Electric Cars Have Already Had More Than Enough Taxpayer Help

A Photo of the Fisker Karma, a Plug-in Hybrid Luxury Sports Sedan


The manufacturers of such vehicles have enjoyed a decade of subsidies. They have basked in the crony money. Time for EVs to leave the taxpayer-funded nest.

(From Michigan Capitol Confidential)

The Mackinac Center has long held to the economic truism that there will always be a company willing to meet consumer demand for a competitively priced and technically feasible product. But an influential throng of subsidy-happy elected officials and subsidy-hungry automobile manufacturers and utilities, along with a phalanx of overbearing green activists and advocates in the media, have seen differently.

Reprinted from: https://www.ac2news.com/2019/05/electric-cars-have-already-had-more-than-enough-taxpayer-help/

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