"They could have done this on any cold virus" – Kevin McKernan on PCR deception

What Then Must We Do?

Bretigne Shaffer Podcast

I speak with founder and CSO of Medicinal Genomics, Kevin McKernan, about some of the problems with PCR testing, as well as some of the incentives to produce high positive test numbers, both of which are making it difficult to get a meaningful picture of SARS-Cov2 infections and cases.

You can find Kevin  on Twitter, and he recently Tweeted about some of these issues here.

The paper on molecular mimicry that he mentions is here.

The CMS document that spells out penalties for failure to report positive test results is here (p.5)

And the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization summary for the Roche qPCR test is here.

My previous episodes with Kevin are here and here.

Original Source: https://www.buzzsprout.com/756260/6076966-they-could-have-done-this-on-any-cold-virus-kevin-mckernan-on-pcr-deception.mp3?blob_id=25182862

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