The Crime Cycle -Government criminals on one end and street criminals on the other!


The Crime Cycle

One way to connect with your neighbors in defending each others rights, is by filling this form out:

I hope you are seeing through all of this police abuse and rioting. We the American people have no defense system in place. We have government criminals on one end and street criminals on the other. The good people of all race and creeds are caught in the middle. Our system of defense is broken and each person, each family is left unto themselves. If you have ever cared about your liberty, your families, your children or your neighbors, then you had better wake up!

Government criminal just put us through months of hell. Stealing our jobs, our business, our churches, our republic and almost all of our everyday liberties. They used the excuse of keeping us safe to commit the worst crimes ever generally imposed upon the American people. Now, street criminals are using the government criminals as an excuse to loot, destroy and commit more crime upon the American people. Just watch and see what happens. The government criminal will use the street criminal as an excuse to further more crime on the American people. Imposing curfews, more lockdowns, making new laws, and robbing the American people even more to pay them for it all. They will expand and grow, justifying how they must protect all of us from the street criminals. The cycle will continue; more excuse for force, then more excuse for rioting, then more excuse for control, which then again brings more force. All of it at the expense of the liberties of the American People.

Many years ago, our founders set up a system of defense to secure our liberties. Criminals from the top and the bottom have now broken that system down until almost nothing is left for the good people of this land to depend upon. It is mostly gone! Like it or not you are dangerously exposed to both foreign and domestic threats. I plead with you to unite and organize with each other! Not just as people at a potluck, but as people willing to defend each other’s families, faith and future at a moment’s notice. Prepare, find out who your neighbors are that will stand with you, make a commitment to each other and buckle up. The next few years will be ones that will test all of our ability to be good neighbors.

Join your neighbors in defending rights, by texting RIGHTS to 80123 or filling this form out:

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