How the West Brought War to Ukraine

What Then Must We Do?

Bretigne Shaffer Podcast

I talk with Benjamin Abelow, author of "How the West Brought War to Ukraine."

Ben explains what's wrong with the narrative you'll hear on TV about this conflict, and gives a brief rundown of the decades-long history that led up to it. We then talk about the psychological and financial incentives that drive the war machine, and he gives his thoughts on the Nord Stream pipeline attacks, and what we might do to encourage  peace in the world.

Abelow's book is here, and David Gordon's review of it is here.

His interview with Tom Woods is here.

His interview with Useful Idiots is here.

The books he mentions are:

"War with Russia?" By Stephen Cohen

"The War State" By Michael Swanson

"Nonviolent Communication" By Marshall Rosenberg

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