The Truth About Vaccines 2020—Vaccine Roundtable Part 2, Video and Transcript




Thank you to Anne Dachel and Age of Autism for transcribing this for our readers. Anne wrote:

“This was one of the most informative and empowering talks I’ve ever listened to in all the years I’ve been working as an autism advocate. Every person concerned about what the COVID 19 pandemic will do to our medical freedom needs to hear these speakers and learn the truth about what’s coming. There is no walking away from this threat to our liberties.”

May 3, 2020, Panel discussion the COVID 19 crisis and what a vaccine could mean to the American people.



Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Del Bigtree, Ty and Charlene Bollinger, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Rashid Buttar.

Here are excerpts from the discussion.

Charlene: “…the year 2020 was a big deal. … This is the year, if we don’t help people understand this critical issue we may loss our freedoms, and they may be able to come in and try …to force us into these vaccines. But we did not know what we were getting into….

“I was watching Tucker Carlson  [Fox, Tucker Carlson Tonight]. He’s actually had Bobby Kennedy on…  We couldn’t believe that mainstream media outlet was covering that. We felt like Tucker’s our friend…

“Last night…on Tucker Carlson Tonight … He had a guest and they talked about Operation Wrap Speed, the COVID vaccination where they’re literally going to pass through the trials that they should be doing. They’re going to skip all that safety measures to get to this vaccine. They’re going to have a hundred million ready to go. …

“The guest talked about this as if it’s a good thing, and Tucker Carlson who has interviewed our good friend Bobby Kennedy, ….  I was really letdown by the fact that Tucker Carlson allowed that guest to say that and didn’t dig in. …”

5:42 Kennedy: “There’s now eighty separate vaccine projects. Bill Gates has eight of them. Bill Gates is now the biggest vaccine producer in the world, bigger than any other company.

“One of Gates’ vaccines is the Moderna vaccine, which is the first one out of the gate. The Moderna vaccine is a really dangerous human experiment. It’s shockingly reckless. And to particularly go forward without any kind of animal test at all, they went right to phase one human trials. …

“Tony Fauci has arranged for that company, Moderna, which has never produced a vaccine, …which was on the verge of bankruptcy, 1.5 billion dollars in debt, ….

“And Gates, who has been funding it, and Fauci rescued the company from bankruptcy by giving them the first of these projects. The project is an RNA vaccine, which has never been made before.

“What an RNA vaccine does, unlike most vaccines which are injected with an antigen which is a piece of the target virus, a disabled piece, and an adjuvant which shocks the body to increase the immune response. That’s how every other vaccine works.

“This is an experimental technology that has never been done before in history. What is does, it injects a snippet of the virus that carries a genetic code in its RNA that is designed to alter the DNA, the code in every cell in your body to get your body to naturally start producing those antigens.

“It is a form of genetic engineering. It is genetic engineering. It has been condemned by the Geneva Statement because those genetic changes will survive in your sperm and they will live in your children or in your ovaries.

“They are injecting human being with an untested gene-altering technology designed to change the human genome, without having any proof that it actually works. …

“There’s a problem with COVID vaccines that requires that they have to be tested, and that problem is called paradoxical immune enhancement. …

“Here’s what happened. After the SARS epidemic in 2002, there were three SARS epidemics. The first one was a natural one that began in China. There were two that were lab escapees. And that’s not controversial. People acknowledge that.

“After those epidemics the Chinese and western nations all get together and they said we’ve got to develop a vaccine to treat coronavirus, SARS was a kind of coronavirus. 

“They got together and they developed about thirty different vaccines, and they chose the four most promising models. They tested them on ferrets which are the animal that is most analogous to human reaction to upper respiratory infection. They’re very similar to humans. They’re very predictive of what’s going to happen in human beings. 

“The ferrets developed to all four vaccines an admiral immune response. The scientists thought they hit the jackpot. …

“Vaccines are never tested in the field. The FDA never gives 2,000 people a vaccine and 2,000 people a placebo and says go out in the world and see what happens. That never happens.

“The way vaccines get a license is the promoter of the vaccine, the company, injects a couple thousand people with the vaccine and then they test their blood to see of they develop an antibody response.

“The ferrets developed a picture perfect antibody response, so they all thought they hit the jackpot. Then something horrible happened.

“When those ferrets were later exposed to the wild virus, they all had body wide inflammation in all their organs, and they died.

