I am an American constitutional lawyer – and I see our government using Covid-19 to take away our fundamental rights


Are we willing to abandon our hard won liberties in the face of the coronavirus? Many seem quite willing.

(From RT)

Governments request the authority to involuntarily imprison any American on mere fear of infection without any probable cause of crime or clear and present danger of harm by that person’s volitional conduct, deny access to personal counsel in an unsupervised, un-surveilled manner in violation of the Sixth Amendment, and act as judge, jury and executioner in violation of the Seventh Amendment right to a trial by jury, as jury trials themselves get suspended around the country in the nation’s quieted courts and fear-muted public.

…the panic that will quarantine our Constitution.

Reprinted from: https://www.ac2news.com/2020/03/i-am-an-american-constitutional-lawyer-and-i-see-our-government-using-covid-19-to-take-away-our-fundamental-rights/

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