Michigan coronavirus spending bill gives subsidies (and cover) to crony interests


Some of this taxpayer money will go to events that encourage large groups of people to mingle in close proximity, like The Detroit Auto Show.

(From Michigan Capitol Confidential)

The House Fiscal Agency has published a list of 69-line items set to receive money. One of those is to fund 85 “enhancement grants” (Again, see page 11, here) to fund such things as the North American International Auto Show ($1 million) the Detroit Symphony Orchestra ($500,000) and “Enhanced Security at (the state) Capitol for Large Events” ($500,000). The latter appropriation seems particularly inconsistent or at least ill-timed, being approved around the same time the capitol commission suspended “tours and events” at the capitol building.

Reprinted from: https://www.ac2news.com/2020/03/michigan-coronavirus-spending-bill-gives-subsidies-and-cover-to-crony-interests/

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