“The scientists then remembered something. They remembered that in the 1960s, the FDA and NIH had tested an RSV vaccine which is very similar to corona virus. …They had skipped animal studies and they had gone right to humans. They had tested on 35 kids.

“The kids again developed a sterling antibody response, so they thought they hit the jackpot. But when those children were exposed to the wild virus, instead of protecting them against it, the vaccine actually enhanced the pathways of the virus. Two of those kids died. They all became horrendously sick. It became a scandal and they dropped it and never touched it again. …

“The corona virus does something interesting when it provokes the antibody response. There are two kinds of antibodies. There are neutralizing antibodies which are the kind that defend you from disease. There’s another kind of antibody called a binding antibody that actually helps the virus stick to your receptors and it makes it much, much more dangerous. That’s the kind that is produced by the coronavirus vaccines. That was in 2012 and they completely terminated the program.

“Then in 2014 Tony Fauci had developed a dengue vaccine, and in the clinic trials for the dengue vaccine they saw some of the same signals. That actually the people who got the vaccine and then later were exposed got very sick. They glossed over that.

“They gave it to the Philippines, the Philippines gave it to 100,000 kids. Many, many of those kids, when they finally encountered the wild dengue virus, became horrendously sick and 600 of them died.

“The Philippine government today is criminally prosecuting the Philippine health officials who waved that vaccine through. They should have known that Fauci in the clinical trials had seen these signals previously.

“So today, all the people on this panel …the people who’ve been our loudest critics: Peter Hotez, Paul Offit, Ian Lipkin, all of them are vaccine developers, all of them are bullhorns for the vaccine industry, the generals in the mercenary army that has been fighting us for years—All of them are saying IT IS INSANELY DANGEROUS FOR TONY FAUCI TO GO AHEAD WITH THESE TRIALS to inject human beings.

“He started on March 12th injecting human beings in Seattle, Washington, volunteers who I’m sure had no idea that their genes were being permanently altered for generations. There’s no informed consent because I guarantee you Tony Fauci didn’t tell them that.

“He’s testing his vaccine that he put almost a half a billion dollars into, authorized our taxpayer funds going into that, which gives him control of the patent, of half the patent, and Bill Gates’ vaccine. To fast track this very, very dangerous vaccine without animal studies is reckless and I would say is criminal.

14:35 Dr. Tenpenny: “During the period of time that they were doing those dengue vaccine trials, I was following that pretty closely. The thing that is even more scary than what you said, …and you from your legal perspective, I would like you to add to this, is we are now acting underneath the 2005 Prep Act ..that stand for Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act that was tacked onto the tail end of a defense appropriation bill at 11:20 at night on Friday night December 17th after everybody in the House had already signed off and gone home. The Senate never read it. They passed it. Even your uncle Ted Kennedy said afterwards, ‘We judge how well the pharmaceutical company usually wins around here, and they usually get big wins, but they’ve never gotten a win this big.’

“And you can’t find any of those documents now. I wrote my book Fowl…about the bird flu, and all of that is in my book. I’ve captured that, and if you try to go find that stuff on the Internet now, …all of it has been scrubbed.

“What does the Prep Act actually do? It gives liability immunity for any covered countermeasure that’s made while it’s in place. You can’t sue them. The only way you can sue them if a bunch of people get injured or killed is that you have to go to the U.S. Attorney General and prove willful misconduct, that they were going to intentionally going to create a product intentionally to harm you or kill you. Good luck with that.

“Alex Azar, our great HHS Secretary, instituted the Prep Act on February 4th, he put it in there, and he put it into the Federal Register on March 17th, so we are operating under that now. …”

16:43 Kennedy: “Bill Gates said from the beginning he was not going to allow any of his vaccines to be used unless he got full immunity from all from all the governments in all the countries that use his vaccine because he knows he’s going to kill a lot of people. He himself said this vaccine is only going to be tested on at most only a thousand people.”

“What if there’s an injury rate of one in 10,000? You won’t see that if you test a thousand people. You will never see it.

“Let’s say it’s a death rate of one in 10,000. Very, very possible, and you will never see it. If you give that vaccine to seven billion people, which is what he’s intending, that means the 700,000 people are going to die from it.

“Ultimately you will get to a level where with other injuries etc. that you’re causing more problems than you’re averting. It’s very, very possible.

