Will UK Government Deep Six Freedom of Expression? (UK to unleash internet safety czar on Google, Facebook, Twitter)

Internet “safety” yes, Censorship No. Unfortunately they don’t have our bill of rights.

(From CNET)

“This is an unprecedented attack on freedom of speech that will see internet giants monitoring the communications of billions and censoring lawful speech,” Big Brother Watch said in a tweet.

Joy Hyvarinen, head of advocacy for Index on Censorship, said in a statement she’s concerned that “protecting freedom of expression is less important than the government wanting to be seen as ‘doing something’ in response to public pressure.”

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Reprinted from: https://www.ac2news.com/2019/04/will-uk-government-deep-six-freedom-of-expression-uk-to-unleash-internet-safety-czar-on-google-facebook-twitter/

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