5G Friend or Foe: CHD’s Dafna Tachover at the First Debate with Telecom

By Dafna Tachover, CHD’s Director of 5G & Wireless Harms Project


On June 23, GCS, an international Telecom recruiting company, hosted the first-ever debate between “5G harms” experts and industry representatives.  As one of the largest Telecom recruiting companies in the world, GCS decided to gather an international panel of experts to provide insight and answers to the increasing conflicting information about 5G that has been in the media lately.  GCS reports it was the most popular webinar they’ve ever had.

Professor Paul Heroux, PhD, a physicist and a toxicologist from Canada’s McGill University, and I comprised the team for “5G harms.”  Peter Curnow-Ford, founder of Viatec, a Telecom consultancy;  Ivan Atanasovski who works on facilitating 5G rollout, and Wahaj Tahir a Director at GCI, a company that deploys 5G in Alaska, spoke for the industry (read bios here).

Watch The Debate

CHD was glad for the opportunity to be part of this important direct discussion with those who develop and deploy this technology, for we know that to achieve a much-needed change, Telecom companies will have to be part of the solution. The debate was an invaluable opportunity to present to those working in the industry the science-based evidence that the harm caused by 5G is indeed real and cannot be dismissed as mere conspiracy theory.  Our hope is that the issues and evidence raised in the debate will cause them to re-think their products and technology.

We believe that most of the professionals working on the 5G rollout merely want to provide consumers the best wireless experience possible and are genuinely unaware of how harmful their products are, or the extent of the misinformation perpetuated by Big Telecom and government’s captured agencies. We hope that the information we provided during the webinar at least intrigued them to research the issue, but we hope for much more. We want this discussion—and others like it—to encourage them to use their considerable talents to find solutions that will provide safer wireless technology and lead their industry onto a different path, a path that takes into consideration that not everything that is technologically possible is biologically plausible. We are encouraged by the response we got following the webinar.

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