Why The Public is Rejecting Moderna’s Nonscience


By Jefferey Jaxen

Moderna is an unproven company…some might even label it fly-by-night when compared to other vaccine manufacturers. Yet it was lavishly awarded the equivalent of a Willy Wonka golden ticket in the form of a coronavirus vaccine development contract by the U.S. government.

Last week the media fawned over the claims, made by Moderna in a simple press release, that the vaccine appears both safe and capable of efficacy.The company, which is developing the vaccine in collaboration with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), which Fauci leads, has yet to publish detailed results from the trial. In fact, Moderna hasn’t historically published its work in scientific journals, has never brought a vaccine to market and much of what it does disclose is only through press releases. Skeptical yet?

The media’s knee-jerk reaction initially praised the company and their early phase 1 results offering little to no counter balance other than to amplify a weak corporate press release filled with unscientific ramblings and non-transparent data. In fact, Moderna’s press release raised more questions than it worked to solve.

It took the corporate media, considered scientifically useless and a mostly vestigial remnant of something once important, days to realize they did zero investigation or journalism into Moderna’s claims.

When it comes to vaccines, StatNews is typically satisfied in their coverage, rarely caring to look beyond ‘safe and effective’ claims made by dubious players within Big Pharma and ‘revolving door’ regulatory agencies. Choosing to invest the lion’s share of its efforts into biased and discriminatory reporting to target those who question vaccine science, StatNews did exactly that…questioned Moderna’s vaccine ‘science.’

If the coronavirus fear wasn’t happening and anyone else asked the questions StatNews ask about Moderna in their piece, the outlet would have instantly labeled them ‘anti-vax’ misinformation. But times appear to be changing.   

Serving as an interim media lead for Moderna, Fauci made the media rounds attempting to soften the blow. Speaking to NPR he went full 1984 double speak:

“What we’re doing right now, and this is something that I think is going to be characteristic of multiple of the candidates that are being tested for a coronavirus vaccine, is that you even start investing and even making doses of the vaccine before you are completely sure that it works. So the risk is not to the patients, because the safety and the scientific integrity is intact,” he said. “The risk is to the investment.”

But the scientific integrity isn’t intact, its rushed, skipped, overlooked and rightfully questioned. And if you “begin making doses of the vaccine before you are completely sure that it works,” how is there no risk to the patients? And how is that considered intact safety?

The uncomfortable fact remains that when the already shaky paradigm of vaccine safety science is rushed by government edict, end users suffer. They pay with their lives with increased mortality and harms cause by lack of ‘gold standard’ testing and proper due diligence.

Moderna knows this. Dr. Fauci, Health and Human Services and even Bill Gates knows this. That is why they have all made concessions to ensure indemnity from liability for the coming wave of injuries and deaths caused by this someday-maybe vaccine unicorn.

It is only natural that allowing porous vaccine safety requirements in the past would eventually lead to a further erosion of already questionable scientific practices. Attempts by Modrena’s ‘science by press release’ strategy are now the latest attempt representing a new low water mark for all the world to see. At such a pivotal time for humanity, it is not a surprise that Moderna and others, over one hundred, in the race for a Coivd-19 vaccine, belonging to a coronavirus family notoriously difficult to create a vaccine against, would cut corners in their race to market. The fact that the media refuses to question this level of scientific depravity and U.S. government’s ‘operation warp speed’ is unflinchingly standing beside it as an accomplishment should be unnerving to anyone paying attention.

Original Source: https://www.jeffereyjaxen.com/blog/why-the-public-is-rejecting-modernas-nonscience

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