“If you don’t test it on animals, you go right to humans and you test a thousand humans, plus there’s no placebo, but they don’t care. They’re under the Prep Act, complete, blanket immunity from liability.

“They could end up killing every person they give this to in Seattle. What do they care? It’s a gamble for them because if that Moderna vaccine works Gates is going to make a billion dollars. And if it doesn’t work, he’s got eight others in the pipeline. He’ll just say that was a bad experiment.

“The reason they’re going forward so quickly with that is because there’s no biological material. You don’t have to manufacture anything. With other vaccines you have to start a factory, you have to grow the vaccine… It’s a long process, but with the Moderna vaccine your body becomes the factory because you’re altering the human DNA so that it will produce the antibody.

“They don’t have to build any factory. They just have to take little snippets of the RNA and inject them into human beings and let you do all the work. They can fast track it overnight. They can literally get it to market within months, and that’s what they did. Within weeks, all they needed was that genetic code from the Chinese and they can make this RNA virus.

“It’s never proven in any model, and the company that’s making it has never brought a product to market. They’ve never been through phrase three trials and they were on the edge of bankruptcy.

“It is really, really, really crazy. How willing they are to play God. …Gates…believes is up there and he can experiment with lesser human beings. If there’s collateral damage, then so be it. He’s well-intentioned, and he’s going to save the world….”

20:48  Dr. Buttar:”When you introduce RNA into the body, the implications aren’t something that will be necessarily seen in a week or in a month. It could be a year or two years and then the generational component, because now it’s actually changing the genetic code, and it’s going to be something that’s going to stay consistent and continue to propagate generation to generation. …”

21:18  Bigtree; “One of the studies we were looking at, I believe it was the Moderna study, they are forbidding sexual intercourse without full protection, meaning they are so concerned. There can be no pregnancy allowed by anybody involved in this study, meaning they are so concerned that they may have a generational problem…

“I think one of my biggest concerns when I talk about this, I think Bobby, you put it perfectly, I believe this is the God vaccine. We’re talking about no longer letting the body react… We’re talking about messaging RNA. We’re talking about putting in manmade messages that go to all of your cells to make the cell think it’s getting information from the DNA…

“ Here’s my biggest concern. We do know that they are all focused on this antibody immune enhancement issue that you very well described. The animals all died in the trials and now we’re going on to human beings.

“This is what Hotez sat before Congress and talked about. Even Tony Fauci said on television there is a concern that this vaccine could make people more sick. We don’t want to do that. But the most troubling thing about it that most people don’t understand is how little these virologists know about how a vaccine works, and even more so, what Dr. Peter Hotez said. We don’t know why antibody immune enhancement happens. We don’t know what’s causing it.

“So my concern is that in these small test groups that they’re doing… what happens if let’s say … one of these vaccines gets to one of these small trials and for some reason antibody immune enhancement doesn’t happen. What I want to say is that since the beginning of mankind there’s never been a bacteria or a virus outbreak that took out the species.

“There’s something about nature and our relationship to it that we survive. We even get stronger as we go along. We’re talking about a vaccine that’s being discussed by world leaders, being driven by Bill Gates saying everyone in the world is going to get this vaccine.

“Can you imagine a vaccine that gets to the trials, looks like it’s safe…? Their dream is to vaccinate everyone in the world. And then all of a sudden, maybe the strain that they design the vaccine around avoid that problem, but all of a sudden there’s a mutation …gets out and starts triggering antibody immune enhancement.

“Now all of a sudden, we’re not watching .1 percent of the people die, .3 percent or 10 percent. You could talk about a scenario with 30 percent of those coming in contact with what would have been a cold, like those ferrets, their bodies are over reacting to this and they’re having complete organ failure and shutdown.

“You could honestly be looking at a vaccine for the first time that has the potential to eradicate our species. That is how dangerous this vaccine is.

“…I’ve been interviewed like crazy. I say of all the times we have never put two of the most dangerous words together known to man, RUSHED and SCIENCE, in the same sentence, is the most dangerous statement that could ever be made. And we’re allowing that statement to be made on one of the most dangerous approaches to vaccines there has ever been.

“This is the message that everyone really needs to share with everyone they know. This is not a joke. …This thing is coming for us. I can’t imagine anything more ridiculous than a life-threatening vaccine that has an issue that they don’t even understand why it happens for an illness that kills .1 to .3 percent of the world.”

