Biden Warns Media against Shopping ‘Conclusively Debunked’ Ukraine Corruption Allegations During Impeachment Trial

What exactly has been “debunked”? His son was paid $50,000 – $80,000 per month while senior Biden was the US Vice President. (Hunter joined the board right after he was kicked out of the Navy Reserve for cocaine use.)

(From The National Review)

Joe Biden has been insistent that there was no unethical behavior committed by his son while he was serving as point man for Ukraine relations in the Obama White House, despite countering claims of alleged corruption by President Trump and Republican allies.

Last month, he told Axios he would not look into the matter further because “I trust my son,” but in an interview with the New York Times editorial board released last week, Biden said he “didn’t realize” Hunter Biden had served on the board of Burisma “until after he had been on the board.”

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