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There is an anonymous writer for the online blog Medium who is claiming to be an epidemiologist that seems to be writing a lot of propaganda relating to vaccines, autism, and natural health.  It is impossible to check if he indeed is an epidemiologist or if he is yet another ghostwriter whose intention is to muddy the waters in contemporary science.  He claims to have 8 Common Arguments Against Vaccines that have been refuted.  Let’s go through them.

Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism

Gid M-K; Health Nerd makes this claim based on extensive epidemiology studies listed on the CDCs webpage.  However, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report acknowledged that the existing population-based studies (epidemiological) were, “limited in their ability to detect small susceptible subpopulations that could be more genetically vulnerable to environmental exposures [i.e., vaccines]” (IOM, p. 127).  Further, epidemiology is the wrong research method to refute or link causation of any disease.  It is a correlational or observational research method.  If Gid were a true epidemiologist, he would know that the wrong scientific methods are being used to promote vaccination and would not try to mislead his readers.  Now if Gid would like to look at the methods section of the studies that he apparently supports and have a real debate on the authors choice of epidemiology variables, distribution, and determinants of the sited research that would be a lot of fun for me.  The research methods used are so poorly crafted.  If I had used similar methods, I would have never graduated with my doctorate.

The mechanism of vaccine injury leading to autism is now very well understood in toxicology science.  In 2014, I wrote extensively about how this disease manifests based on contemporary science.  To summarize, in a critical window of neurodevelopmental vulnerability a genetical susceptibility child is exposed to one or more toxicants that trigger brain inflammation, which results in a behavioral diagnosis of autism.  This toxicant exposure could include but is not limited to vaccines.  In the case of vaccination, the primary suspects based on the current toxicology literature includes aluminum adjuvants, live viral vaccine agents, and thimerosal, which is still present in today’s vaccines.  The complicated process of the inflammatory response has been shown to increase microglia activation and facilitate dysfunctional synaptic pruning in the gray matter of the brain.  The pruning is incomplete and highly variable, which results in the over connection of neurons.  In the white matter, the long-distance fiber tracts are greatly diminished due to brain inflammation, which results in the choking off of these specialized fibers that connect brain regions.  In general, the swollen brain due to the environmental insults (vaccines) can generate the behavioral diagnosis of autism.  We also know that autistic brains carry the largest amount of aluminum that has ever been recorded in science, which has been proven to be moved from the muscle (vaccine site) to the brain by way of monocytes.   To continue to deny these facts with corrolational data is dishonest and unscientific.

There Hasn’t Been Much Research

I assume the author Gid is unaware that vaccines are classified as biologicals, not pharmaceuticals, which enables them to develop vaccines without the oversight of typical regulations for drugs.  The vaccine safety studies, which are described in the product pamphlets that are never given to parents during well visits show the inept way vaccine research is conducted. Mainly a vaccine safety study consists of an investigation lasting between one to four weeks.  Parents are given diary cards to evaluate vaccine harm; then vaccine antibodies are reviewed by blood draws.  The placebo group in these vaccine safety studies are not pure; meaning the placebo given is likely to be an active ingredient of the vaccine or a different vaccine altogether.  What I find most ironic is the safety of the vaccine is documented by anecdotal accounts from the parents; however, during the post-market experience, parental reports of vaccine injury is ignored.

Any true epidemiologist would be shocked by these associated facts.  Further, Gid M-K; Health Nerd links to another epidemiology study to prove vaccine safety, which is again the wrong research method to refute or confirm causation.  So, it appears he is doubling down on his failed logic.  Anecdotal parental accounts in such a short time span coupled with titer draws are not enough to establish vaccine safety and efficacy.  Missing is an investigation regarding brain inflammation and the occurrence of latent vaccine adverse events, which would fall outside of the clinical trial period.

Vaccines are Enormously Profitable

The author is confused here.  What makes vaccines so profitable is the 1986 Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which was created primarily to protect vaccine manufacturers from product failure or harm.  After the Act, vaccine production skyrocketed as did autism rates across the United States.  The pharmaceutical industry is completely shielded from product liability and is pressuring legislators and pediatricians through lobbyist groups and representatives to mandate and administer a never-ending list of vaccines by utilizing ridiculous disease-mongering tactics and unethical beneficence standards that are usurping the informed consent protocols and freedoms of health care choice.  The blockbuster drugs that Gid speaks of are not sheltered by litigation.  You have to consider the net gains with the losses to appreciate how profitable vaccine manufacturing is.  They can produce a product, conduct their safety evaluation, pressure to have it placed on the schedule, and never are liable for the injury.  It is a perfect marketing strategy, which needs to be changed.

