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I support Mike Lindell because he’s a patriot, a Christian redemption testimony, and…the products are stellar. I own them all. Join me.

Use Promo Buzz.

We now have broad bipartisan support for suspending the gas tax. If it doesn’t happen next week it’s because Newsom is standing in the way.

#Breaking a runner at the @nyrr Brooklyn Half collapsed at the finish line this morning around 8:40 and later died at the hospital. Several others transported to the hospital for minor injuries according to the @fdny. This was the first running since 2019. @pix11news

TX: Happening now: @TXMilitary Soldiers are preparing to deploy razor wire on private property just outside of Eagle Pass under @GovAbbott #OperationLoneStar — Over the last 4 days roughly 600 migrants have crossed onto the property near the hydroplant according to officials.

Another group of migrants recused by border patrol from drowning in Rio Grande River moments ago.
Local law enforcement tells me they are finding 1-2 dead bodies per day in this river, and that's only the ones they can find

Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines told me today that the @YumaSheriff found the body of a deceased person on the border last night.

It’s the 21st body they’ve found since Jan. 1, Lines said.

@cityofyuma @JWLines

Followed multiple migrant groups from Piedras Negras into the river and followed them crossing into Eagle Pass. The current is very strong and several migrants were almost swept away. More updates to come @DailyCaller

@ericgarcetti parents hire lobbyists to make sure he has votes in Senate to get his Ambassadorship to India. Even HIS PARENTS WANT HIM OUT OF LA! #GoEric
@Johnnydontlike @RichardGrenell @BillFOXLA @ScottPresler @EricEarly_CA @larryelder @recallgavin2020 @nettermike @BillHemmer

How do I get rid of a really annoying bird right outside my bedroom window? I mean, I love animals and all, but I want to break bad.

The attacks against me should be viewed through a political lens – this is their standard (despicable) playbook – but nothing will deter me from fighting for a good future and your right to free speech

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