting Vladimir Putin and Russia criticizing America on her social media.

MTG said if she had been in charge of January 6th the insurrection would have achieved the desired outcome.

She currently sits on the Oversight and Accountability…

Stewart: You basically are running on government is broken. And then when you get an office, you have to be terrible to prove the original premise like it must be great to be able to do that. This government doesn't work and by me, not funding it and breaking it. See?

Do I have this right?

Republicans, who ignored Congressional subpoenas during a legitimate investigation on the January 6th attack on our Capitol, now expect Democrats to comply with @GOP subpoenas over their sham witch-hunts designed to distract from January 6th?


@MaryKayMarrell1 @RoxineKing

@joanwalsh @kegill Well, no, because you see, to play that would be amplifying Trump and that's how he wins, you see. By hiding his open embrace of sedition and violence.

@sparkys22_chris @BurgerLab12 @Mr_Magoo5 @pawley_robert @CoralBlob @dave_odo @basil_ireton @SoiferErica @provaxtexan @carlsmythe @ghoppe @LiamKav @TakethatCt @crabb_vicki @Pouldeau61 @volpiranyas @TierraHenson @FUDyou2 @bolt_carl @_mamadeb @Nicoleg425 @doritmi @NottaLeftard @policing_uk @FrankDElia7 @Mchael21592783M @SkepticalMutant @NEvadto @XDCHaPG @Top_Muppetries @stevenmosher @Suesue2point0 @krebiozen @DPBeachNY @Monstercoyliar @vault_code @MicktheStick99 @Megalodon_16 @JimSatone @DapperScyphozoa @PTUK_US @AnzacMegan @CharlieGordon20 @LarcombePeter @FrancescoPanch0 @ZaynJaffer @slemar_ @4Freedoms4All @quesnel_john @ManCity Gubmit

@justin_hart But you said monitoring wasn’t checked? If so why was monitoring used for multiple studies on other vaccine issues such as myocarditis?

You’ve even shared some of those studies!

Pick one side of a talking point!

@sparkys22_chris @BurgerLab12 @Mr_Magoo5 @pawley_robert @CoralBlob @dave_odo @basil_ireton @SoiferErica @provaxtexan @carlsmythe @ghoppe @LiamKav @TakethatCt @crabb_vicki @Pouldeau61 @volpiranyas @TierraHenson @FUDyou2 @bolt_carl @_mamadeb @Nicoleg425 @doritmi @NottaLeftard @policing_uk @FrankDElia7 @Mchael21592783M @SkepticalMutant @NEvadto @XDCHaPG @Top_Muppetries @stevenmosher @Suesue2point0 @krebiozen @DPBeachNY @Monstercoyliar @vault_code @MicktheStick99 @Megalodon_16 @JimSatone @DapperScyphozoa @PTUK_US @AnzacMegan @CharlieGordon20 @LarcombePeter @FrancescoPanch0 @ZaynJaffer @slemar_ @4Freedoms4All @quesnel_john @ManCity But the vaccine is dEADlY...😂😂😂👍

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