Vaccines Cost Loads

Again, Gid M-K; Health Nerd is confused.  The cost can be found in the chronic disease, which has plagued the United States.  Half of the US population is chronically ill, and one in four adults have more than one diagnosis of chronic disease.  If you look at the vaccine contemporary toxicology science, you know that vaccines have been implicated in a myriad of chronic illnesses.  Further, if you look at the surveys of vaccinated versus the unvaccinated, you see that the vaccinated population have increased statistically significant chronic disease diagnoses.  The author is attempting to claim that infectious disease is the only measurement of health in the United States, which is again dishonest.

The CDC is Lying

I assume that Gid M-K; Health Nerd is utterly unaware of Dr. William Thompson, the CDC vaccine researcher who submitted 10,000 documents and under affidavit testified that the CDC holds trash can parties to cover up vaccine-autism associations.  Because of the laws in the United States, the CDC is blocking the public testimony of Dr. William Thompson, who is a declared Whistleblower and given that title from our previous President Obama.  Organizations across the United States continue to work to get his testimony before Congress so that the American public may know the facts associated with CDC vaccine research.  Any researcher with an ounce of integrity would demand to have his testimony given under oath to protect the health of our children in the United States.

The US is Special

Again, Gid M-K; Health Nerd is confused.  If you study the link he provided you can see that the United States is the most over-vaccinated country in the world.  For example, the United States offers 24 vaccines, the United Kingdom offers 15 vaccines, and Japan offers 11 vaccines.  The vaccine schedule in the United States is the most aggressive.  For Gid to claim that these schedules are “virtually identical” is dishonest and discredits his writing.

Vaccine Manufacturers Can’t be Sued for Making Kids Sick

Without surprise it looks like Gid did not read the 1986 Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.  All vaccine litigation by law must go through the Vaccine Court, which is a board of Special Masters.  The Court is an arduous process, which takes nearly a decade to get any compensation for vaccine injury.  This process should not be described as “easy,” which Gid claims.  The payment given to the vaccine injured child or family comes from a tax applied to the vaccine.  So, for the first time in history, the consumers are responsible for product failure, not the manufacturer.  The manufacturer is protected from paying any compensation for those vaccines injuries.  For Gid M-K; Health Nerd to say it is a lie that vaccine manufacturers can’t be sued for vaccine failure is dishonest.  The process of litigation and compensation are plainly spelled out in the Act.

Vaccine Injury is Common/People are Getting Sicker

Here again Gid is either confused or cannot analyze statistics.  The United States population has the poorest health numbers in the all of the developed world, vaccinates the most, and spends the most money on health care.  A recent book by the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine describes the comparative statistics across the world, which is something I would recommend Gid to pick up and read. Now I would not say that all of the poor health statistics are due to vaccination; however, it is very likely that vaccines are contributing to chronic disease outcomes if you follow the toxicology science.

Set aside the denial made by Gid M-K; Health Nerd that the US population is living shorter lives and poorer health when compared to the rest of the world, which has been thoroughly refuted and let us continue to his other claims.  He says that infant and child mortality is at record lows; however, those statistics were the worst in the developed world and continued to be the worst associated numbers today.  They have improved slightly, not heading swiftly down as Gid M-K claims.  The graphic that he includes does not have the highlighted trends of the United States, which does not surprise me because of all developed countries the United States is outperformed.


The author then goes on to share made up statistics and other false claims.  It takes a great deal of intellectual stamina to understand all the interworkings of this controversy.  Pieces like the one Gid M-K; Health Nerd wrote in the blog Medium is doing a terrible disservice to the public.  To the parents and those diagnosed with autism know that we are working very hard to identify the biomarkers, which makes this population susceptible to vaccination.  Further, biological markers, which recognize those who have an autism diagnosis are now being well understood.  There is hope for autism recovery, which can be done through integrative medicine.  Treating the disease as medical is the best way to improve the patients functioning and quality of life.  It is happening, and we are proving it with science.  The propaganda pieces like the ones written by Gid will be an excellent historical testament in how wrong they got it and how desperate they are to try and control the narrative and keep vulnerable children in harm’s way.

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Heather Rhodes, DHS, RT(R)CT
Research Leadership/Neurodevelopmental Disorders
10-year professional of advanced experience in research, teaching and clinical development and oversight of neuropsychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders. Research Scholar with proven understanding of autism exploration, outcomes and phenotyping. Strong ability to collaborate with colleagues and other professionals to define best practices and procedures along with complex course learning objectives. Passionate about improving patient value in primary care and defining evidence-based interventions for brain health.

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