Do Covid Bailouts Favor “Blue” States Over “Red” States?

The “blue states” have been the most draconian in their response to Covid. As such their economies have suffered most and tax revenues have imploded. But these states have begged for aid instead of opening up. And to date the locked down states have gotten it. Plus they want much more.

(From The Wall Street Journal)

We calculated the per-capita annualized increase in transfer payments, and many Democratic-run states received nearly double what GOP-run states did: New Jersey ($14,033), Illinois ($9,223), New York ($9,030), California ($8,673), Washington ($8,511), Oregon ($8,258) and Connecticut ($7,879) versus Texas ($6,450), Indiana ($6,085), Tennessee ($5,430), Florida ($5,399), Georgia ($5,353) Arizona ($5,326) and Utah ($5,184).

Those seven Democratic states hauled in 24% more in transfer payments relative to their share of the U.S. population while the seven GOP states collected 23% less.

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