25:43 Kennedy: “CNN did a really interesting article that appeared this morning about Moderna. …In the last couple of paragraphs they interviewed two of the former officials, people that worked at Moderna till 2018 and one of them was, I think, the CEO of the company.

“He said, I was shocked when I read that the federal government had given that company $438 million. I was shocked.

“The other guy, and he said, I don’t know what they were thinking of. That’s what he said. This is a guy who worked at the company.

“The other guy was their chief chemist, the head of all their chemistry department,  …He said, there is nothing what could make me put that vaccine in my body.”

27:00 Dr. Wakefield: “There’s an extraordinary interview by Peter Aaby . Peter Aaby I’ve known for many years, a very, very good vaccinologist, works for a vaccine maker… He’s worked in West Africa for most of his professional life. He said in that interview, we think we know what our vaccines are doing, we don’t.

“He’s a very, very honest man and he went up against the system and then demonstrated looking at the non-specific effects of vaccines. The DTP vaccine had killed more children in West Africa than it had saved from the target diseases… And that is the most widely used vaccine historically in the world.

“An astonishing admission and it was completely ignored. The only response from authorities was to remove his funding. We really live in an era when we know so little and we assume so much.

“The same happened with pertussis. I remember that Salzberg [Forbes] wrote an article blaming anti-vaxxers for the outbreaks of whooping cough. There was an admission by Christopher Gill from Boston University [Dept of Global Health] saying that we’ve made assumptions upon assumptions. We didn’t understand how pertussis interacted with the human immune system. We’re in the embarrassing position of having to admit that we may have made some serious mistakes.

“That’s the truth. It’s not the anti-vaxxers. It’s the hubris as someone pointed out of the pharmaceutical industry and the vaccinologists. The idea that you can exert dominion, you can mutate, you can adapt, you can change these things… You can assume dominion over organisms…. They mutate at an extraordinary rate because they are destined to survive. They will survive….”


29:30 Dr. Tenpenny: “Andy, years ago at a conference…you said, ‘The human race has evolved because of its relationship with microbes, not in spite of it.’

“That has resonated with me and I’ve used that a lot, and I’ve always given you credit. …  It’s so true. …

“Suddenly we’ve got mandatory vaccination right here in people’s faces that first of all never even heard of it, and second of all never gave it any thought. Perhaps this is going to give some clarity and some eye-opening to the whole concept of the germ theory too. That it’s really about the terrain, and vaccinating me doesn’t keep you from getting sick. So maybe there will even be some changes in that. … Maybe people will start to understand our relationship with microbes, and it’s not all bad.”

30: 50 Dr. Wakefield:  “I think that the people who have been telling that story from whatever part of the spectrum of biology that they come from… Those who have been telling that story as the truth emerges are the ones that in the future are going to be trusted by the people. …”

31:42: Dr. Buttar: “What everybody is talking about, I think the most crucial component is that…it’s now being censored. …That’s the question we should be asking, why is this being censored. It was after your uncle was assassinated, Bobby, that term ‘conspiracy theory’ was coined to throw people off from asking those key questions.

“One of the questions we should be asking …is why is information regarding this and a certain type of technology being censored. That in itself sheds light on what’s going on. …To me one of the most important is, why is information being censored?…”

35:40 Dr. Wakefield: “Del gave an outstanding interview in the new movie on this issue of censorship, and it’s something that’s really perplexed us in terms of releasing the movie. …

“As all these traditional platforms are disappearing for the kind of story we’re telling, even those two doctors from mainstream medicine in southern California talking about the facts of COVID the other day, now censored, extraordinary level of censorship, is that we are going out on a new platform, a censorship free platform, SPHIR.IO which provides a specific platform for this very conversation, this growing community.

“I would strongly recommend to people that we focus on a platform such as this to regroup …to have a censorship free environment in which people can disseminate this kind of information. …


36:36 Charlene: “The biggest lobby…  is not oil, it’s actually the pharmaceutical companies. They spend more money buying off our lawmakers, our politicians, than any other lobby in D.C.  …

“I think that people are finding us and they’re learning how to find us. …They took us off Pinterest completely because we told the truth about vaccines and we had a pretty big presence there.

“We have close to 2,000,000 collectively on Facebook. They’ve told us we cannot even run a sponsored ad to reach new people with the opportunity to learn the truth about vaccines because what we talk about does not marry into their talking points that vaccines are safe and effective….

