With Anarchy Spreading/Tyranny Expanding we must Unite to Defend Ourselves.


With anarchy spreading and tyranny expanding those who wish to just live free are caught in the middle. We cannot depend on others to defend us from those who wish to destroy property and life in the name of justice. We must unite and assist each other in defending our families, faith, future and freedom.

Several friends came and asked us not to use the word anarchy in this video. We asked them to give us a word to replace it with. They could not provide one. We feel that anarchy, which means absents of a ruler, is a good thing, if ever one would rule themselves. But many refuse or do not have the personal constitution to govern themselves. Therefore, there must be a body/unity that ensures the security of the life and property of an individuals or destruction would occur. We believe this body or unity should be the people themselves and not tyrants. This is why we left anarchy in the video.

Original source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zzsMpUnenw

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