In Crony America It Is Harder And Harder To Make It As An Entrepreneur


America is supposed to be the land of the entrepreneur. Owning ones’s own business has traditionally been the main means by which the not so wealthy were able to become wealthy. Now barriers to entry, from licenses, to smothering legal, accounting, and compliance costs, to heavy taxation, to unrealistic minimum wage laws make building a business much more difficult. Not that it was ever easy.

(From Of Two Minds)

How many small businesses can afford a doubling or tripling of rent? Since wages, healthcare, licenses, permits, etc. have increased dramatically while the ability to raise prices has been constrained, many small businesses can’t afford even a 20% increase in rent, never mind 200%…

…Small businesses on the precipice need only one small shove to go over the edge, and there won’t be replacements filling the fast-multiplying empty storefronts.

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