Pro War GOPers Come Out For Biden


The neoconservatives feared Rand Paul and trained their fire on him in the 2016 race. But they left the flanks open for Trump. Trump, who has not started any wars while in office, ran afoul of the neoconservatives and also annoyed the hawks when he fired John Bolton. Now some of the neocons are endorsing Biden.

(From Reason)

It’s not all that surprising that some George W. Bush-era Republicans have crossed over to Biden’s side this time around: Trump’s victory in the 2016 Republican primary was a repudiation of the Bush era of Republican politics—a time when Powell and McCain were key players in national politics—and the ill-advised, intractable wars that were launched during it. The Trump era has caused many problems for the Republican Party and for America as a whole, but one of the few good things to come of the last four years has been the exile of the neoconservatives to the political wilderness.

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