“We’re all having issues reaching the people of the world in the conventional ways that we have done. Google took us completely down. …”

42:50 Dr. Tenpenny: “The pro vaccine people, if they really believed what they’re talking about and they really have faith in what they’re doing and they trust their science, they’re missing a great opportunity to put all of us on the stage together somewhere.

“Wouldn’t Peter Hotez and Paul Offit just love to put the heel of their boot on the throat of Sherri Tenpenny and just crush her publicly in front of everybody?…

“Wouldn’t they love to have the opportunity to publicly embarrass us and shame us because they’re so right and we’re so wrong? It should speak volumes to people who hear that.”

43:35 Dr. Buttar:   “In 2006 or 7 I was in Verona, Italy. I was invited by the government of Italy… I was one of the keynote speakers. I had the second to the last lecture as a keynote and the other person… it was Offit.

“What happened, it was beautiful actually because he started showing some of my slides and half-truths to the point that I got agitated. There were three doctors that had to come and hold me back. I was so livid. It was going to be a physical altercation.

“Some woman stood up in the audience and started yelling in Italian. …She’s screaming and Offit had this look on his face. …She was screaming at him.

“The bottom line was one of the neurologist there had started using our protocol for their child who was 12 years old at the time.  After six months the child had started to speak and no longer had to wear diapers.

“She was cursing Offit and he didn’t know what was being said. He had a smile on his face until he put on headphones, …people started clapping and I realized that the truth will be known. …

“I realized they don’t want the opportunity to debate us one-on-one. …

“Vaccines are designed by the way our bodies work, to create immunity. Great concept. …But now you’ve got to start introducing things into the body under the pretense of public safety that suppressing the immune system and giving additional things that are immuno-suppressive and are irritating the immune system …it defies all logic.

“Why are we doing this? I’m not against vaccinations, if you can make something that’s not going to hurt a person. But to make something that’s going to hurt a person more than the original disease that they’re worried about? It’s just  madness.”

49:24 Kennedy: “I’m all for vaccines if they can make them safe and effective. I’ve never seen it happen before. …

“Part of my job is to try and bring in people into this movement who are not part of the choir. …

“You don’t build a movement starting from a position, I hate all vaccines; all vaccines are bad. I always start by telling audiences I’m for vaccines, never for mandatory vaccines.

“If there’s a vaccine that’s good for me, it has no bad side effects, and does everything that it’s advertised to do. …I would of course take that vaccine. I just haven’t seen it happen.

“One of the primary tools of our opponents is to characterize us all as anti-vax. The mainstream of our country and of the world believes all the propaganda about vaccines.

“If the New York Times and CNN can convince someone that you’re anti-vax, they then have a license to shut you up and to marginalize you and to discredit you and to not listen to what you are saying.

“I try to open up all the opportunities and possibilities for people to listen to me. ..

“I’m against bad science. I’m for good science. I’m for robust science and for honest regulators. We don’t have any of those things.

“I’m all for good vaccines that are effective and safe, if they can ever be made. The problem is nobody’s ever done it yet.”

52:02 Bigtree: “… One of our biggest complaints is that the pro vaxxers keep saying the science is settled. …That’s the least scientific statement you can possibly make. That’s why I don’t say I’m anti vaccine. That’s the same as saying my science is settled, nothing will ever happen in the future that could change my mind. That makes you an idiot, and that makes you unscientific.

“…I’m not anti-science. I’m pro science… I think it’s perfectly noble to protect people who are at acute risk from COVID 19 with a vaccine. Here’s my problem. My problem is the vaccine should be designed for people that need it. …

“Ninety-five percent of the people will have no issue with this illness whatsoever. They’re going to have a robust immune reaction …

“Make the product for those that need it. What we cannot allow any longer is this idea that science only knows how to make a product that ninety-five percent of healthy people can take but not the immune suppressed, not those that are in danger. That is such an obvious advertising marketing scheme, you’ve got to hand it to them. …They want the rest of us …to take a product we don’t need….

“Go ahead, make the vaccine. You are capable. I am so sure that the scientists of the world and all the funding coming from Bill Gates, you are completely capable of making a product for that tiny percentage of people that really do need it….”

