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The Chinese government assigned an American-Chinese operative disguised as Hunter’s secretary to feed him opposition research to help his dads 2020 election bid. Or at least that’s how one of the emails in the laptop from hell read.

In other words, a traitor committing treason.

Artur grew up in Poland behind the Iron Curtain. He warned me and my audience that all the horrible communist things he saw was coming to the West and coming fast.

He was right. Listen to the people who’ve survived communism. They’re all warning you and you’re not listening.

@ArtValley818_ Hard corrections in the market are always to be expected.

Don't even focus on the day to day, the 1 month chart shows how much growth it has experienced. You can never grow that much without drawing back a little.

Im buying the dips. Let's see where things are 1 month from now.

@ArtValley818_ God is everything. I used to be a pathetic Leftist atheist who didn't believe in God and my life was horribly miserable.

Once I became a right-wing Conservative with God in my heart my life and happiness have increased greatly!! God is so good!

This is not the time for our intelligence agencies and military branches to go soft. We have weak leadership, a divided country, a stagnant economy, and emboldened enemies. China is watching.

Handcuff our Police.

Defend and empower criminals.

Invite violent cartels into our neighborhoods through our open border.

Disarm law-abiding citizens.

Keep Americans locked in their homes.

Does anyone else see how DANGEROUS the Democrat agenda is to our freedoms??

Michelle Obama just said she fears for her daughters every time they get in a car due to racism. Give me a break! With all respect, they are the most privileged children in America right now.

Don’t be distracted. We still want info on Epstein’s flight logs, congressional hush money and Hunters laptop. Don’t let them change the subject.

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Recall Gavin Newsom
As of March 10, 2021