My Child, My Choice!

A message from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Become a Children’s Health Defender. Take the pledge today!

I pledge to:

  • Be a Children’s Health Defender against environmental toxins that are contributing to 54% of U.S. children having a chronic health condition—similar health statistics are seen worldwide.
  • Protect children against vaccine and other medical mandates.
  • Defend parent’s rights to medical freedom for children.
  • Promote “My Child, My Choice” in my community so that more people can be pledge to be a #CHDefender

Take the pledge today, and let us stand tall together shoulder-to-shoulder, country-to-country, as Defenders of Children’s Health! CHD is encouraging families and organizations to make their pledge using words or short videos with the hashtag #CHDefender. Together our growing army of parents can send a strong message to our lawmakers.

Post Your Pledge! 

Photograph, and tweet your pledge for #CHDefender using the handy Facebook template above.

Don’t forget to tag us on social media as we love seeing all the great work you are doing for children.

The Pledge Toolkit

Here are tools to help spread the My Child, My Choice campaign to millions who want to take back their health and their child’s health.

Sections in the Pledge Toolkit:

  • ADVOCACY: Reinforcing our Commitment
  • DEFENDER: One Step at a Time
  • EDUCATION: Helping Educate The Community

ADVOCACY: Reinforcing our Commitment

Send a Letter to your Federal, State and Local representatives! With one click, CHD’s Advocacy Center will allow you to send a pre-written letter to your State and Federal Representatives — providing facts about the epidemics of childhood and draconian vaccine mandates.

Use these shareable materials to help mobilize influencers and build an interactive and engaging campaign for all your social channels.

DEFENDER: One Step at a Time

Share with the World, Spread the Word!

Put up a Lawn Signs to increase awareness and initiate conversations. Order yours now!

Give out 4″ x 6″ front and back cards to your friends.

You can print these on your home printer or send to FedEx Office or other local printer to output on card stock.

Defender T-shirts

Proudly declare you are a Children’s Health Defender with a T-Shirt. Because of COVID-19, CHD’s T-shirt vendor is backlogged on fulfillment of merchandize. For expediency, CHD advises you to download the T-shirt artwork and make your own shirt on,, or similar T-shirt vendor. Click on the t-shirts to get artwork.

Ready to go even further?

Why not host your their own My Child, My Choice Pledge events:

  • Town Initiatives can include hosting local BBQs sharing your pledge and showcasing t-shirts, lawn signs, hosting a VAXXED 2 or THE ACT 1986 screening.

EDUCATION: Helping Educate The Community

Use these handy resources to educate others. (The CHD website has many other downloadable resources, and any article from our site can be shared.)


Video: Too Many Sick Children

Shareable Memes: Did you know?

Campaign to Restore Child Health

Lessons from the Lockdown, Why are so many fewer children dying?

Are Children Really Recovering 99.9584% of the Time From COVID-19?

Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Studies (Shareable Slides)

Mandates Toolbox

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