55:46 Dr Buttar: “I want to say one thing and that is I have publicly stated that I will go anywhere on the planet, no matter how rampant the issue is. I will shake their hand, I will hug them, and if she’s good-looking enough, I’ll even kiss her. I have no problem getting that exposure. …”

55:50 Charlene: “That’s the point of our discussion right now. We want to learn the truth about vaccines, the truth about COVID. What’s really going on. In a free society we ought to be afforded the right to speak and to be heard, to dialogue back and forth. There are talking points that keep people triggered from even listening to us because the term anti vax is somewhat like the term conspiracy theorist. …”

Next the panelists each updated what they’re currently doing.

58:49 Dr. Wakefield: “…The new film comes out in a few weeks time. …It’s called 1986 The Act, and it goes right to the core of the very problems we’ve been discussing. How did this come to pass? What was the catalyst that really drove this pro vaccine agenda worldwide and the push for mandates?

“It was in large part the 1986 act signed into law by Ronald Reagan which gave liability protection to the vaccine makers for damage done by their vaccines. At the time it was a limited liability. It since has become liability for all damage done by all vaccines. …

“What it did was give the pharmaceutical industry the perfect business model of a mandatory market and no liability and that was a profit machine. That profit machine allowed them to buy the politicians, the media, to buy public opinion, and to buy the medical profession. That has made them extremely powerful.

“What circumvents the 1986 Act is fraud. If they can be shown to have committed fraud, they deliberately put people in harm’s way, if they knew they could make vaccines safer and they chose not to and hid that fact, then they’re liable. One way of bringing this act to its knees and forcing revision or repeal is to expose that fraud.

“In my opinion, what the film reveals is premeditated, first degree murder. …

“I urge people to watch it.”

1:01:50 Dr. Mikovits: “You can find us promoting Plague of Corruption, which is what COVID 19 is and what the data in that book support, …

“The subtitle is called Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science. There is promise in science, and if we can show that many, many, many good doctors, good scientists, and it’s only the old boys’ corrupt network that has perpetrated this COVID 19, the largest fraud that is small amount that need to go.

“We can reorganize, shut down, start over again with true public health agencies to protect public health.

“We’ll be at Autism One, which this year is virtual…

Dr. Mikovits also talked about what she had gone through being a whistleblower.

“…How bad our scientific community is, not only with censorship, but with propaganda masquerading as science as they misinterpret data in order to cover up from this ‘plague of corruption.’ …

“Never again will something like William Thompson and the data burning party happen. We’ve got all the data, and the Attorney General has had it on a hard drive since 2015. So we know the FBI, the Attorney General are fully complicit. They know exactly what happened They’re part and parcel to COVID 19 and this plague of corruption. …”

1:12:15 Del Bigtree: “First of all, you can always find me at the of course. I’m doing a weekly talk show, my third year now. I’ve done over 160 episodes of The Highwire with Del Bigtree…

“Of course my nonprofit website is, if you want to read about the lawsuits. …I really believe that this is a time of hope. I think we really need to look at this a different way. …Fear is what they’re trying to sell us. … Know that we are powerful. Our bodies are beating this, whether it’s a manmade virus or it’s a virus out of Wuhan, it doesn’t matter. We are amazingly designed….

“The Highwire has grown 25 times, our viewership has increased in eight weeks. We’ve gone from hundreds of thousands of views to millions of views with every form of censorship taking place on our show. …“It’s one person handing it and sharing it to the next person. …

“We all have to do our part. It’s time to come together and take back the world. …”

1:19:20 Kennedy: “I want to share my gratitude …this is such an extraordinary group. I’m so glad I got to sit here with you guys because these people are my friends…

“Children’s Health Defense now is focusing on information,  …getting the information, weaponizing it and handing it to our followers in a form that they can use to change the pharmaceutical paradigm.

“The pharmaceutical companies have subverted our democracy. They are victimizing our children They have captured the agencies that are supposed to protect American citizens from powerful industries. They have corrupted the political process. They have subverted the press.

“They are using this pandemic, some people call it a ‘plandemic’ because it feels so much like there was a plan behind it, to tighten the noose on us and to turn America into a surveillance state where people, because they’re scared of a virus, will accept these intrusions on their liberties, on their civil rights. …

“They’re turning us into production units and consuming entities. They can monitor us anytime. …

“5G is not about bringing you quicker downloads for your video games or for your movies. It’s about surveillance and control. It’s about taking all the data from your devices …so they know what you’re doing, what you’re buying, everything about you. That data is the new oil rush of the 21st century. …

“Gates has a chip that will turn on and off a woman’s menstrual process so she can and cannot have babies. …Every part of our lives is now going to be subject to control.

