An Imperfect Union Discusses “Should Vaccination be a Choice?”

In March 2018, Josh Mazer was contacted by a producer for the TEGNA property An Imperfect Union. The show is aired on Facebook, with affiliated TV and radio stations airing segments, and sometimes the entire show.

The idea of An Imperfect Union is to bring together two individuals who are on opposite sides of an issue and facilitate an exchange of views. At the end of the conversation, both people work together on a community service project. The FB page has about 80,000 followers and TEGNA owns approximately 49 TV and radio stations in major markets.

He was initially skeptical of participating but after several lengthy conversations with one of the producers, he agreed to do the segment.

Both parents, Josh, an informed consent advocate, and Brad Moss, a vaccine supporter, met in a Thai restaurant in downtown Washington, DC on a rainy weekday. He and Brad were each interviewed separately, then their discussion was filmed. After lunch, they finished the day with their community service project.

The show was initially set to air in late April, but kept getting delayed for editorial reasons and 99% of what was filmed was cut.

In his view, the final product lived up to the promises of the producers. The segment accurately reflects his views, as well as those of Brad, and he thanks the producers and staff of An Imperfect Union, and TEGNA, for keeping their word. He believes the piece is scrupulously fair and well done—quite an achievement for such a contentious subject.

Please take the seven minutes to watch the segment, share it, and get TEGNA the clicks and eyeballs they deserve for a too rare portrait in journalistic integrity and fairness. The comments section is being curated in a fair and impartial manner and the comments are running very much in favor of preserving choice for vaccines.

You can also watch the video on Facebook.

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