Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated—Part 9

By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman, Children’s Health Defense

This is my ninth installment in CHD’s series of studies comparing health outcomes in vaccinated vs unvaccinated populations. Despite CDC’s and NIH’s (Tony Fauci’s) efforts to prevent the creation of these studies, courageous and independent university and government scientists have found ways to perform vaccinated/ unvaxxed studies. We have now assembled nearly 60 studies- all published in previous installments on my Instagram page and on CHD’s website. All of these studies found vaccinated cohorts to be far sicker than their unvaccinated peers. CDC blocks access by independent scientists to the largest vaccine database, the Vaccine Safety Datalink, which Congress created expressly for the purpose of performing this kind of study.
(See full-sized Part 9 slides or see the complete Vaxxed-Unvaxxed presentation, Parts 1-9.)

Slides and Summaries from Part 9:

Slide 1 and Summary:

The increased risk of narcolepsy after vaccination with ASO3 adjuvanted pandemic A/HlNl 2009 vaccine indicates a causal association, consistent with findings from Finland.


Slide 2 and Summary:

In sum, this study demonstrates that trivalent influenza virus vaccine (TIV) elicits a measurable inflammatory response during pregnancy, and that considerable variability is seen between women in the magnitude of this response.


Slide 3 and Summary:

Together with an inflammatory reaction, influenza A vaccine induced platelet activation and sympathovagal imbalance towards adrenergic predominance … The vaccine-related platelet activation and cardiac autonomic dysfunction may transiently increase the risk of cardiovascular events.


Slide 4 and Summary:

Vaccinating pigs with whole inactivated H1N2 (human-like) virus vaccine (WIV-H1N2) resulted in enhanced pneumonia and disease after pHlNl infection.


Slide 5 and Summary:

In assessing the effectiveness of the TIV for preventing hospitalization with influenza in all subjects, there was an overall trend towards higher rates of hospitalization in subjects who got the TIV as compared to the ones who did not get the TIV( OR:2.97,CI: 1.3,6.7).


Slide 6 and Summary:

Cardiorespiratory events were associated marginally with receipt of multiple injections {OR, 3.62; 95% Cl 0.99-13.25) and significantly with gastroesophagealreflux {GER) {OR, 4.76; 95% Cl 1.22-18.52).



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