“This disease [COVID] is about engineering compliance. It’s about training us to do what we’re told, to not go to the beach unless we’re told, to not kiss our girlfriend unless we’re given permission.

“The other day in Malibu police were out on the beach giving thousand dollar tickets to surfers for using the ocean, and people are putting up with this. And when they get this 5G system in place you won’t even see that because they’ll know when you are at the beach by looking at your cell phone, by looking at your GPS, … and they’ll just withdraw one thousand dollars from your payroll account with cryto currency.

“They’re trying to get rid of all the money. That’s one of Gates’ things, to get rid of the cash economy. That way they can monitor and scrutinize every transaction that you make, and if they don’t like you, if you displease them, they can shut it all off.

“We need to understand that is what’s happening here. They are going to rob us not only of our democracy, our liberties, but they’re going to rob us of our souls.

“They’re going to inject us with the medicines that they want and they’re going to charge us for the diseases that they give us.

“They’re going to control our populations, they’re going to control our movements, control every part of our lives. If you are not part of this battle, then you are lost.

“We are the only things that are left for all the things that we value in our lives, all of the things that our country stood for. This is it. And what we’re doing at CHD is we’re suing them. We’re using the last instruments of our democracy that are left.

“…The courts are one of the few places that are left where we can still make a difference, where we can still change policy. They’ve neutralized and co-opted and infiltrated all of the other institutions of our democracy that are supposed to stand between a vulnerable little child and a greedy corporation. They’re gone …

  “We have a very, very important job which is to inform our public, to organize our public to strategize with each other… and I’m so grateful that the people that I’m working with  …are all the major leaders here…

“We are in the last battle. This is the apocalypse. We are fighting for the salvation of humanity. We all knew this was coming at some point. I never believed it would come in my lifetime, but here it is. We are the happy few, the band of brothers and sisters. We know what our job is in this life. We know that we’re part of this battle. We have to fight and we have to die with our boots on if necessary. Everybody here, I’m confident, knows what their duty is and is going to do that duty, and I’m going to be beside you when you do it. I know all of you are going to be beside me.”

1:31:42 Dr. Tenpenny: “When you look at this whole situation and this whole shutdown, maybe God put the entire world on stop for right now and we can take advantage of that time. …

“And thirdly and most importantly get your spiritual house in order. We’ve got some pretty big battles coming up. We can be as optimistic or as pessimistic as we want to be about what we think the next three to six years is.

“Most of us that are Christians kind of know what the end game is. We know what the end of the story is, and in between now and then, whether it’s six months, six years, sixteen years, however long it is, get your spiritual house in order. God put you in full stop so that you can get your spiritual house in order. What does that means to you? How does that really resonate with you? If you’ve never taken the time to pray, you haven’t had time to do it, now you’ve got the time….

“If people want to find out more about me personally…you can go to … and …

“I’ve been doing this for twenty years and more than 40,000 hours, and I’m one of the physicians on the team that has been able to stand up and say not only no, but hell no, we’re not doing this….

1:41:48 Dr. Buttar: “Fear is an illusion. It exists only in our mind and this is one of the places where they’re trying to take humanity down is from this fear aspect. Fear is not real. Danger is real, but fear is not. …

“What they are painting now is that this COVID 19, the coronavirus is the danger and they’re trying to make you fearful of it whereas in fact the danger is not the coronavirus. The danger is exactly what Bobby talked about, what Del talked about, what Andy talked about… That’s the danger, taking away our rights, our fundamental autonomy over our own bodies, over our own children.

“It is a fight for humanity…if I don’t fight, the rest of us don’t fight, my children will not have children. That’s what motivates me. …

“I believe that we are writing history here and we will be remembered. …

“If you go to …follow the links, you will get to the part where you can access the dashboard and you’ll be able to see all these videos and you can download them. …It’s not going to cost you a single dime. …

“The most important thing we can do is empower people with knowledge because once you’ve been empowered, nobody can victimize you. Then it doesn’t make any difference what they try to do because now you know what the facts are, you know where the real danger is, and you won’t be fearful anymore.”


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