WTMWD – Episode 5: Talking With Ernie Hancock About Covid-19, Vitamin C, the Total State… and This Show

What Then Must We Do?

Bretigne Shaffer Podcast

Last week, I was a guest on Ernie Hancock’s Show “Declare Your Independence.”

We talked about Covid-19, about the official suppression of information on vitamin C as a treatment, about the devastating total-state response, and about what to do about Internet censorship.

…and we also talked about this show.

If you don’t already know Ernie, you should. You can find him on Freedom’s Phoenix, on his show, Declare Your Independence, and Pirates Without Borders.


Original Source: https://www.buzzsprout.com/756260/3204466-wtmwd-episode-5-talking-with-ernie-hancock-about-covid-19-vitamin-c-the-total-state-and-this-show.mp3?blob_id=11433820

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