Censorship of Vitamin C for Covid-19 Info. – As Hospitals in NY Begin to Use it. Why?

What Then Must We Do?

Bretigne Shaffer Podcast

A few days ago, I spoke with Larry Cook, founder of the Stop Mandatory Vaccination Facebook group. We talked about how high-dose Vitamin C has been part of the official protocol for treating Covid-19 in China, and how at least one of his posts about that has been “fact checked” by Facebook (see here for what that looks like.)

Larry also has some pretty dismal predictions for what is coming next. It would be easy to dismiss some of these predictions as “crazy conspiracy theories”, or whatever terms people now use to not have to think about uncomfortable possibilities. But one thing I know about Larry is that his predictions thus far have been pretty accurate, especially re: Beach-Ball mandates in CA and in the US broadly.

He has also been right about Vitamin C, and thankfully, some doctors in the US are starting to recognize that. Tune in to hear what Larry thinks is coming next for those who oppose official narratives on vaccines and medical treatment.


Larry’s site, StopMandatoryVaccination. You can also find the StopMandatoryVaccination group on Facebook… if you look really hard.

This is the (long) piece he mentions about Covid-19 and melatonin.

And this is the piece about using high-dose vitamin C in China.


Original Source: https://www.buzzsprout.com/756260/3127513-censorship-of-vitamin-c-for-covid-19-info-as-hospitals-in-ny-begin-to-use-it-why.mp3?blob_id=11071300

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