China’s Massive Crony Capitalist ‘Belt and Road’ Summit, The USA Snubs


“Belt and Road” is the name given to China’s debt driven neo-colonialist crony works project. It seeks to make trade and regional domination easier for China. The effort stretches from China, to Malaysia (some would even say Australia) all the way to Italy (thanks to a recent Chinese/Italian agreement).

(From Zerohedge)

This week the US State Department confirmed it is snubbing China’s second major international Belt and Road summit, to be held in Beijing this month…

…“We will continue to raise concerns about opaque financing practices, poor governance, and disregard for internationally accepted norms and standards, which undermine many of the standards and principles that we rely upon to promote sustainable, inclusive development, and to maintain stability and a rules-based order,” said State Dept. spokesman Robert Palladino.

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