Oren Levy Finally Has His Hemp Back, but the NYPD Nearly Killed His CBD Business


The cops in New York thought they had discovered a mother load of marijuana. What they found, actually, was a bunch of hemp. Hemp is legal. But the police still impounded the hemp and nearly shut down a legitimate business.

(From Reason)

Upon receiving his shipment, Levy was treated to another gift. The paperwork that the NYPD claimed the shipment didn’t contain was still attached to the boxes.

Levy is now suing the NYPD.

Also, the FDA is now trying to make hemp derived CBD, used for pain relief, illegal unless sold as a drug. This of course is a big gift to Pharma and would replace lost profits from the now scorned killer opioid drugs.

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Reprinted from: https://www.ac2news.com/2019/12/oren-levy-finally-has-his-hemp-back-but-the-nypd-nearly-killed-his-cbd-business/

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