What Roger Koops Learned When he Audited the CDC

What Then Must We Do?

Bretigne Shaffer Podcast

As director of quality assurance, Roger Koops interacted closely with the FDA for many years. I speak with him in this episode about his experiences, the nature of that agency and about how the regulatory landscape has expanded and become more burdensome over time. He also tells about the time he was tasked with auditing the CDC, what that experience taught him, and what – if anything – that agency is good for.

We also discuss the problem of professional myopia in the world of science, and the implications that has for the rest of us.

Roger Koops is a contributing author for AIER, and is also a retired scientist, with a PhD in chemistry and over 25 years in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. He has authored or co-authored several papers on pharmaceutical technology and chemistry.

I spoke with Roger last month about why he doesn't plan to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

Original Source: https://pdcn.co/e/www.buzzsprout.com/756260/8417580-what-roger-koops-learned-when-he-audited-the-cdc.mp3?blob_id=38367369

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