Melbourne: Authorities to Use Surveillance Drones to Catch People Not Wearing Masks


The covid police state in Australia.

As an aside dear readers, we were recently talking to a friend of this website who had lived for two years in Canberra working with the Australian government. This friend explained to us how crime, even in their upscale poshy neighborhood  was rampant. The friend told us, after living all over the world, that the first time he’d ever been mugged was in Australia. A man approached our friend, who was sitting in his car, with a knife. Windows were rolled up. But the assailant then tried to bash in the windows. Unable to do this the knife wielding mugger then slashed all the tires of the car. My friend said that Australian police were often totally unconcerned with this sort of crime.

But apparently Aussie cops ARE concerned with people who are walking OUTSIDE without masks.

(From Summit News)

Authorities in Melbourne, Australia will use high-tech surveillance drones to catch people outside not wearing masks as well as to scan for vehicles that are in violation of curfew by being more than 5km from home.

“High powered drones will be used to find people not wearing masks and cars too far from home,” according to a 7News Melbourne news report.

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